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Derek Boogaard

Dead NHL Star's Parents

File $9.8 Million Lawsuit

9/21/2012 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_derek_boogaard_gettyThe parents of former NHL player Derek Boogaard -- who died last year -- have filed a $9.8 million lawsuit against the NHL Player's Association, claiming the org. FAILED to take the proper steps to help them collect the balance on Derek's NHL contract after he passed away.

28-year-old Derek died on May 13, 2011 from a fatal mixture of drugs and alcohol.

In the lawsuit, Derek's parents claim he was addicted to prescription pills at the time of his death ... partly because he had been prescribed "a multitude of narcotics and sleeping pills by both the team doctors, physicians, trainers, and dentists of the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild."

Because Derek's parents believe the NHL teams are partly responsible for their son's death, they turned to the NHL PA which promised to help them file a grievance to get the Rangers to pay out the rest of Derek's multi-million dollar 4-year contract with the team.

But, according to the lawsuit, the NHL PA failed to file the grievance by the required deadline, so the Boogaards were unable to collect ... and now the Boogaards are PISSED.

Derek's parents are demanding the NHL PA make things right by shelling out the $4.8 million PLUS $5 million in punitive damages.

A rep for the NHLPA tells TMZ, "We are saddened to read reports that the parents of the late Derek Boogaard have filed a lawsuit against the NHLPA. We have not been served with or seen a copy of the complaint, but we are confident that there is no meritorious claim that can be made against the NHLPA in regard to Derek's tragic death. It is not appropriate to comment further at this time."

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Money really is the root of all evil.

763 days ago


His parents blame the doctors, the dentists, agents, coaches, rangers for their son's death. But they do not blame their son for causing his own demise. They don't even blame themselves for not stepping in and getting him the help he needed. After all, they were his parents.

763 days ago


So disgusting to dishonor the memory of their son by filing an opportunistic lawsuit. With parents like that it's easy to understand where the drug problem came from.

763 days ago


Its interesting that people are claiming that fighting and concussions are causing all these player's personal problems, when it didnt seem to be an issue back in the 70s when the Philadelphia Flyers and many other teams were getting into brawls every night (way more than they do now).. Its time for these hockey and football players to take responsibility for their drug and alcohol problems and stop blaming it on their sport. Otherwise, just think of all the UFC fighters we will hear about in the future blaming their problems on their sport (although can UFC even be called a sport"?)

763 days ago


Prescription pills seem to be killing people left and right. What a shame RIP

763 days ago


Keep away from sports TMZ. You are as ignorant to hockey as Kim KockROACH is to cancer.

763 days ago

Santa Clause    

I could see their point if he died from a brain injury from a hit or got hit in the face with a puck, but he OD'ed! I feel terrible for the family, however I don't think they should get the money from their son's contract because he was addicted to drugs/alcohol.

763 days ago


So their son was a an alcoholic & a drug addict but they believe they are owed 10 million dollars from the NHL? Give me a break.

763 days ago


.... fyi, commenters, The NHLPA is the players' union. I don't think the parents are being leeches in this case, I think they were likely entitled to the payout of his contract (because they are his next of kin). Almost like an insurance payout.
Because of an error on the union's part, they didn't get that claim filed in time and that money is now out of their hands. I don't think it's strange to put the union at fault, when it appears it was the union who made a mistake.
Who knows? Maybe they had planned to give the money in his name to help kids, fix an arena, or boost sports or mental health/drug programs.
I think it's fairly early to condemn them for trying to get money that was apparently owed to his closest family members in the event of his death.

763 days ago


Reliving their son's addiction daily in lawsuits and court rooms benefit no one except greedy azz lawyers who talked them into this in the first place. They need to go home & grieve their loss privately with dignity.

763 days ago


They must be American.

763 days ago


Ok 4 million MAYBE but 5 million in punitive damages..really?

763 days ago


Thank you!

763 days ago


These parents are not being opportunistic...my husband has played pro hockey for ten years - this family was entitled to their sons contract per his standard player contract and the NHLPA is the players union who assists players in contract situations such as these. The NHLPA's failure to file a grievance on behalf of the family is a huge mistake on their part. They are not suing just for the sake of it - because of the unions lack or organization they are losing out on millions of dollars of their sons estate that is owed to him still regardless of his passing. You would all do the exact same.

763 days ago


Lol, TMZ commenters are the most ignorant dip****s on the planet.

Boogard's family is absolutely entitled to his contract payout, Boogard had suffered significant damage to his brain as a direct result of his play in both Minnesota and New York. This was a significant contributing factor in Boogards death, whichever way you wish to look at it but the NHL absolutely needs to step up to the plate and pay out what was guaranteed in Boogard's contract, and to adress these injuries that are seriously effecting their players.

763 days ago
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