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Lindsay Lohan

FOOTAGE of the

Alleged Pedestrian Strike

9/20/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage showing the moment Lindsay Lohan allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of a NYC hotel ... and one thing is clear -- NOTHING IS CLEAR.

The footage begins as Lindsay's black Porsche is in the street, attempting to pull in to the hotel parking garage ... which was blocked by several pedestrians.

Seemed like Lindsay was making a slow entrance ... but a man in a plaid shirt can be seen walking in front of the car ... and she MAY have made contact with him. It's hard to tell.

After the alleged collision ... the man (who claimed he was injured) can be seen SPRINTING into the parking garage in an effort to catch up to Lindsay's car.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was later arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

The alleged victim claims he was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the alleged impact ... and says Lindsay reeked of booze at the time of the incident.

For her part, Lindsay ADAMANTLY denies she did anything wrong and claims the allegations are total BS.


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I've never seen so many enablers, where did they all come from?

731 days ago

Eastside Exterminators    

Pedestrians are now fair game. I bet she doesn't even get a ticket.

731 days ago


I've heard there is another tape of the inside of garage when Lindsay parked, got out of the car, and had an exchange with the injured man. That should tell everyone more.

I've watched this tape about 15 times and I do see contact. People do have to yield to pedestrians
and she didn't. She honked the horn but kept on going. I would have went after her to obtain the license plate too, as this man apparently tried to do.

731 days ago


Lindsay treated these people like she treats the paps in LA. She doesn't care who is in her way
Even in FLA when a club had cones out, she yelled at them "Move those cones, Im Lindsay Lohan"

731 days ago


Let me point out a few things...that camera is only pointing in one direction so there is NO view down the ally....

The man is not part of that crowd standing in the crosswalk he comes in from the top of the right frame and is working his way around that group of people...

At No point in that tape do you see her break lights come on to show were she stepped on the break at all...

that whole group of people are pedistrains...which have the right a way over any vehicle..even one driven by Lindsay Lohan..She was obligated to come to a complete stop and wait for that crosswalk to clear before she moved...She DID NOT she never breaked..
You can see his body caving forward it you watch carefully in the tape ..She hit him...

He is not sprinting anywhere ...he is doing a fast limping movement down that ally after the car that just hit him just as you or I would do..What she didn't do was drag her ass out of the car and stomp it in the ground as I would have don't hurt or not..
That man was moving on pure rage and adreniline...Just as most people do immediate after a accident unless you are completely comatose...its call flight or fight rush...
I believe she was arrested on the testimony of witness's who were standing there because they were the only ones able to see down that ally because the camera clearly doesn't..
The Man is pictured coming out of the hospital in a full knee and leg brace and crutches will a bag of meds which hospital do not hand out to someone with nothing wrong with them unless Lohan Inc want to include the hospital on their setup charges..
So tell me again shes innocent...!!!!

731 days ago


My question is this ( not rooting for Lindsay) , but if I am driving and don't hit anyone...How can I be charged with a Hit and Run...just asking

731 days ago


One last observation......that guy isn't "sprinting" after her, he's walking. Nice dramatics Harv.

731 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

What movie blockbuster is she scheduled to make next?

731 days ago


She's actually kind of helped by this video.Ok, seriously, this girl has problems, but this "victim" was not as injured as he claims. There is no way or else he would never have been able to have run after her high priced car so quickly.....he's after money! SIMPLE! It just helps that she's such a screw-up, and that helps to verify his claim.

731 days ago


The video is rather surprising, I am not one to defend Lindsay Lohan in ANYTHING!!!! But there is first for everything, the video looks rather obvious that he made a point to get in front of the car and it almost seemed like he was trying to rest himself on the hood thinking he was funny. So I actually for once have to stick up for Lindsay Lohan on this one I thought she was guilty guilty guilty given her record but after seeing the video, I was wrong she is innocent

731 days ago


And somebody tell me on what world does a car have the right a way over people...
a car is 30,000 lbs of metal again a 150 lbs of water and soft tissue...Yes on the open road but NOT at a MARKED CROSSWALK ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY.. She was obliged to STOP and let those people move whether they did it slowly or fast.she had to stop....if she had to set their all night and blow her horn and curse the till she was blue in the fast SHE was the one who had to stop...
She never stopped or put her brakes on......!!!!! Doesn't matter how slow she was going she was suppose to come to a complete STOP !!!

731 days ago


Lindsay is innocent...looking at the footage, the extortionist walked toward the car.

731 days ago


RD9 just joined mins. ago. Can you say Lying Lohan, Inc.

731 days ago


Wow now the guy walked into the car...the car didn't hit him. Please explain how this guy knew it was Lindsay? sheesh!!!

731 days ago


Shoot her. Done

731 days ago
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