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Amanda Bynes

to Lindsay Lohan

Karma’s a Bitch

9/20/2012 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919-amanda-bynes-lindsay-lohan-tmzLindsay Lohan’s NYC arrest was simply karma kicking her in the ass for tweeting bad things about Amanda Bynes ... at least that’s what Amanda is telling her friends.

We KNOW Amanda is still pissed over Lohan's tweet Monday which read, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?"

Bynes is griping ... Lindsay has been convicted of multiple crimes (a rap sheet as long as her IMDB page), while Amanda has been convicted of nada.

Still, Bynes is telling friends Lohan’s new legal troubles are “what she gets” for talking smack on Twitter … adding Lindsay simply is “not cool.”


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Here's a picture of the guy Lindsay hit:

660 days ago


Warning to Loonies :!!
I'm off my feet today cause my hip and back are imflamed again so I'm hurting and mean as hell...Recken I will be here all day ...LOL...Baby Sam came in took one look at me and yelled up the stairs to the general "Hey grandpa,looks like we get to spend the day in town..Whoopi !"..I have smart grandbabies .........

660 days ago


Funny yesterday TMZ reported that Domingo Zapata didn't gave a crap (his words) about Lying Lindsay having his car and that he leaves the keys for her.
Guess when the real owner of the car got wind that the guy Lying Lindsay hit can sue both of them, he changes his tune.

Lohan borrowed the 2010 Porsche from artist pal Domingo Zapata a few days ago — but this is the last time she’ll ever drive it.

“He is horrified and is taking the car away from her,” a source said.

Read more:

Lying Lindsay will burn all her bridges here in NY. She will also be arrested again. She fuels on breaking the law to see if she can get away with it.
Her and Gavin are like fire and gas. New Yorkers do not like Lying Lindsay her day will come.

660 days ago


with friends like lindsay who needs thieves?
thank God "SLADE" backed her up...
who the Fck is Slade?
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln

660 days ago


What I found so funny about that flurry of BS put out by Lohan Inc, (I was just cracking up). She and Gayvin were going to go into rehab TOGETHER before this happened. Sure I believe that. Just like I still believe the moon is made of cheese. FFS.

660 days ago


any idea when PERP WALK 25 is?

660 days ago


Amanda needs to STFU an deal with her own stuff. LiLO has been served, and is still paying on her other problems. And fort the record with the booze bills she got with the hotel, she is a drunk running the streets.

660 days ago


@Ketjo, sorry you are hurting that just sucks. Tomorrow I get the stitch out, HURRAY! That thing is driving me bats. It kills me, perfectly capable of removing it myself (and have) but noooooo, they want me in there. I told them just set me up with a room and I will just move in, FFS.

660 days ago


Whow ! Just saw the picture of the victem coming out of the hospital...and take it from someone who knows about knee injurys he has some thing serious going on..thats a full walking knee brace..and they way things cost now a days hospitals just don't hand them out for anything..and thats a hospital crutch another expensive thing...Either he has great insurance which as a cook I doubt ! or he is really hurt...
Like I said yesterday after getting thrown off that tractor I walked a 1/4 mile home in a mad fit of rage and adreline before I collapse with 3 cracked vetebra in my back, a broken shoulder and a crack in my femur of my right leg...Adreline and rage...can let a 100 lb woman lift a truck off her trapped childs legs, or a 400 pound man squeeze out of a window of a small ford ranger truck..(my neighbor) did that course the truck was on fire at the time...
That man must have been raging mad that she had hit him with that car cause I know I would have been...that is what he was running for ..Cause I would have dragged her ass out of that car a stooped her ass then collapsed....but I'm only a woman...LOL

660 days ago


will Lielo use Amanda as a character witness in court???
where is Red Menstrua when we need him most?
this come back is awsome

660 days ago


After the Dr. Phil interview with Monster Mother, she tweeted " He was mean". I dont know about you guys, but I took it as Dina didn't remember the interveiw. She was there on set right?
Thats how f-cked up she was while taping.

660 days ago


Basically they are both accusing each other of being more screwed up! It is clear that they BOTH need serious intervention. Period.

660 days ago


Hell the only supporters she has left on this board are the ones that live in her household...or are related to her...
Mr Bojangles crawled back under his rock as soon as daylight came this morning...and we arrived. so either he/shes afraid of being caught in the light of day...LOL..or she didn't want to face us....

660 days ago


Disregard that Nic-hole post..she is back to being a CNUT..Flip Flop like Delmar
Nicole ‏@NicoleLDL
Yeah. She was having fun not drinking RT @astriwibowow "@bella6126: Lindsay Lohan Is 'Innocent!' Slash Defends Her! "

660 days ago


Amanda Bynes Shut Up. Your A Lame! At Least Lindsay Can Stay Rellivent!

660 days ago
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