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Amanda Bynes

Friends Are FURIOUS

Her Family Isn't Helping Her

9/22/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-amanda-bynes-tmzSources close to Amanda Bynes tell TMZ her friends are fuming mad with her family ... wondering why they aren't doing more to help the troubled actress before something REALLY bad happens to her.

According to our sources, Amanda's friends do not understand why her family is not being more aggressive when it comes to her wellbeing. We're told her friends are perplexed why they are just standing by and watching Amanda self-destruct.

Our sources say her friends (who feel they have done all they can) want her family to literally break down her door and drag her to get to help.

But that's a problem ... because we're told Amanda has slowly cut off communication from her entire family -- dad, mom, sister and brother -- to the point where she has ceased all communication entirely. 

As TMZ first reported, Amanda's family recently moved from Texas to California to be closer to her. According to our sources, they are having the same level of success helping her now as they did before.



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There's nothing wrong with Amanda, this is all a made up story. According to TMZ she's insane because she smoked pot and got a DUI. Then she put on make-up while in the gym. And then sat outside a Starbucks and watched her for 3 hours drinking coffee and listening to music.. What a whacko right. I bet Amanda doesn't even know the person TMZ is calling there "friend" source.

700 days ago


she's going to jail, so why does she even need help from the family or friends?

700 days ago


So honestly, how can her family help her? She has no contact with them and her friend must be much closer than her family is but nothing helped...
What do they expect? Being family does'nt mean you got supernatural power over someone! Get it, she does'nt want help, so she won't accept it from no one.

700 days ago


It always amazes me when you hear comments like "why didn't the family or friends do something to help?" Unless the person in question is a minor, there's really not much anyone can do for an adult who doesn't want help. Let's not forget about personal responsibility either. If Amanda has cut off her family or friends then that's her choice and they can't force themselves into her lives or force help on her if she doesn't want it.

700 days ago


Don't get mad at her parents and family.
My Mom and I tried to get my sister off drugs 20 years ago and over a ten year period, it wore us down so low, we started to exhibit physical problems. We had to give up.
When all was said and done, my Mom passed away and my sister just claims that I stole her Mother from her years ago by telling her she was a drug addict. When in truth, my Mom told me she was a drug addict.
Now my sister is just an angry piece of garbage that no one wants anything to do with. She is not only taking her prescription opiates, she now also has a marijuana prescription.
Intervention just makes em angry and hateful.

700 days ago


Feeling targeted and insulted by millions of people and then pulling inside yourself and withdrawing into a less social and more isolated life isn't healthy...but it's not mental illness.
Could be symptoms of, but not necessarily, symptoms of mental illness and symptoms of simply battling life are often similar.
What's happening to Amanda is the same thing that happens to many young celebrities.
First she's patted on the back and put on a pedestal by the public and expected to jump through hoops and always make the best decisions.
When she instead shows normal average human behavior, and isn't perfect, the fickle public turns off their smiles and pulls out their guns and shoots her with their verbal bullets.
When the young celebrity is so full of bullets they can barely function and stumble down the path as they try to get away, the public says...."See? She's an idiot who can't even walk right!"
I'm all for accountability, when she or any of us break the law we should be held accountable, but Amanda isn't going into shopping malls and shooting a bunch of people, she's not walking around stabbing people, she's not chloroforming and killing her little girl and locking her in car trunks a la Casey Anthony.
She's only had a couple have most of us ;)

700 days ago


You can't help someone who truly believes they don't need help, like this girl. And her family and friends have no legal right to step in. It will, sadly, take something major for her to get help. Otherwise, her future is bleak, if she even has one.

700 days ago


and what exactly has see done? we all know what that homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk who happens to be a veteran has done. i'll give the VET anything over amanda.

700 days ago


I woke up to the Amanda show.........I'm pissed.

700 days ago


She's 26. That's definitely an adult -- how many parents had any control over what people on TMZ's staff did at age 26?

700 days ago


Sadly it appears that this story will end in tragedy but sometimes you can't help a victim if they refuse help and you have to let life take its course. As for her parents its my guess that deep down they don't give a rat's a$$. They are just going through the motions to escape public criticism. Sad.

700 days ago


Her friends and family all have the same level of ability to help her... not a whole lot. The only way she can be forced to get help is through a legal order of the court... and any of them can file a motion for guardianship/conservatorship if they feel it is that dire. The thing is.... if the family doesn't have the ability to win, neither will her friends. They can be mad/angry all they want, but her family doesn't have the legal authority to do that. Moral? Sure... but Amanda has legal rights, too, and she can enforce them to get people to back off. If she's being unreasonable, there's not a lot any of them can do to help until a court rules against her.

What they need to do is watch her closely and time it right to get her on an involuntary 5150 hold when she's acting odd. But, that can only go so far, too.

700 days ago


Her friends feel they've done all they can for her and yet they have the audacity to call out her family for not doing enough? I bet her family have done a lot more for Amanda than her friends have. Amanda's family cannot drag Amanda to rehab, it would not work. Amanda will only be able to get help once she seeks out help.

700 days ago


SHE cut THEM off. They can't 'break down her door'. She's an adult & that would be breaking and entering.
Don't blame her family for problem SHE caused herself!

700 days ago


...and what's with the red dye job? Is she purposely TRYING to look like Lindsay 2.0?

700 days ago
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