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Green Day


at iHeartRadio Festival

9/22/2012 5:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922_green_day_videoGreen Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong did not take kindly to having his set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival cut short last night in Las Vegas ... so he went on an expletive-laden rant on stage before smashing his guitar and storming off.

According to reports, the show was running 25 minutes behind schedule and rather than let the show run longer, organizers decided to cut down Green Day's set.

When given the one minute warning, Armstrong went ballistic, screaming, "I'm not Justin Bieber, you motherf**kers! You gotta be f**king joking. I got one minute, one minute left. Now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one minute f**king means" ... before slamming his guitar into the ground.

It's unclear why Armstrong invoked Bieber's name -- he didn't perform last night and is not scheduled to appear at the festival tonight either.


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I like Green Day and I do agree with him.. however, I don't think the way he acted was very flattering.. He looked like a douche nozzle..



I think he also seemed to get annoyed when he put the microphone out for the crowd to sing.. and only few people did, but it was so few that you couldn't even hear them.. He looked really peeved after that..

764 days ago


Gessh DRAMA QUEEN!!! **1min. lol ((DUMB))

764 days ago


geeshh DRAMA QUEEN!!! lol 1 min!!! ((DUMB))

764 days ago

some guy    

AGhklgsadfefwewefawefoijw fslf

30 second commercial for a 1 minute video clip. Kill yourselves. All of you.

764 days ago

Ian Robinson    

First of all, the reason that he brought up Justin Beiber is because on AGT, during Beibers Performance, he didn't perform live. It was a pre recorded video that they showed. Thats why Billie made that comment. Second of all, it was the organizers fault that their set was cut short. Instead of being fair to everybody and allow all of their set times to run fully and just end later, They decided to be unfair and cut one band who was promoting for this event VIGOROUSLY be it radio, tv or internet and let some other artist take away from their time. IT was a punk thing for them to do and will ALWAYS be one of the biggest Green Day moments of all time. Billie was also (semi) drunk during the show so that explains why he reacted the way he did. Granted if he was sober he would have had close to the same reaction. For all of you guys saying green day should've called it quits and whatever, look at the album sales. Look at the success. Look at the sold out shows, the magazine covers, the musical, the amount of influence they've had on other artists. And look at what you're doing as of now. I'm a musician as well, and green day is my #1 favorite band due to their message they send through their music. Just because they changed their music since Dookie doesnt mean they sold out or terrible. Their the hardest working band in music to this day. You cant continue to sing about being a kid when you're 40 years old. Look at blink. You have to sing about stuff thats going on with you at the time and learn to progress. Every band has to do that. and Who cares if they lost fans due to this they're doing what THEY love and thats all that matters in the words of Pete Wentz "Crowds are won and lost and won again but our hearts beat for the die hards"

764 days ago


Stop moanin, bitch. You are the Justin Bieber of Punk Rock. Pure cheesy factor. If u could say to Sid Vicious you are a punk rocker he would spit in your face

764 days ago


Can't say I blame him one bit.

764 days ago

Dick Tucker    

I'm sure Billie Joe will get around to blaming it on George W. Bush. If he doesn't, Harvey Levin will.

764 days ago


Here's why I don't blame him for being upset- because we all know that if it WERE Justin Bieber, he would not have gotten his set cut. Green day is a talented band, and once again, we see a genre with more talent get less recognition than the overrated pop/rap genre by the fact that they cut his set so Usher and Rihanna could perform longer. Ridiculous. If they cut Brad Paisley's set so some **** pop star or rap star can play longer I am going to go Billie Armstrong on their ass!

764 days ago


He probably invoked Bieber because Bieber is a no talent flash in the pan while Greenday has been consistently successful for 20 years.

764 days ago


TMZ you guys are a bunch of ****ing idiots for censoring the video.

What he said was he has been around since 1988 before saying he is not justin bieber implying he has been in the business since before bieber was born and deserves some respect and not for his set to be cut so short.

**** you tmz

764 days ago


too much angry birds

764 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

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1. Limbaugh and Hannity, have NOTHING to do with Cheap Channel Communications.

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764 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...LOSER!...retire're rich enuff, clearly the way music is today he can't m n weep!

764 days ago


its true though why he yelling about time limit they have gosh . really there music is not that great ever since they went on broadway. now thats not really punk rock I'm telling u

764 days ago
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