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Supermodel Maggie Rizer

United Airlines Killed My Dog

9/22/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Supermodel Maggie Rizer says United Airlines killed her dog -- and then lied about it.

Maggie says she was flying from NYC to San Fran two weeks ago and brought her 2-year-old Golden Retriever along. Maggie says Bea and her other dog were crated in the underbelly of the plane. 

According to Maggie, the plane was delayed for two hours and the plane got so hot the pilot told the passengers to open their air vents.  She believes the cargo area wasn't ventilated and the hot air caused her dog to die of heat stroke.

And it gets worse.  Maggie says United coldly told her after the plane landed that one of her dogs was dead and then lied to her -- saying they sent the dog to the vet for a necropsy (to determine cause of death) but that never happened. The dead dog was just sitting in the crate.

Maggie says, "I am so saddened by the complete lack of competence, honesty and compassion that United has shown."  Nevertheless, she is not planning to sue.  FYI, the liability limitations would not make a lawsuit worth her time.

A rep for United said the company is sorry for Maggie's loss, but said they found no mechanical or operational issues with Bea’s flight and the investigation is ongoing.


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Grow up Maggie. Leave your dog at home. Was it necessary to drag the poor thing cross country, stuck in bottom of an airplane? If you are moving, or if you are going to be away from home for longer than a 2 weeks, then put your dog on a plane. Otherwise,leave the dog with a family or a friend, or put him in a kennel. I'm sick of people babying their dogs like children. If you are in need of babying something, adopt or have a child.

708 days ago


Lol. Reading comprehension is your friend. Why are so many dopes missing the point of this story and commenting on how the woman looks? Let me make it easier. THEY COOKED HER FREAKING DOG!

708 days ago


I would be the 1st to fight for the dog but I cannot in this case. Not enough facts and from what I read there were not problems on the flight- the dog might have just worked its self up to the point of heat stroke. There were several animal crates on that flight and the rest had no problem. And really if you are all about your dog they you wouldn't be shipping it across the country in a crate.
Either way, very VERY VERY heart breaking that the dog had to go through a death like that.

And by the way the term "supermodel" was incorrectly used, I have no clue who this person is.

708 days ago

Mike C    

I'd murder me some american cargo staff. My dogs life is more important than most peoples. You couldn't pay me enough to compensate my losses.I'd want the life of cargo employee.

708 days ago


When the worlds worst airline, United, merged with a great airline, Continental, we hoped for the best. We were always surprised at the difference between the two airlines when it came to service in general and over all attitude. We had hoped the Continental culture would alter the United bad behavior and make for a better United airline. Apparently not.

708 days ago


Phuuuuuuuuuuck that!!!!!! I would never EVER put my dog on a plane!!! All you have to do is read the fine print. It's a sad story but TOUGH S&!# !!! She isn't suing because she CANT

708 days ago


Well, it's just another reason to NEVER fly with United Airlines. I also never use American Airlines either.

You want to stop this type of treatment from businesses, then just boycott them.

708 days ago


W T F, man! ALL compartments carrying pets in ALL airplanes should be climatized exactly like the passenger cabin. Just another United Airlines horror
story to add to the LONG list of all the others.....

708 days ago


Airlines are notorious for killing animals when they are in cargo, and also for losing them as well. If you have to move across country, make the sacrifice on time and drive your pets. It is the only way they will survive.

708 days ago

Bill Leslie    

if your dog doesn't fit under the seat and can travel WITH you in the cabin leave Rover at home - a big dog like a retriever would be a lot happier at home than in NYC - dogs like that deserve an outdoor life of pickups, farms, hunting and fishing - not being stuck in a crate in the belly of jet on the way to a big concrete city.

708 days ago


She may not sue, but hopefully enough of us will boycott United until they HAVE to change their policies regarding animals.

708 days ago

Throwback kid    

Sorry about the dog, but that plain, average looking woman is a Supermodel? on what planet?

708 days ago


I have actually chosen to drive rather than take domestic flights because I have had to take my dog. Too many horror stories like this. Fact is the airlines don't care about pets, to them they are just an inconvenience.

708 days ago


She is a supermodel? SERIOUSLY????? He is prettier than she is!!!

708 days ago


I'm shocked at the state of pet travel accommodations in this day and age. How many times do we have to hear about animals dying before regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of our pets? That said, I would NEVER put my dog in the belly of an airplane. EVER. If I can't drive it, she stays at home.

708 days ago
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