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Paris Hilton

Anti-Gay Rant

You Be the Judge

9/22/2012 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton
says her taxi cab rant against gays isn't what it seems ... she says she loves the gays.  So we gotta ask ...


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Really nothing for her to apologize for. Homosexuals are sick sexual deviants. It's quite telling that aids has the highest infection rate amongst men who engage in homosexual behavior (LOOK IT UP!) Perverts!!

759 days ago


Who the f**k cares? She said this to her gay friend. If he wasn't offended then no one else should be. Also, does anyone know if the cab driver was fired for this recording? I'm sure it is against policy to record your customers.

759 days ago


she could be correct in what she says, i don't care either way. i just don't like her and will take time to tell the world that....

758 days ago


I don't think she's homophobic. She just really stupid.

758 days ago


WOW she is one to talk. Isn't she the one that rode a dick on camera and stuffed it in her mouth for all the world to see.

758 days ago


Obiously the queers were tolling the TMZ poll. LOL The Majority of people in this country DO think that "gay" men are hornier than the normal and are disgusting and breeders of AIDS. Period. So what the TMZ poll tells me is that Harvey's ***********s rule the TMZ waves! :-D

758 days ago


Paris, sistah, you are smarter than I thought and that is such a relief!

758 days ago


Oh, and, Paris, girlfriend, the lesson you need to learn from this debacle is that the "GAY" community does not really care about you, dumbsh*t! They are thee most hateful, fickle fudgepackin hutjobs (don't excuse the pun) on planet earth!!!!

758 days ago


It is a fact that AIDS started with "gays" and is perpetuated mostly by them. Oh, and the confused "happy" "boys" that sleep with girls have made a hetereo problem as well! H*rny bastUrds!

758 days ago


Why doesn't that surprise me? I am only glad that she is kind of "over" anyway...

758 days ago


Say what you want about Paris Hilton, but she was on target with this one. Everyone knows it is true but nobody wants to say it. I broke up with my ex girlfriend because her gay friends were always talking about and sending her sexual stuff (nude pictures of hot guys, cropped pictured of penises etc.) I'm no saint, but even I was like WTF?

758 days ago


My thoughts:

- I don't know if Paris is homophobic or not. Is it possible to be homophobic towards some gay people and not towards others, like those you know personally?

- Sadly, Paris is as dumb as a box of rocks.

- I don't agree with Paris's comments.

- I don't happen to be gay, so I'm not sure if it really matters if I accept Paris's apology or not.

- I don't think gay people are any hornier that straight people. Or bi people for that matter.

- I don't know if gay men in general are hornier than Paris. I don't care either.

- I think Kim K is hornier.

- Rhianna might be hornier than Paris, but she's also more damaged.

- It seems to me that websites that are there for people to use to hook up could very well be a breeding ground for all sorts of diseases. Mostly due to unscrupulous behavior by those who have something and lie since there's no way for the site to check up on you. I'd think that anyone who is after a simple hook up would ask for some form of test results though those could be faked as well. In short, if someone's got something and isn't honest about it there's not a lot that can be done until it's too late. And that's a problem with a person, not a group of people as there's bad people from every group you can think of who either just don't care or may even want to spread what bad thing they've got.

758 days ago

Poor Leno    

Paris yet another attention whore

758 days ago


AIDS was released into the Gay Community by the Government and was not expected to reach the "Straight" Community, but The "Bi's" did it. Both male and Female and all the Slutty Women and the Women who went on a "Eat my Va JJ" craze in the nineties to present Spread it more into the "Straight" Community. Now the World is mad at "Gay Men". SMH

757 days ago

Lynn Shaun    

Paris Hilton has a right to her opinion and actually in this case she is correct. Gay men are like mangy filthy deseased dogs in heat, and since it seems as though she associates with them or has considered a few friends they have probably seduced many of her numeerous male "partners" perhaps thats why she's pissed? But then who
is she to talk she's one of (many of) the biggest sluts in Hollywood!

756 days ago
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