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Paris Hilton

Anti-Gay Rant

You Be the Judge

9/22/2012 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton
says her taxi cab rant against gays isn't what it seems ... she says she loves the gays.  So we gotta ask ...


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They should replace Vice President Joe Biden with Paris Hilton. She'll straighten sh!t out and stop the gays from spreading aids.

739 days ago


She's just a $ mongering hypocrite like any gay "activist".

739 days ago


I actually cannot stand this woman. I believe she's phoney, arrogant, self absorbed, deluded and most importantly STUPID. However, I am from Miami and have many gay male friends, and I must say that gay "males" are the most promiscuous people I've ever met. I don't necessarily agree that they are all riding bareback, but I don't know even one that is in a monogamous relationship, even though they claim they are - they just don't seem to be able to say no to a fine booty in the air. I don't know many, or actually any, gay women so I cannot spak for them. But the men, hell yes, they are some horny creatures. And screw that cabbie for recording her, he should be sued!

739 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I'm gonna go with she was high as a kite when she made that comment. High on powdered bubble gum.

739 days ago


to the 23% a$$holes who agree w/ Paris cvomment...i say EAT SH!T & DIE!!!

739 days ago


Funny TMZ how you keep getting the truth from the comments but you still insist on posting these leading stories and creating polls that pretty much leave no room for honest opinion and are likely missused by people with an agenda.
"Sex websites breed aids"? So basically you're telling people it's silly to think gays are prone to aids? Why not just come out and say it?
The truth is that homosexuality is a sexual deviation, just like BDSM, shoe fetishes, pedophilia. The difference is that gays have a very powerfull lobby because they're a fairly large and unashamed group. IT's still an obsession though and that's why any gay neighbourhood has certain areas where people hook up at night in a completely depraved and anonymous fashion. LIke a playground or park, airport bathroom, or under a bridge by the beach.
That is why gays get aids and it's just a fact. They have high risk sex, get diseases and spread it around.
Yes some straight people are just as bad but AIDS became an epidemic because of gays. That's what caused it to be a huge problem. Anal sex with strangers. People thinking I'd rather be happy today and die tomorrow.
Now for the last decade there's been a big push to try and normalize homosexuality in the minds of the public. It's NOT normal and you can create as many phoney gay TV characters as you want and make them appear completely normal.
I know what I see in the real world!

739 days ago


I think these questions are pretty homophobic. I think you might want to rethink your stupid question and answer comments in the future.

739 days ago


You know what, I am NOT anti-gay, everyone can do their own thing, I don't care, but I am so sick of everyone, gays included being so offended over every effing thing being said. If a black person uses the N word, it's okay, if a white person uses it, it's a BIG no-no, double standards, huh? If I use the saying/term "that's so gay"....I'm insulting the gays....(I'm a straight female)
People are just too dam sensitive these days, and then you have some that are just too dam rude!

739 days ago

Don Martin    

Hey TMZ. Next time you do one of those self serving voting polls you need to add another choice - "Who the Hell Cares?" Thanks!

739 days ago


The voting shows that Paris is hornier than gay men, and then it shows that both Kim K and Rihanna are hornier than Paris. That does not make sense. Gay men and their bath houses are at the top of the list, then Rihanna, then Kim K, and then Paris as the least horniest of the group.

739 days ago


There is good news people: HIV does not cause AIDS. AIDS is not communicable and not caused by sex or sharing needles. HIV the virus does not exist. What is fraudelently called HIV are stress products created withing the cells. AIDS is caused by oxidative and nitrosative stressors (crack, poppers, "HIV" drugs). AIDS and HIV+ are easily treatable. Here's a cure: (don't mention it, you're welcome)

739 days ago


I'd rather do paris, than kim k, rihanna, or a gay man.

739 days ago

david webb    

who cares what she says or thinks i mean come on it is paris hilton she is only famous because of money and doing a home made porn should any one care what she says or thinks

739 days ago

Jay W.     

I love you Paris, you dirty filthy little whore. I would run it up in your guts in a New York minute. Just do us all a favor and keep your trap shut and don't speak.

739 days ago


Where is the "WHO CARES" check box???

739 days ago
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