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Lindsay Lohan

I Call Shotgun!

9/22/2012 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-lindsay-lohan-x17Lindsay Lohan did herself -- and everyone in the Tri-State area -- a favor last night by not driving ... instead hopping in the passenger seat of an SUV as someone else drove around the streets of New York.

And all was safe in Gotham.


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Doesn't make you any better. If Amanda wasn't like this, I'm sure you'd be driving right now.

726 days ago


You only wish someone, anyone was fascinated by you. You are bored and lonely- just passing the time...... be honest.

726 days ago


The guy should have driven her straight to the nearest jail and told her to go in and play with her friends for a couple decades

726 days ago


Lohan is a friggin moron, but by the same token, she always knew and knows exactly what she's doing when she's doing it. That's always been her game. What can I get away with.

This has always been nothing more than a twisted game to Lohan, screw you I'll do what ever I want and get away with it.

The hell with the no jail and getting away with probation violations so far. That will happen, hopefully before she hurts or kills someone.

She has done nothing but make a complete fool of herself since the day she left court. She was out partying that night. Nothing but a game to her. I'll get away with it.

Lohan is still pulling her same old crap and still making a complete fool of herself. She still can't keep her own self-hype and tripping over her lies stright (no pun intended)

Lohan still going to court, used the Playboy shoot as 'work', cut another break. She claims because of the 'massive media frenzy she's expecting' ( no media frenzy, not even a flash bulb) she want's to go to Hawaii to relax. She's in Hawaii partying. She pulls another lost passport along with other ID, per her own words that was left on the seat of her car and missing 10k in cash. Another tripping over her own lies.

Lohan all over the talk show circut, claiming how she's changed, matured, blah blah, blah. How she herself got Lorne Michaels (another good friend) to let her host SNL. Per Lohans all self-hype and saying hows she's fair game, blah blah blah. Ok. He did. Problem. The skits that were aired had had to be approved by Lohans lawyers (very true.) So much for fair game. As usual Lohan doesn't show up for meetings, readings, rehearsals, Nothing. Lorne Michaels is no fool. He let Lohan hang herself on live national TV and she did.

She bombed and tanked so bad, she for the most part was out of camera. She speed dials TMZ "I didn't bomb". A couple of days later it was the writers fault, she's not used to cue cards and so on. When than didn't work she pulls because of me SNL had the best ratings. It only got worse.

She was paid for Playboy, want's the money back. Tanked, bombed on live SNL Still pulls her crap with Lifetime, only not live but the same Lindsey Lohan crap. Canyons stright to DVD, she's pulls she's concerned about nudity

726 days ago


Peace and harmony, little muchinkins. Be careful what you put out there in the universe~

726 days ago


ZEPHYR, do you happen to have your Lohan's Best Attributes list handy for TJ? LMAO

726 days ago


OMG! FFS! WTF! FMTT! Jesus! Her a$$ is exploding! Is she preggers? Eating for triplets? Is there a crack/meth shortage in NYC?

Please, someone, get her back on the drugs or she will be riding around in a dump truck, eh?

Maybe one from California? I hear she knows a driver!

726 days ago


Wasn't Lohan supposed to leave for Europe this week to do that BEEFER GagGag's video?

726 days ago


Got a look at those pictures and that is Not Gavin....Gavin is a little girlie thing .....that is a bullfrog got as many chins as Lindsay does....
Tell you want sweetie , you want to get the papz off your ass and not have pictures taken....try turning out the interior lights in the car next time...Unless it's the thing in NYC to drive around with in lights on on the inside of the car... that way the flash doesn't blind you as much...Those bags hold her working know....handy-wipes, vaseline...towels to cushion her knees stuff like that and the pink bag is her goody bag...helps her keep her strength up for the all nighters she pulls, energy drink...pills and a little extra white stuff and her handy dandy mirrow and knife set. a gift from mommie dearest....

726 days ago


She looks like 42 in that picture.

726 days ago


GAWD NICKHOLE, you still just don't get it. Your story of a death of someone you cared about due to addictions is looking more and more suspect. I withdraw all honestly felt and given sympathy. Just lies for pity, wasn't it? DONE.

726 days ago


Talk to you guys later, not in the mood for the Eturds tonight. Same sh!t from them, different day.

726 days ago


Is LiLo dating this guy?

726 days ago


She looks like a rodent. Bad cheek implants.

726 days ago


Got a look at them pictures and that ain't Gavin Gavin's a little old girlie thing...that is a bullfrog face thing...
Those bags contrain her working material...towels , cream, vasiline, handi wipes, and Massingal handypak you know to keep that fresh as a daisy all night long....

726 days ago
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