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'Martin' Star Tisha Campbell

$400K Lawsuit Over

STUPID Home Loan

9/23/2012 12:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918_tisha-cambell_Duane-Martin_gettyDaaaamn Gina ... you owe a TON of money to the bank ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

"Martin" star Tisha Campbell and her husband Duane Martin have been sued by City National Bank for more than $430k ... over a stupid home equity loan the couple took out in 2008 ... right when the housing bubble was bursting.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Tisha and Duane (an actor who starred in the ill-fated "Paul Reiser Show") took out a $625k home equity loan on a slick waterfront property in Lake Arrowhead, CA .

0918_tisha_campbell_house_launchHowever, at the time of the loan the couple still owed more than $730,000 on their mortgage to ANOTHER financial institution -- Aurora Bank.

Long story short -- Tisha and Duane allegedly defaulted on BOTH loans.  Earlier this year, Aurora foreclosed on the home ... and according to the docs, the bank sold it at auction for $925k.

Aurora got paid first ... and sent the remaining $192k to CNS to partially satisfy the home equity loan, which had already ballooned to $633,119.52.

City National is now going after Tisha and Duane for the balance ... plus interest.

But Tisha and Duane are PISSED -- a rep for the couple tells TMZ ... CNS is just trying to "bully" them for money they shouldn't have to pay.

The rep points out that CNS received a $400 million government subsidy in 2009 to help people like the Tisha and Duane through the mortgage crisis ... and says, "In this case City National refused to share the significant benefit that they received with the Martins."

The Martins are now threatening legal action against the bank -- claiming the bank discriminated against them.

When asked about the nature of the alleged discrimination, the rep would not elaborate.


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They make it hard for the rest of us who might need a loan. Clowns. Skip, and these two clown.

737 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She has starred in several television shows since Martin, she ain't broke, she needs to pay her bills.

737 days ago


I heard Africa has better terms on mortgages, maybe they should go back there.

737 days ago


Blacks don't pay income tax, Blacks do crimes, Blacks contributed to the biggest portion of the financial crisis like these idiots here, the list goes on and on

737 days ago


When the judge hears they own a dozen homes around the world. They will lose their case. They Rich Byatch...

737 days ago


Black people not wanting to pay their bills?

Is the sky still blue?

737 days ago


Give me a break Tisha and Duane! What a disgrace you are. Do you not have any sense of personal responsibility? I'm surprised you are not suing McDonalds for forcing you to eat too many calories.

If you had a brain, you'd realize that some poor retired person bought your mortgage and was counting on your payments for their monthly retirement income and now that you defaulted, they probably can't pay their rent or buy groceries.

And here you are living the good life in Hollywood and crying that you shouldn't have to pay your bill that you voluntarily signed up for. No one forced you to take out that mortgage and second mortgage. You made that decision all on your own and it's pathetic that you are saying it's someone else's fault and you shouldn't have to pay. Why shouldn't you have to pay your bills just like everyone else? Do you think now that you are a big Hollywood superstar, you are above the law?

And on top of it all, you are claiming discrimination. Do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that? Do you really think this would be different if you were Asian or Caucasian? Did you ever stop to think about how such claims hurt people who actually are discriminated against for real? (in the same way that someone who falsely accuses someone of rape hurts those who actually are victimized by this crime)

Do you have no sense of honor at all?!?!?!?

And any money City National got in 2009 has absolutely nothing to do with you. It was to help poor people. Not people with $1 million+ dollar mortgages.

Are you going to start demanding food stamps and medicaid now too?

Let us first see your tax returns and income statements and then, if you truly are in financial need, we can all pitch in to help you you poor poor struggling hollywood superstar.

This is not good for your reputation. And if you were smart, you'd realize that is worth a lot of money. In fact, it may be the only thing you have that is worth anything at all. So my suggestion to you is to guard it fiercely.

737 days ago


Yeah, my mortgage is stupid, too. I ain't paying it no more. Thanks, Moesha!!

737 days ago


It's CNB not CNS. It's my understanding that they own Xen in Studio City, is that underwater too? Pay up. Stop whining. BooHoohoo

737 days ago


They signed a contractual agreement to pay that amount of money. They're poor decision shouldn't be paid for by taxpayers.

736 days ago


Their boy Obama should be able to fix that... What??? no, eh.....

736 days ago

harold fletcher    

I hear a lot of people talking about race. Even calling African Americans vulgar names, stating stereotypical mistruths because they are insecure with their lives. We bailed out major corporations for hundreds of billions ofdollars because of greed and incompetence. How many of those executives who got a golden parachute witht at money were Black? Were is your contempt for them? If these execs are able to get bailed out everyone should. Millions of people default on loans all the time, to say it is mostly African Americans is stupid. As most African Americans know it is hard to get a loan in the first place.

687 days ago

new benefits    

I don’t get it why these so-called stars refuse to pay their loans. Wake up, you are usual people, stop acting like you are not! So tell me one thing, why an average person even ready to get himself into an installment loans with poor credit and feel ok with this. But when it comes to Mr. and Mrs. Stars they refuse to do this. Don’t want to pay back? Don’t get yourself involved with mortgages ! Become more responsible with your actions after all!

678 days ago
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