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Lisa Vanderpump

Paul Nassif 'Always Looked

Like an Amazing Father'

9/21/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump finds it difficult to believe Paul Nassif choked one of his children -- telling TMZ, Adrienne Maloof's estranged husband "always looked like an amazing father to me."

You'll recall, Adrienne has obtained a temporary restraining order against Paul on behalf of their children, after claiming he choked and spanked them. Adrienne was awarded temporary custody of the couple's kids the same day. (FYI -- Paul wasn't present at the hearing to defend himself because he wasn't told about it.)

But yesterday in Beverly Hills, Adrienne's co-star Lisa found it all hard to swallow -- insisting she always knew Paul to be a good dad.

For Paul's part, he tells TMZ, Adrienne's allegations are "utterly false" and he plans to vigorously defend himself in court.

Paul says, "It is becoming a bit of a circus isn't it? The phrase 'all is fair in love and war' must have been penned by a divorce attorney."

Still, he adds, "I'm going to stay utterly focused on [my children's] well-being and the knowledge they need equal time with both of their parents both of whom love them very much. I'm sure all will be fine and when all the emotion of the moment dies down, Adrienne and I will be terrific co-parents."

Taking the high road.


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just because    

lisa vanderpumped should leave her sexy rich husband for me

763 days ago

just because    

hey is this nassif war being filmed or are they out like camile grammer

763 days ago

just because    

is there even a new rhobh

763 days ago

just because    

sup with rhoc

763 days ago

just because    

what is the difference between maloof suing each other and the guy from vegas suing joe francis......i am on JOE FRANCIS and the DR 90210 guys side on both cases

763 days ago


Didn't I read on here that a DEA agent (or some type of agent like that... FBI, etc.) signed some form and sent it to the court stating that he/she WITNESSED Paul grab his son's neck? Why would the agent lie? I'm not a fan of messy divorces, but if my child were being abused you better believe I'd do everything I could to keep their abuser away from them.

763 days ago


I don't believe for a second Paul his kids. He might in times of anger or extreme pressure yelled on them or something, but that happens with majority of parents, especially the ones divorcing!! However, when some women want revenge from a man, they could go to the extremes to make the man look bad!!

763 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I can't see him hitting his kids but his wife is a different story. I can see him smacking the crap out of her.
Phishie from Philly

762 days ago


Yes, and Chris Brown looked like a sweet boyfriend before we found out he beat the s*hit out of Rihanna. The thing is, we don't really know what people are capable of, because many have dark secrets that noone knows about. And people who are physical or sexual abusive to others often seem like good people, that's how they cover up and get away with the behaviour. Seriously, how many times have we heard about murderes "who seemed like the sweetest og nicest people who wouldn't be able to do that" from people who know them or had something to do with them?

I'm not saying he did these things, but who's to say he didn't and could't be able? We don't know what went on in that house when the cameras and friends weren't there.

762 days ago


he did come across as a great guy on the show. Adrienne came across as the one that was constantly mean and embarrassed of him, and more likely to be hitting him than him her. she seemed to have regulated their relationship so its pretty odd to me she is claiming he was so abusive. she's the type that wouldn't tolerate that at all so i don't really buy her story. its just like Tamra Barney, she lied a lot about Simon hitting her. These rich female housewives are extremely vindictive and don't seem to mind lying thru their teeth to get back at their previous boyfriends/husbands.

762 days ago


exactly Lisa.. all kinds of bs comes out during divorce proceedings, and this is the biggest pile. he's a pretty mellow guy

762 days ago


I don't believe these allegations for a second.
I hope Paul get's full custody.

762 days ago


Can't arrow without commenting ... Adrienne is fighting dirty. She's vicious s***

762 days ago


There is a 100% chance that these allegations against Dr. Nassif are false.

This is standard divorce attorney procedure - tell your client to make a false abuse allegation in order to get temp custody, knowing that you can use that as leverage later when the court decides final custody.

Oldest trick in the book.

762 days ago


I've always liked both of them and don't understand why she is lowering herself to cheap accusations like this. I thought she would have a bit more class coming from Beverly Hills. It's probably some disgusting lawyers fault.

762 days ago
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