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Lindsay Lohan Accuser

Actress Was 'Slurring'

and REEKED Of Booze

9/19/2012 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0919-lindsay-lohan-article-arrestedLindsay Lohan was a drunken mess when she struck a pedestrian in front of a NYC hotel this morning ... this according to the alleged victim.

Jose Rodriguez -- a Manhattan chef -- spoke with the New York Daily News following the crash ... claiming Lindsay was slurring her words and "smelled like alcohol real bad" when she hit him with her Porsche in front of the Dream hotel around 12:30 AM.

We broke the story ... Lohan was arrested at 2:30 AM for leaving the scene of an accident.  

Cops say they don't believe Lohan was drunk at the time of the arrest -- however Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly admitted Lindsay did not take a breathalyzer test.

Rodriguez told the Daily News he had just gotten off work at the Bottega restaurant when all of the sudden "[I] saw this car come real quick and hit me."

"I was in so much pain ... I fell to the side."

Rodriguez says he was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for torn tendons -- and claims doctors gave him morphine to deal with the pain.

As for Lindsay -- she says Rodriguez is making the whole thing up ... claiming she didn't hit anyone this morning.


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So, we have POS Lindsey driving around in a world full of reality-star wannabes who would sell their own fat daughter for $. Kind of a wash really. Depressing times we live in - in some ways.

673 days ago

no shit..    

WHY can't they leave this drunk ass bitch in jail already and save everyone trouble..I am so seriously tired of seeing her on the news.... Anyone to stupid to know IF they hit anyone or not should NOT be walking the streets !!!! GO AWAY LINDSEY !!!!

673 days ago


There are two tendons that run through the knee, the Patella tendon is the strongest that we have in our body and the hamstring. I doubt that he tore his Patella tendon and frequently a torn hamstring is a sports injury.

673 days ago


Lilo's a brat - but I'm not buying this guy's story. Her karma is in the toilet..but thinking back to that kid dj qualls from a few years ago saying "she's not a nice person at all & her career is done" he was right on.

673 days ago


OK, so that's his side of the story. Any notion that LIndsay was drunk is highly questionable. NYC cops aren't going to let an obviously drunk person that smelled of alcohol badly and is slurring their speech not submit to a field sobriety test. No way. I'm sure there are more stories to come. I do not think LIndsay was drunk however.

673 days ago


He said, she said. He'll never be able to prove his allegations of boozebreath and slurring unless disinterested witnesses come forward to corroborate the claim. Whether he was hit hard enough to fall will be revealed when the video leaks, and will either bolster his credibility or negate it. Everything else we're reading on this flurry of blurbs is questionable, since TMZ appears to be relying heavily on unnamed "sources", whoever they are.

673 days ago


Well it would be pretty obvious if she was slurring her words to the police. If they thought she was drunk they would have given her a test. Unless someone really messed up.

Drunk or not if she hit this man and drove away she needs to be punished it for her and according to her tweets to Amanda Bynes, Lohan agrees with that.

673 days ago


kill them both

673 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

Keep trying to chase that payday there buddy, cause you know this is alll its about in the end

673 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Looks like we're gonna have a vehicle violater showdown between Lilo and Bynes. Cue the hired hoods to make it more interesting.

673 days ago


at this point it doesn't really matter whether she is guilty or innocent because she put herself into this position by her past actions and everyone pretty much believes anyone over her.. She needs to just disappear for a couple of years so she can actually make a real comeback if that is even possible anymore.

673 days ago


Somehow Lohan will turn all this around so that it was the pedestrian's fault, he will either get fired or dirt will be dug up on him. That is how the Lohan Clan works.

673 days ago


Maybe they didnt give her a breath test because she was coming out of a bar so she could have said she drunk in the bar. But the cops did say she was sober when they arrested her. What a cluster f*k!

673 days ago


I hope he is exposed to the liar he is.

673 days ago


How long after she allegedly hit the guy did she speak to the cops? Wasn't it a couple of hours later?

673 days ago
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