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Lindsay Lohan

I Call Shotgun!

9/22/2012 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-lindsay-lohan-x17Lindsay Lohan did herself -- and everyone in the Tri-State area -- a favor last night by not driving ... instead hopping in the passenger seat of an SUV as someone else drove around the streets of New York.

And all was safe in Gotham.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Pic #4 from the X-17 set has everything you need to know. Lohan is holding the ever present water bottle, wearing five Inch heels and still no sign of a discernible ass, her dog/man servant Gavin waves her "Magic Pink Bag of Goodies" at the assembled Paparazzi and winos who still frequent the Bowery at night.
It seems someone by the name of "Anonymous posted: . . . 'A girl without freckles is like a night without stars. I'm a proud Little Star!'
That couldn't be our own proud little star NICOLE, could it?

762 days ago


God, you are, most of you, awful. You should just disintegrate and stop existing.

762 days ago



Who gives a fcuk if its Domingo or not? go away.
37 minutes ago


Its not Gavin but you slugs posting here don't like the truth, make it up as you go along.
less than a minute ago

762 days ago


Tell you what "1* go first and show me how.....OK !!
This is out new playground it ain't much but thank you least you posted the best picture of the set....which doesn't say much about how she looks.....
And frankly I say your are wrong....this tells me she still running the clubs at night...partying away...she just can't stay home by herself....she has to go out into the clubs its what she lives for you can add that to another addiction...and before you jump all over me think back to when you were 26...did you party every night of the week ...or even 3 or 4 times a week....most of you will say NO unless you worked a club or bar... you partied on Friday and Saterday night but the rest of the week you stayed home and rested and worked and led a normal life...her life IS partying...lights and music and drinking and drugs and sex ... She can not go for more then a couple of weeks with a party ..and
she CAN NOT be alone...she is terrified to be alone...hell she's 26 and still has to have someone sleeping with her that is not normal...unless you are married..or have a partner.. if she went to jail more then a few days she would go bonkers......thats the true...

762 days ago


Mumra the Ever Living

Hey TMZ, get on the stick. I see you only bought one pic from X17 - they have lots more. I especially like the ones where Gavin (i think it gavin) is swinging Lohans ever present Pink Bag of Booze and Drugs. ANyway here's the link and a tinyurl to the same link:
> It really is strange - Gavin is kind of like her dog/slave. In the first few pictures, he carries her bags. One bags pink and the other is black - why does she need two bags?(wink-wink, nudge-nudge) > Then there are pictures of Lohan and that painter guy - am I the only person who think his work is not that good?
> Finally there's a picture of the entire SUV, and there's Gavin in the back. WTF? For what possible reason does he tag along? What could he possibly be photographing/video recording? And why don't his parents just lock him up in a closet somewhere in the Hamptons?
So many questions, so few answers

Where do I start.
Ok, first off I noticed that she is now has a little black bag on her. Gavin is just using that bigger pink bag to throw everyone off. Look over here, look over here not at the little black bag hanging on her shoulder.
As for Gavin, he is only allowed in her space so that he can take the fall for Lindsay when she fcks up.

762 days ago


Coke has haggard her so badly. I cannot believe she is only 26.

Best anti-coke poster child ever.

762 days ago

some guy    

Must be a pic of her coming back from the fish market. How many bushels of littleneck clams she buy?

762 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Is Gavin too stupid to get out from under the bus?

762 days ago


Who are all these IDIOTS saying, "Good for her for not driving." FFS, I didn't drive either last night, wheres my KUDOS?

762 days ago


Can't help but wonder why the commenters on here are SO obsessed with Linsay Lohan? You seem to be entranced with her every move. Really, she's not that special or intriguing. Just a screwed up kid. I fail to see the fascination?????

762 days ago

Ellie G    

WTF, I have seen better art at our drunken Pictionary parties back in the day than Mr Zapata is putting out.

762 days ago


Just making an observation, buddy.

762 days ago

help this young woman    

That is NOT Gavin morons!

762 days ago


Hey Munchie- 48 Hours is doing a story on Beresford-Redman tonight. Are you going to watch to see if you're mentioned for helping them find the body?

762 days ago


SIDE PRFILE IS NOT HOT quadruple chins (=coke bloat) is not a good look for the whore

762 days ago
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