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Amanda Bynes

to Lindsay Lohan

Karma’s a Bitch

9/20/2012 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919-amanda-bynes-lindsay-lohan-tmzLindsay Lohan’s NYC arrest was simply karma kicking her in the ass for tweeting bad things about Amanda Bynes ... at least that’s what Amanda is telling her friends.

We KNOW Amanda is still pissed over Lohan's tweet Monday which read, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?"

Bynes is griping ... Lindsay has been convicted of multiple crimes (a rap sheet as long as her IMDB page), while Amanda has been convicted of nada.

Still, Bynes is telling friends Lohan’s new legal troubles are “what she gets” for talking smack on Twitter … adding Lindsay simply is “not cool.”


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Lindsay has a new Porsche and didn't hit anyone. That cook is only saying that for a big payoff which he won't get because Lindsay has Shawn Holley on her side. People need to learn that no one can tell Lindsay what to do, she's her own person. Jealous, haters? Hmmmmm?

762 days ago


how about hard core evidence she said these things / did these things TMZ rather then quoting what she supposedly told her friends. As "friends" don't run to a gossip rag and tell what their friend said . . especially if she is in trouble mentally. In other words, I think you are milking and creating more of this Amanda Bynes story then is really there.

762 days ago


Paris H is talking about AIDS..then we have Lielo thread..
alot of connection

762 days ago


HELL(P) you are way to stupid for words. Lying again I see. Lying Lohn does NOT have a new Porsche
Give it up retard.

Lohan borrowed the 2010 Porsche from artist pal Domingo Zapata a few days ago — but this is the last time she’ll ever drive it.

“He is horrified and is taking the car away from her,” a source said

762 days ago


Don't know who to vote for? Here's Lindsay Lohan's 5 Reasons why It Should Be Mitt

762 days ago

Jay W.     

These two need to have a raunchy lesbian affair.

Amanda - born April 3rd 1986
Lindsay - born July 2nd 1986

They'd make a good couple.

762 days ago


both of these ugly bytches need to shut looks like a deranged, bloated chipmunk with a face full of nuts and the other like a brown toothed, liver spotted hag with the droopiest t*ts I've seen on a woman UNDER 65

762 days ago


Must say, I adore Charles and Evan. Evan really b!tch slapped MILO. LMAO. Loved it. And he wasn't nice about it, either. This is an APPROXIMATE weight of the Cayenne. 4700 pounds. Now 4700 pound vehicle vs. an approximately 170 lb male, odds are that his injury is serious.

762 days ago



762 days ago


Was wondering which judge Amanda Bynes got, LMAO. Judge Elden (sic?) Fox. The merry go round of incompetent judges goes on.......

762 days ago


They should both shut their whore mouths and tend to their own legal troubles.

762 days ago


Both of these women are train wrecks looking for a place to happen. After seeing Dina on Dr. Phil it's no wonder her daughter is the way she is. Both need to be locked up for the safety of the general public.

762 days ago


Listen, both of them are trash! They are has-been's who will never have an acting career.....well, an acting career in any worth while movies! They are both headed for a life of booze, drugs and homelessness. Just waiting for the day for each of them to appear on the "what ever happened to" page of a periodical!

762 days ago


The DUI, and Hit-And-Run charges don't mean a thing until she's actually been convicted of them. Have you read up on Lohan....and just how much trouble she's been in over the years? The better half of it has been kept from media headlines, somehow! Wikipedia LL's name, and read up on her, and you'll see why LL's done a lot more to be in jail for....

762 days ago


First Lindsey shut your mouth! Worry about yourself and only you. Here's the deal you will most likely win an Academy Award some day if you stay sober and focused, Do not behave like your "CLEARLY in crisis" Mom. You really have the talent if you can cherish and grow it.
Amanda, seek a Dr. you trust and have blood work and other tests done. May be treatable if it is a chemical imbalance and YES GIRL YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR NOW. Ignoring and denying isn't working for you. Do not drink it only exacerbates mental issues. Confide in someone or if this is just because you have no work, CALL YOUR AGENT AND TAKE CABS.

762 days ago
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