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Kato Kaelin

Yes, OJ Simpson


9/20/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kato Kaelin has changed his tune ... and now says he confesses O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

It is a shocking disclosure given that Kato is the only person known to be with O.J. around the time of the murders in June 1994.

Kato went to McDonald's with O.J. ... came back to the house ... and was in OJ's guest house on Rockingham when O.J. allegedly hit the air conditioner in an attempt to hide the bloody glove on that fateful night.

During the trial, Kato feigned ignorance ... but now Kato told the NY Post that since he can't be prosecuted for perjury he can now say ... "Yes, he did it."

So why didn't he tell anyone back when it mattered? "I was too scared. I was terrified.”

“People hated me. I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee."

O.J. was eventually acquitted of murder -- but was found responsible for their deaths in the civil trial.


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Anyone on this earth in 1995, knew OJ was the murderer. Kato's revelation means nothing. He must be trying to jumpstart that old 15 minutes of fame!

764 days ago


Anyone alive in 1995 knew OJ was guilty. Looks like Kato is just trying to jumpstart his old 15 minutes of fame!

764 days ago



764 days ago


Let's see those Juditha Brown phone records that allegedly back up that dubious stipulation that both the prosecution and defense agreed to enter of Nicole and her mom's last phone conversation. The stipulation acrimoniously entered during Simpson's trial alleging the Browns could drive between Brentwood (L.A) and Dana Point (O.C.) in approximately 45 minutes. They probably couldn't do it now on the same highway, and for sure couldn't do it then while HOV lane system was just starting construction in yr two. A usual 90+ minute drive was normal between the two locales but that put OJ in the limo to LAX when Nicole was still alive talking to her mom at approx. 11PM instead of 9:37PM as the stipulation alleges. Read PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial at amazon and dismiss this know nothing Kato Kaelin that burned out dope head was out of it.

764 days ago


How COLD can one be for a "bloodied shack" to live in ; KATO SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL.

755 days ago

John H    

This guy is a coward, a liar, and the s*** of society. I hope he dies a painful death for his cowardice. In fact if I see him on the streets of LA, and I mean the streets as in sleeping on a grate, I will kick the sh1t out of his face, however it looks like someone beat me to it.

752 days ago


Nobody needs a washed up out of work actor to tell them OJ killed her. Even the black jurors believed he did it, they just decided to let him go because they don't like the police.

751 days ago


I just can't believe that another human being could hold back the truth on something so devastating that affected so many people!! It was MURDER!! How do you live with yourself Mr. Kaelin??? Someone's Son, someone's Daughter, and Someone's Mother was brutally murdered, and out of FEAR FOR YOURSELF you lied??? That's as bad to me as pulling the trigger yourself.

746 days ago


You might as well spit in the family and loved ones of Nicole and Ron's face, you really wanna say this NOW. You disgust me, you deserve NOTHING but terrible things to happen to you. Bringing this up now is something a coward would do, you deserve worse than spit and gum. Admitting what we and they ALREADY knew all along does nothing but rip apart old wounds. everyone knew your coward ass lied then, but openly admitting you helped him get off makes you JUST AS GUILTY IN MY BOOK, how do you sleep at night? your trash Kato, S***. Theres nothing good that can come out of you saying it now, Only BAD, and I have a feeling you love that, $$$$ is what a coward s*** bag cares about. I hope someone beats your ass.

745 days ago


duh, like we all don't know that already.
I remember watching the trial and when he testified I knew he was lying. When he heard the bump on the wall he went outside- you know he saw OJ taking off his bloody clothes and gloves- then OJ paid him off to lie. He belongs in prison too!!!

742 days ago


How in the world is he able to sleep at night knowing he was one of the prime reasons that the murderer got off of the criminal charges? What a loser.

737 days ago

Mr. G    

I cannot think of any value this admission adds to Kato's credibility other than he is dead broke and wants to sell his story to someone. He certainly can't be stupid enough to think this is going to add to his character and suddenly make him popular.

736 days ago
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