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Lindsay Lohan

FOOTAGE of the

Alleged Pedestrian Strike

9/20/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage showing the moment Lindsay Lohan allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of a NYC hotel ... and one thing is clear -- NOTHING IS CLEAR.

The footage begins as Lindsay's black Porsche is in the street, attempting to pull in to the hotel parking garage ... which was blocked by several pedestrians.

Seemed like Lindsay was making a slow entrance ... but a man in a plaid shirt can be seen walking in front of the car ... and she MAY have made contact with him. It's hard to tell.

After the alleged collision ... the man (who claimed he was injured) can be seen SPRINTING into the parking garage in an effort to catch up to Lindsay's car.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was later arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

The alleged victim claims he was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the alleged impact ... and says Lindsay reeked of booze at the time of the incident.

For her part, Lindsay ADAMANTLY denies she did anything wrong and claims the allegations are total BS.


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James B    

OK, I'm a bit tired of the relentless media coverage that this girl gets. I don't have an opinion of her either way and am not sure that I'm liking her much. However, I will ask this question: when is it the pedestrian's responsibility not to cause an accident? If you deliberately walk in front of a moving vehicle and that vehicle strikes you, then how is that fault of the driver? Especially at such a slow speed? I know traffic laws are different in the US but in the UK that's jaywalking and no mistake.
On this one, I think Lindsay Lohan is not to blame and the guy involved is just a chancer.

740 days ago



"Let me point out a few things...that camera is only pointing in one direction so there is NO view down the ally....
The man is not part of that crowd standing in the crosswalk he comes in from the top of the right frame and is working his way around that group of people...

At No point in that tape do you see her break lights come on to show were she stepped on the break at all...

that whole group of people are pedistrains...which have the right a way over any vehicle..even one driven by Lindsay Lohan..She was obligated to come to a complete stop and wait for that crosswalk to clear before she moved...She DID NOT she never breaked..
You can see his body caving forward it you watch carefully in the tape ..She hit him...
He is not sprinting anywhere ...he is doing a fast limping movement down that ally after the car that just hit him just as you or I would do..What she didn't do was drag her ass out of the car and stomp it in the ground as I would have don't hurt or not..
That man was moving on pure rage and adreniline...Just as most people do immediate after a accident unless you are completely comatose...its call flight or fight rush...
I believe she was arrested on the testimony of witness's who were standing there because they were the only ones able to see down that ally because the camera clearly doesn't..
The Man is pictured coming out of the hospital in a full knee and leg brace and crutches will a bag of meds which hospital do not hand out to someone with nothing wrong with them unless Lohan Inc want to include the hospital on their setup charges..
So tell me again shes innocent...!!!!"

Oh, I do love my Southern neighbor!!!!! (And I would have dragged her out and "jerked a knot" in her ass also. --Southern expression akin to "curb stomp the bich!!!!! Lol)

Helloo everyone!!!! Grandma are you smoked out over there?? OMG, we have to wear masks when we go outside, the air quality is at *hazardous* here. Looking across the street at the neighbors house, looks like a fog is out there. Hazy, ashes all over my car!! Hope you're not having to put up with all this!
FFS!! =p

740 days ago


The real question is, why were those peopel standing in the middle of a drive way to begin with? If you see a car coming, secondly, you move out of the way. Instead he proceeds to WALK IN FRONT of the car like he's some kind of idiot. NO ONE seemed very interested in the fact that someone was trying to get in. Clearly she was proceeding into the drive way slowly, trying to wait until all these jackasses got out of the way. I think she thought the way was clear and yeah it is possible the car brushed against him, but he's making it in to a way bigger deal than it is because its Lindsay.

739 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

She didn't hit him

739 days ago


Man he's fine now an days people will do anything to make money fast! He should of moved they all seen the car coming. U know celebs are really the first one they target to make that fast money. Just sad people can be so cruel in this world..

739 days ago


These Aholes are standing around blocking her path. When will ppl use common sense and quit being quick to sue everyone for their own ignorance. The ppl who say she's at fault just don't like her and her fans say the guy is looking for a pay day. I think he did get bumped but it was no big deal but he sees GREEN in his future.

739 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

She is a worthless drunk and drug user just like her mommy and daddy. Off to jail, she will go for a very long time. Thank God for that.

739 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Looks like he saw her car and deliberately walked in front of it. Scam.

739 days ago


Lindsay is being gangstalked

735 days ago


He looks to have been running up to her car when she was pulling in and was obviously still in the way if he was hit. There was a crowd of people standing right by where she pulled in and no one else was hit but this arse who ran toward her car.

705 days ago
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