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'Real Housewives' Star

Could Be Liable

In Lindsay 'Accident'

9/19/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


2:10 PM PT -- Dr. Sierra's rep has released a statement saying the reality star was "completely unaware of anyone (other than the new owner) driving the vehicle."

The statement continues ... "Through filming for Real Housewives of Miami, press engagements, and crazy travel schedules, the paperwork has not been executed 100% for the sale of the Porsche. But [Dr. Sierra] is not responsible for the unfortunate occurrence that took place with Ms. Lohan and the pedestrian. “

4:08 PM PT -- As for Domingo ... his rep tells TMZ, the painter is aware of the allegations against Lindsay Lohan and doesn't give a crap. According to the rep, Domingo willingly gives Lindsay his car whenever she needs it. In fact, he permanently leaves a pair of keys for her in NYC.

One of the ladies from "Real Housewives of Miami" did a really stupid thing ... she sold the car that Lindsay Lohan was driving this morning when she allegedly struck a pedestrian ... but the registration hasn't been changed, and now she could be on the hook if the alleged victim sues.

Here's the deal -- sources tell TMZ, the Porsche Cayenne Lindsay was driving this morning when she allegedly hit a pedestrian belongs to an artist named Domingo Zapata, a close friend of Lindsay's.  We're told ... roughly 2 months ago Domingo bought the car from Karent Sierra, the "Real Housewives of Miami" star who is also Domingo's dentist.  But the registration hasn't been changed.

0919_karent_domingo_twitterUnder New York law, if the owner of a car gives express or even implied permission for someone to drive and that person gets in an accident that causes property damage or injury, the victims can go after the owner.

As for whether Karent gave express or implied permission ... that's ultimately up to a judge, but if she handed Domingo the keys without telling him no one else could drive it ... she could be screwed.


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Lohans are like poison. They damage everyone with which they come in contact.

732 days ago


So Lohan, Inc. brewing up a new spin, for when the warrent is issued for her. Her and Gavn are going into rehab together
Bwahahhahaha! Gavin will be her rehab dealer.
Also saw TMZ live and Even was 100% right. Harvey is a Lohan kiss asz. The guy ran after her as a reaction. As any human being would do. Wouldn't you? Thats how NYers roll. Someone fcks with you, you go right back after them. Unless your a pansy asz.
Even like Even said, they wouldn't of gave the guy heavy meds. if he did not need them.

Milo is a aszhole, but we all know that. His dumb asz words mean sh!t .

732 days ago


Nikki---any sightings of DUIna flittin' around Merrick today?

732 days ago


Domingo Zapata ‏@domingozapata

I love everything that @lindsaylohan does! Best actress ever!!!!

New Sugar Daddy.

732 days ago


For people who haven't driven in Manhattan before it is a nightmare. You have thousands of crazy taxi drivers, buses that drive reckless and people literally jump in front of moving cars all day long. I think NY is the most overrated city in this country. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy saw the Porsche and threw himself into it as it was slowly creeping into a driveway.

732 days ago


Lord didn't I tell you all a way long time ago now that she had slept her way though that whole group of men that surrounds the CM owner....including him since she moved in their at 16....this guy, Vikie, Andras admits sleeping with her as well as the co-owners with him...they past her from one to the other including Terry Richardson...thats why she always has a place to park her ass....Geez the tells she could tell.....connect the dots already.... She is the walking plague to these people....Its a wonder she has lived this long...but that lucks running out she is starting to bring them all down...She has more then Suge Knights son to worry about now....

732 days ago


Blo Tweets are pouring in...about 80/minute...everyone LTAO

Salma-DS ‏@SalmaHosny
I don't remember the last time I went on @CELEBUZZ without finding these three words on the first page: Lindsay Lohan Arrested.

Colleen ‏@YoursAlwys
Who's going down faster - #Romney or Lindsey Lohan?

732 days ago


Nikki's a warrant, a fairly common word that is frequently used in articles........Read much?????

732 days ago


Haha wouldn't that be justice if he ends up suing empty pockets and doesn't get a dime :D

732 days ago


FU, I love your Avi. It's priceless. Would you be able to make me a Avi with a little badge and a little gun or handcuffs ? I would so love that :D

732 days ago


As per very usual, FUTMZ has the BEST avi EVER.

732 days ago


Here's Lindsay's M.O. (mode of operation) have MiLO contact the victim, possibly through a third party. Negotiate a deal, the charges are dropped and the DA does not prosecute the case. Does this sound familiar?

732 days ago


Tee Hee--BLACK CHECKER is in da house!!!

732 days ago


Ha ha !! This guy is in Miami right now

732 days ago


I would strongly recommend that dentist lawyer up cause if the artist doesnt't step and take the responiabley for the libiaity of that car for insurance perposes she is going get get that dumped in her lap...she in turn will have to sue...the artist and Lindsay to recover any money she is libial for...and if he has torn tendons in that knee which I have had and now have a knee replacemnet because they could be fixed he should sue for as much as he can....medical , missing time at work , etc...for everything she gets sued for she needs to sue Lindsay and the artist.....
and Lindsay has to go to jail period ...

732 days ago
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