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Dina Lohan to Dr. Phil



9/22/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan
is telling friends ... she knows she looked like a total train wreck in her recent Dr. Phil interview -- but she insists she's not an out-of-control drunk ... and she wants to prove it in a SECOND Dr. Phil interview.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, she doesn't believe the interview that aired this week on Dr. Phil's show -- in which she appears bizarrely fidgety and paranoid -- is a good representation of her (no duh).

Dina says she was in an extremely emotional state during the interview -- she says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindsay's drug habits and Michael Lohan's alleged abuse ... which begs the question -- How could she think Phil wouldn't ask her about those things?

We're told Dina has reached out to Dr. Phil for a do-over to prove she's not "the worst mother in America."

So far, it's unclear if Dr. Phil will take her back.



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Dennis Johnson    

NO-NO-NO.............We have seen enought of this thing!

764 days ago


There are no retakes in real life.

764 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> Here's the thing. Dina discovered how easy it was to make a butt load of cash for a one hour interview, and now she wants more. I would imagine after taxes and everything else, that $50K didn't buy as much booze and God knows what else so she has to go back for more.
> Lord knows that she not going to make much off of her her daughters anymore. Lilo is basically a concubine now, living with men in exchange for having a certain lifestyle, living in their houses, use of their cars, food - booze - Cigs - Drugs, some spending cash, and whatever else their wealth can bring her. Little Aliana is in Korea working for whatever crumbs she can get there, so the money for Mom isn't there either.
> The only way for DUIna to make her cash now is by the Dr. Phil Show, Celebrity Rehab and other shows of that ilk.
> The sad part is that azzhole Dr. will be more than happy to pay her the money. He knows a cash cow when he see's one - he will ride the leathery hide of Dina Lohan to ratings gold because America loves a good train wreck.

764 days ago


Micheal turn was yesterday it Mommie Dearest up to Bat...gotta keep that media wagon rolling......!
Dina is the girl who was suppose to be the champion speller in the school at least to hear her and her family...and then she goes to the town contest and stuggles though a couple of rounds before getting eliminated from it on a 2nd grade word...does she study hardier NO!!!! she goes around school blaming the other kids for making her nervous, the moderater for giving her the hard words and being mean....That was Dina as a child and this is Dina today still blaming others....
and she was NEVER a born blonde...if she had said red I might have believed her but blonde...LMAO....neve forgot about the picture of her when she was young and really darked haired on the net didn't she...

764 days ago


she can go on dr. phil's show hundreds of times and each and every time she's going to prove she's nothing but an old drunk worn out road wh*re.

764 days ago


TRANSLATION - "everyone STFU about what a bad mom and all around nasty person I am so I can continue to be a bad mom and general nasty person in peace. Also, gimme 50k."

764 days ago


Uh, Dina? During the interview, while you were flipping your "natural blond hair", your brown roots were showing. Assclown.

764 days ago


An Eturd said yesterday, and I about swallowed my tongue laughing, "Dina and Lindsay avoided fashion week this year". REALLY? They weren't INVITED to fashion week this year. BIG frigging difference. I still giggle when I remember that. Seriously, how stupid are these idiot "fans"? They AVOIDED fashion week. ROFLMFAO.

764 days ago


Fck all you people, I'm Lindsay Lohans mom. Move that couch. (so I won't fall over it)

764 days ago

Cheryl A.    

As Oprah says, when someone shows you who they really are; believe them.

She showed who she really is.

764 days ago


You got almost $200,000 for the interview....what did you think you were going to talk about with Dr. Phil???? You wren't going there to swap recipes STUPID! You thought a sedative would calm you down? Try not to take Ambien before an interview.

764 days ago


A second chance? A do-over? Come on, Dina. You need to be honest about what happened during that interview. If you were drunk, admit it. If you were high on drugs, admit it. It's pretty obvious that you and Lindsey both think you are entitled to second, third and fourth chances. That's not real life.

764 days ago

really! really?    

Easiest game of pin the tail on the donkey...ever. Er, pin the drunk on the Dina. We're bored with the game and the attention-seeking. No do-overs... NEXT.

764 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Thank you Maddy, for directing me to this thread. This is indexed as a DUIna thread, not Lindsay. So, I guess we're posting on anything Lohan related now?

764 days ago


Dina's haircolor as a young woman was the same as Ali's - about as far away from blonde as possible so what a bizarre comment that she is a natural blonde. Totally trippin'. That dreadful stringy bleached out blonde does both Lindsay and Dina no good at all.

764 days ago
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