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Dina Lohan to Dr. Phil



9/22/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan
is telling friends ... she knows she looked like a total train wreck in her recent Dr. Phil interview -- but she insists she's not an out-of-control drunk ... and she wants to prove it in a SECOND Dr. Phil interview.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, she doesn't believe the interview that aired this week on Dr. Phil's show -- in which she appears bizarrely fidgety and paranoid -- is a good representation of her (no duh).

Dina says she was in an extremely emotional state during the interview -- she says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindsay's drug habits and Michael Lohan's alleged abuse ... which begs the question -- How could she think Phil wouldn't ask her about those things?

We're told Dina has reached out to Dr. Phil for a do-over to prove she's not "the worst mother in America."

So far, it's unclear if Dr. Phil will take her back.



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"She says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindsay's drug habits and Michael Lohan's alleged abuse ..."

Why else would anyone interview YOU about anything other than Blohan and her epic fvck ups? See, thats the problem, 'MOTHER SLAG' THINKS she's a 'celebrity' in her own right. I've got news for ya. She's NOT!

761 days ago


Remember when being a parent or relative of a celebrity made you well...a non celebrity? Now it seems you can be a "celebrity" simply by being a fvcked up parent. Now we've got Dilo and Milo, Pimp Mama Kris, Pimp Mama June, Pimp Momma this and that urh, when does it end. Even Kate Middleton's freakin' cousins think they are celebrities.

761 days ago


Good grief, there is a BEEFER over on ROL. GagGag is starting to look like that.

761 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

blah blah blah I want a second chance blah blah blah...

Where have I heard that 1,000 times before? Oh yeah, from that lying, balding, mangy, smelly, duck-lipped, rotten-toothed, drunk, drug-addled, saggy-boobed, fetid, unclean, unemployable, uninsurable, thieving, clamslamming, nasty, narcissistic, diseased, coke snorting, untalented, delusional, debt-ridden, tax-evading, chicken-legged, flabby-assed, contemptuous, worthless, moldy, lazy, slimy, homeless, wretched, reptilian-skinned, skanky, shifty-eyed, halitosis-laden, grifting, graffiti-littered, dried-up bag of vagina, Canyon-holed Snatchasouras, Non-driving bich, with delusions of grandeur, dirty fingernails and a porno-only career she calls a daughter.

Disgusting pig that DUIna.

761 days ago


Only do it if it is for free dr phil...

761 days ago


What I find interesting about all of this is, Dr. Phil could clearly see she was on something so why didn't he, being the professional that he's supposed to be, end the interview himself and just tell her to go get some obvious help that she needs? No. He kept the interview going for ratings.

761 days ago


She wants to be on the show again because she needs another $50,000.00

761 days ago

Joan K    

She made a fool of herself on The Today Show too, she doesn't deserve a second chance.

761 days ago

dodo face    

she just wants more money she won't answer anything

761 days ago


She is jealous because LiLo is always in the news. Just another insecure aging woman.

761 days ago


Can we please STOP with the $50 g's. That was a figure floated by DUIna. The Lohans do this to make themselves worth more than they are. She did NOT get that kind of money, Phil wouldn't give it to her, and most of all, she's NOT WORTH IT! Shows are NOT knocking down her door for her interviews, SHE BEGGED them to go on the show. My theory: DUIna wanted a PAID trip, airfare and hotel to party with her #1 HOOKER in California.

761 days ago


Just touring though the reviews of the Liz and Dick Movie Trailer and I'm Laughing myss off. I havn't read or seen such *****footing around seen the barn cat caught got caught in a corn crib full of mouse traps......!!

They sure were having a hard time finding anything good to say about it...and some called it for what is was a stinker trainwreck but then you have the kiss assed ones who hedge around and say way and see it may be better....and then you have your Lohan Inc payrollees who praise it as the biggest thing in TV

I like that the biggest thing thats ever happened to TV....not going a "little bit" over the top are we Lohan Inc...???
But if this one bombs as it will you can always fall back on her porn performance in the "Clamyons" ..corse after they edit all the bad out she only going be in that one for 5 minutes...LOL....

761 days ago


I hope Dr. Phil recommends Dina get help for her very serious issues. I hope he declines her nicely telling her he thinks she's not ready to interview and recommends someone to treat her. I think Dina would then just go to another media person and talk anyway but he would have done the most responsible thing and be rid of her.

761 days ago


I am off to play some games. Much more interesting than watching Eturds come on here and try being a reasonably intelligent person when they prove time after time that it is a fallacy. Have fun all.

761 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ Dina !!!

761 days ago
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