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Lindsay Lohan

FOOTAGE of the

Alleged Pedestrian Strike

9/20/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage showing the moment Lindsay Lohan allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of a NYC hotel ... and one thing is clear -- NOTHING IS CLEAR.

The footage begins as Lindsay's black Porsche is in the street, attempting to pull in to the hotel parking garage ... which was blocked by several pedestrians.

Seemed like Lindsay was making a slow entrance ... but a man in a plaid shirt can be seen walking in front of the car ... and she MAY have made contact with him. It's hard to tell.

After the alleged collision ... the man (who claimed he was injured) can be seen SPRINTING into the parking garage in an effort to catch up to Lindsay's car.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was later arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

The alleged victim claims he was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the alleged impact ... and says Lindsay reeked of booze at the time of the incident.

For her part, Lindsay ADAMANTLY denies she did anything wrong and claims the allegations are total BS.


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You are absolutely right R.C. and even if he is not hurt bad HE IS A PEDESTRIAN the person driving needs to be vigilant. The burden is on the person driving the car not the person walking. That is why cars have brakes.

709 days ago


Leaving work, he is tired, it's kinda dark Lohans car is black. it's possible he did walk into the car, she didn't go slow, she plowed through the group of people. still with his injuries she is responsible. you supposed to give right away to pedestrians at all times.

709 days ago


I saw his body move as in an impact. She hit him. She wasn't driving at a "crawl". She was whipping into that area a helluva lot faster than she is copping to. As if we don't know THAT. That vehicle weighs approximately 4700+ pounds vs. approximately a 170 lb dude. She is in the wrong, doesn't matter if she was drinking or not. She left the scene of an accident, she is guilty. People are making a big deal of him following her after she hit him. Are you telling me that you have never been so pissed off that you have ignored an injury? I have and I have done some pretty amazing things with torn ligaments/tendons.

709 days ago


Lindsey, you have the money. Hire a driver. Especially in NYC, I would be your designated driver for the whole night for $100 bucks.

709 days ago


if the guy had been a few seconds faster walking he would heve been ran over...dragged under the car and she wouldn't have even knew she hit him..

709 days ago


Nikki, I think you said that Dina's hair was dark at one time. On this page, she says that she was born blond!

Moma Lohan says that, at 50, she doesn't try to dress or wear her hair like lookalike daughter Lindsay. "I was born blonde. God gave me what I look like. I can't change that," she surmised. And she says that she no longer goes mother-daughter clubhopping: "I don't party with Lindsay. In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were."

709 days ago


Access just played the first trailer for Liz and Dick and it is going to be the biggest stinker in years....LMFAO ...She looks NOTHING LIKE ELIZABETH in any of the flashes and her outrage overacting scene is the way the costumes and wigs are as bad as we thought....
West coast heads up you got to see this....LOL

709 days ago


Lindsay you are a lucky Gal. 3-4 secounds more or less you could have Killed that guy.
Vehicular Manslaughter...

709 days ago


WOW! The video NTHEZONE posted even shows a guy at the end (looked like security or a door man) charge into the crowd. See this video
Lindsay barely yeilds too. People jump when she goes by.
Knowing TMZ they cut their video and slowed it down. Totally different video

709 days ago

Hot Farts    

Hey Mike and Davet:

Are u a Hooker Mike? Are You a hooker Davet, cuz it sounds like youare a bit militant in backing hookers. Mind u I have nothing against whores/prostitutes/hookers - just the ones that call themselves "talented (barf) actress"

709 days ago


TMZ probably got the video from Michel Lohan LOL

709 days ago


To quote a friend, the bitch is guilty "off with her head." Its plain as day that she hit the guy. And what is this crap about "she blinked her lights?" Is she REALLY that fvcking stupid? You honk the HORN dumbass. Mea Culpa, that was a dumb question, YES SHE'S THAT ****ING STUPID.

709 days ago


Harveys doing what he's paid to do.....Cover Lohan Ass.....
Just like his sister gossip sites and shows ACCESS and EXTRA all owned by the same parent company......and E Online...check it out if you doubt me...
Lohan hooks run deep ...Harvey doesn't like it but like most everybody here he has a boss....and Harvey likes money....
She digging her own grave and its almost deep enough she won't last much longer...
I'm gong watch that trailer again and laugh somemore...-

709 days ago


Here is the link

709 days ago


She didn't blink,blow or least not in the car.. at that time...LOL

709 days ago
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