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Lindsay Lohan

Domingo's Got My Back

9/21/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0920_LILO3The man who owns the Porsche that Lindsay Lohan was driving when she allegedly struck a pedestrian Wednesday is refusing to abandon the actress ... and even hung out with LiLo in NYC today.

Lindsay's bearded homie is Domingo Zapata -- a rich artist who's so tight with Lohan, he  permanently leaves a pair of keys for her in NYC to drive his cars whenever she's in town.

The two were seen leaving the Bowery Hotel in NYC earlier today. 

TMZ broke the story ... Domingo bought the car roughly 2 months ago from "Real Housewives of Miami" star Karent Sierra ... and she could be on the hook if the alleged victim decides to sue. 

As for Lindsay, she may be a convicted thief ... but we're told she did not steal this child.


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Here ya go.....Tell me what you think

Lindsay Lohan‏@lindsaylohan

No more ramps

725 days ago


Lindsay is like the only celebrity that has to use everyone around her. Every other celebrity in the world gets used by everyone.

725 days ago


Here's Ali in a Korean(?) magazine. I don't understand the appeal:

725 days ago


East Coast at the moment..

725 days ago


I've been trying to find a pic of Domingo Zapata's wife, just out of curiosity, no luck.

725 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

From the looks of Nikki's "no more ramps" pic, I think Zapata gave her a Chevy Suburban and it sits in a tractor trailer while she "drives" it.
Good thinking go take your penicillin.

725 days ago


judging by the number of comments I can see that LiLo gives to TMZ a lot of audience, whatever she does. Now who cares about the guy artist? nobody. so why all the attention to the story? Guess...

725 days ago


Found a pic of Stacey, his EX-wife, she is beautiful. WTF does he want with Lohan? Her pic is second row, third from the left.

725 days ago


She's always with the skuzziest looking people. That right there tells you how big of a mess her life is. You are what you surround yourself with. He's probably another of her "Johns". I don't care if the guy supposedly is a dentist or whatever, he's just sketchy looking. Besides, what kind of person buys a car and doesn't get it registered in his name? Isn't that illegal?

725 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Here is Domingo's now ex wife. Last year when Delmar first revealed that Lindsay was living in Zapata's CM studio for free (squatting) he was listed as married. He is not married anymore.
I hope Stacy took him to the cleaners

725 days ago


Domingo is the rich, starving artist type of guy.

725 days ago


You are so lame. If he bought the car the previous owner will NOT be held responsible. Where do you come up with this bull****? Who makes this **** up? You know nothing about the law. Stick to what you know.

725 days ago


He doesn't have a wife Ups
He has a X -wife...and shared custody with the kids which may change if she See's those pictures...LOL
As for being lindsay New SurgerDaddy wrong again....He's a Old SugarDaddy she's been servicing him for years...that studio apt in the CM is his till for some reason she switch after Playboy to one Terry Richardson was paying for..then they fought and she had to rent one on her own......and screwed them on the bill...
She making nicely for the camera and maybe she taken my know the one about finding a rich man and marrying him to keep her in the style she wants to live in and support Mommie Dearest and family..... Any fool that will let her squat her ass in his studio apt and give her the keys to cars and pay out on the ones she wreck begs to be taken for the fool he is....
By the way she is coming out of the Bowery because she is living with him in his apartment there...You really didn't think she was paying rent did you....
Her movie is getting panned and ridiculed just from the she has to know the movie is going be a stinker of the decade....No more jobs so time to get married...
Next big story...Lindsay is engaged.and a quick wedding....LOL would that be a joke...
off for the night
Beaver Hill closing down....Good night

725 days ago


Now why would any man let a "friend" have access to any of his cars just like that? I say he's tapping that.

725 days ago


Are all these broads striving for media attention by having this Oops-Cs with cars or did they all go to the Halle Berry School for Driving?

725 days ago
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