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Paris Hilton's an Idiot ...

Who Dates Gay Men

9/20/2012 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Some of Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriends are so obviously gay ... it's shocking she hadn't heard of Grindr before her recent AIDS rant -- this according to the makers of the gay phone app. 

Grindr tweeted at Paris moments ago, writing, "Frankly, we're surprised that you hadn't heard about Grindr sooner, given some of the guys you date."

Grindr then links to the above photo of Paris and her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt from a 2009 costume party, where Doug is dressed like a fairy.

(Okay, that's pretty funny.)

You'll recall, Paris was speaking about Grindr when she said, "Gay guys are the horniest people in the world ... they're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS."


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I think it's about time we had a sequel to 1 Night In Paris.

734 days ago


If a gay man said this about straight people would this even be a story!? Its reverse bigotry. No one can say anything these days. I may not agree with what she said, but she is entitled to her opinion. Its called free speech.

734 days ago


That dude Doug looks thrilled to be kissed by that nasty Paris. She's had so many d!cks in her, in all three holes, she probably doesn't even know what diseases she has.

734 days ago


Um. Sex tape? Um Herpes medication in your purse? Um list of "partners" including former porn stars. You said what? Human spoo bucket.

734 days ago


Many Grindr users have AIDS and are freely spreading it to other gay men...."Allegedly"

734 days ago


she is is nasty.two men or two women together isnt matter how much the hollywood liberals try to make tv shows convincing people that it is.

734 days ago


Well how do you think most heterosexual women contract HIV? If you thought through drug use you're wrong. It's sexual contact with homosexual men with is supported by the CDC and apparently Grindr. Which leads me to the next fact which is these guys are bi-sexual and not homosexual which is normally the case. And finally it supports the case that homosexuality is a choice, albeit the wrong choice.

734 days ago


Paris is so irrelevant these days, her comments really don't matter much--they were what people expect from someone that shallow. But talk about risky sex--can't imagine anyone wanting to take a chance with her.

734 days ago


She should be a philosopher like Aristotle or Plato. LOL

734 days ago


Why anyone takes anything seriously from that rusty dumpster is beyond me.

734 days ago


This is coming from monkeyy toes, she jumps in the sack with every guy that looks twice at her bank account because she is a bag of bones, flat chested and dumb as a box of rocks. Her own grandfather wants nothing to do with her after her smutty BJ video. Just white trash with a famous name.Wonder what stds she has been treated for over the yrs.

734 days ago


So, this site just alluded to the fact that the gent in the picture is gay. REALLY, and there is NO OUTCRY that the site basically called him gay but Paris should be shot and pissed on for saying what she did, BTW, I don't agree with anything she says. I hope this Doug files a lawsuit for defamation against Grindr. It's one thing to call her on the Mat but they had NO BUSINESS bringing him into this catfight, he's not even with her anymore.

734 days ago

Kalvin Jefferson    

Paris saying that someone is nasty is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black!

734 days ago


All this coming from a herpes bigfooted whore, who has had more penis's in her then any gay man wishes he had. She's just a stupid bitch whose days have been long over....She needs to just get hit by a Mack truck...or die...No one would care either way!

734 days ago


So, I heard the actual convo on the radio, TMZ you are making things up. She didn't say "They're disgusting" relisten to the tape. Her friend was talking about a guy that has AIDS and is having unprotected sex, she SLURRED, that's disgusting.
Now that comment that all gay men have AIDS was just the worst thing to say but then again, taking into consideration the filthy mouth it came from and Miss Eisten who when asked her opinion by TMZ, no less, about the Swine flu outbreak, she told your camera guy she doesn't eat pork.
Here's your sign.

734 days ago
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