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Amanda Bynes

Friends Are FURIOUS

Her Family Isn't Helping Her

9/22/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-amanda-bynes-tmzSources close to Amanda Bynes tell TMZ her friends are fuming mad with her family ... wondering why they aren't doing more to help the troubled actress before something REALLY bad happens to her.

According to our sources, Amanda's friends do not understand why her family is not being more aggressive when it comes to her wellbeing. We're told her friends are perplexed why they are just standing by and watching Amanda self-destruct.

Our sources say her friends (who feel they have done all they can) want her family to literally break down her door and drag her to get to help.

But that's a problem ... because we're told Amanda has slowly cut off communication from her entire family -- dad, mom, sister and brother -- to the point where she has ceased all communication entirely. 

As TMZ first reported, Amanda's family recently moved from Texas to California to be closer to her. According to our sources, they are having the same level of success helping her now as they did before.



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shes hot

730 days ago


They can't legally do a thing as long as she is not a danger to herself or others. The two hit and runs may make a case for her family but probably not. It is amazing how far down the rabbit hole someone can go before you the law allows the family to intervene. Scary stuff.

730 days ago


Sometimes a family must let their loved one hit bottom. If you continue to step in and clean up their messes, it does no good. Maybe she needs to spend some time in jail or be forced into a mental health/addiction program. Mommy and daddy won't be around for ever. I speak from which I know. Running in and getting them out of trouble before the law step in does no good. Best thing is she lost her car.

730 days ago

arale norimaki    


730 days ago

Brad Evarts    

Everyone leave her alone..cut her off...she needs to find "rock bottom" she is an addict, it is clear she's not smoking marijuana in that pipe. She's smoking Crystal Meth or on Heroin...all the signs are there...rock bottom will save her and get her into the proper facility for treatment. Not a 30 day rehab or Dr Drew's show. She needs 90 days then 9 months sober living. Heroin is what is causing this!!! Addicts are the most mis- understood people and the insurance companies and Health care facilities MUST start seeing this illness as a disease of the brain. That is not Amanda you are seeing, it is an addict like any of them. They are not unique. "Meth head's post is so ignorant, idiotic and people like that should not be able to post anywhere!!!

730 days ago


well for all her "FRIENDS" why don't you be a friend and help her out??? besides she it old enough to cause the mess now she needs to be mature enough too deal with the consequences and make things right. she needs to make the changes because no one will be able to do it for her.

730 days ago


In California you can't just "break down the door" and drag someone to get help. It's against the law. Police need to catch her doing something dangerous and destructive then put her on a 5150 hold. Even if that happened, she has to WANT to get help. Welcome to mental illness. Families have to put up with tragedies like this everyday. I feel bad for all of them and wish them well.

730 days ago


you can't help someone who doesn't want help.

730 days ago


In my 70 years on the planet I've noticed that there are some people who can better themselves with the help of their friends and peers. They have to want that. Family, not so much. They're too bias.

Then there are those that are just plain dumb ****s who just don't get and never will. They think they don't have a problem and think anyone trying to help them just doesn't understand them. They're RIGHT. They're going to do whatever pleases them because that's the life they've known. Bynes is a product of Hollywood. She's who she is because of it.

730 days ago


Amanda needs an intervention! If her family doesn't want to see her body bag rolled out of a hotel room in the next few months, they better do something. I do believe she is popping pills. She seems like she is doing xanax and oxycodone on top of smoking pot. I have an ex-girlfriend and an Aunt that are hooked on those things, and they both act EXACTLY like all the stuff that has came out of Amanda Bynes.

Something could have happened that pushed her over the edge and that is how she is dealing with it right now. I don't know. My ex-girl had never been a pill popper or anything, in fact she didn't even drink or smoke, but then she had a miscarriage and she took it really hard. They put her on Xanax for anxiety and oxy for pain and she got hooked hard. She is pretty much a recluse now, but she will go out an drive around the city for hours for no reason, she has also fallen asleep/passed out in chairs and public bathrooms at Starbucks and Barnes and Noble before.

My aunt's parents past away within 4 or 5 months of each other a few years back, and she pretty much did the same thing with getting hooked on Xanax and Oxy, became a recluse, she takes road trips on the weekends out of town by herself and just disappears.

I have a feeling the Amanda Bynes story is going to end up tragic because she has money and the means to get a hold of large quantities of pills. It only takes one night to make a bad decision, take too much or mix things together and stop breathing.

730 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Sometimes family aren't has helpful as friends. In fact they can be the cause of some of your pain.

730 days ago

Rico Suavy    

Bend over, I will help her

730 days ago

the real diva    

Amanda needs rehab and other help. not TMZ stalking her all the time. she needs to realize what she has done and get the help she needs, TMZ, does not need to be stalking her all the time. just let her be.. maybe she will find her way.. maybe she won't but she needs to wake up and see how her life is and get help before it's too late. meanwhile TMZ can go stalk one of their other favorites, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or the KARDASHIANS. as TMZ is good at it.

730 days ago


C'mon guys, just like Lohan she is a 26 year old grown woman. Stop blaming everyone else for what they did to themselves.

The only enablers the have are themselves. That simple.

730 days ago


Courts or no courts, you cannot imagine how difficult it is to reign in an out-of-control ADULT.

730 days ago
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