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Supermodel Maggie Rizer

United Airlines Killed My Dog

9/22/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Supermodel Maggie Rizer says United Airlines killed her dog -- and then lied about it.

Maggie says she was flying from NYC to San Fran two weeks ago and brought her 2-year-old Golden Retriever along. Maggie says Bea and her other dog were crated in the underbelly of the plane. 

According to Maggie, the plane was delayed for two hours and the plane got so hot the pilot told the passengers to open their air vents.  She believes the cargo area wasn't ventilated and the hot air caused her dog to die of heat stroke.

And it gets worse.  Maggie says United coldly told her after the plane landed that one of her dogs was dead and then lied to her -- saying they sent the dog to the vet for a necropsy (to determine cause of death) but that never happened. The dead dog was just sitting in the crate.

Maggie says, "I am so saddened by the complete lack of competence, honesty and compassion that United has shown."  Nevertheless, she is not planning to sue.  FYI, the liability limitations would not make a lawsuit worth her time.

A rep for United said the company is sorry for Maggie's loss, but said they found no mechanical or operational issues with Bea’s flight and the investigation is ongoing.


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It's crazy that they don't have flights for people with animals that could fly in the cabin area. Some love their pets so much they would buy them a ticket to be inside with them. Such a sad story.

669 days ago


I was about to use them to fly my dog. Guess I will be changing my ticket.

669 days ago


I am so saddened to hear about this. I have a golden retriever myself and couldn't imagine losing a loved pet like this. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family

669 days ago


Personally I would never fly with my dog in the underbelly of the plane. Either my dog flies in first class or we drive to San Fran. - Yes horrible and I believe the airline was responsible however I think it's an acceptable cruel practice to put pets in the underbelly of the plane.

669 days ago


The US airlines have no respect for anyone or anything, it's no surprise that they killed her dog. There was another incident not to long ago were a military vets service dog was kicked hard several times right in front of him over the course of a few days by airline employees, not to mention everything else they put him and his dog through during that time. It's utterly disgusting what the airlines and the TSA are doing.

669 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....I would NEVER put a pet in a crate in the belly of a airplane..either leave it at home and hire someone too help take care of or DRIVE...

669 days ago


NEVER NEVER NEVER allow your pets to be put in the cargo hold. They are living things - NOT cargo. We never fly, there are countless stories about this happening. The airlines do not care about your pets. Or any living thing in a cargo hold.

669 days ago


I made that mistake with Northwest, I flew from Germany to the US and went we got to Detroit, I went to check on my cats before the next flight, and they said, Cats? What Cats? We didn't know their were Cats on the plane. They had not fed or watered them in over 10 hours even though I provided them with everything they needed and they assured me they would be taken care of on the flight, and I payed 100.00 each for them to ride with the luggage, for 100.00 they deserved a damn snack!

669 days ago


United is also being sued for their Staff repeatedly KICKING a Service Dog on one of their Flights......United mistreats pets, period. I feel awful for this poor woman, and the horrible way her beautiful pup died. :-(

669 days ago


I hope she allows the animal welfare authorities to take care of them.

669 days ago


That's disgusting! All the horror stories I've heard about pets on airlines I would never fly my pets...ever! If I had the means I would use that private airline for pets only(I don't remember the name) or drive them.If neither option worked I would board them or have a friend stay at my home and take care of them.

I would sue the wings off United Airlines if my cats were killed due to negligence.

So sad.....

669 days ago


I hate planes in the comfort of a climate controlled area, in a chair, with an oxygen mask and flotation devises. I would never ever ever shove my dog in a crate in the cargo hold. But UA -- unbelievable, how callused. I would murder their faces off and then eat their souls. I'm going to go hug my puppy now.

669 days ago


This is sad, however if she sues, she will only get the value of the dog. Animals are considered property and only worth their value at the time of their demise.

669 days ago


Her dog got better treatment then the dog in "Soul Plane", just saying.

669 days ago


I flew out west once with my dog in the cargo hold as well and when we got him out, he looked like he was going to die of heatstroke. I'll never do that again.

669 days ago
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