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Deion Sanders

My Child Support Payments


9/23/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_deion_sanders_pilar_01Deion Sanders is furious that a judge ordered him to pay up over $10,000/month in child support to his estranged wife Pilar ... claiming it's simply not fair.

Sanders just filed docs in Texas Supreme Court challenging the support order that was established in a lower court back in May.

In his docs, Sanders says $10k/month is actually SIX TIMES more than Texas law requires ... and he wants his child support obligation significantly reduced.

But Pilar claims Deion is worth roughly $250 MILLION ... and the TX Supreme Court shouldn't have any sympathy for Prime Time ... or change the support structure that's already in place.

In fact, Pilar has filed her own legal docs outlining why she needs so much cash from Deion. Among the highlights: 
-- $2,000/month for a special diet for the kids
-- $900/month on uniforms and shoes for the kids' sports activities
-- $500/ month on the children's cell phones

Pilar also claims she spends $450 on haircuts for her sons and treatments for her daughter's "very thick curly hair."

Style doesn't come cheap.

Pilar's lawyer tells TMZ, "Once again, Mr. Sanders has not followed the Court's direct orders and has attempted to make up his own rules. It is clear that he still thinks he is "above the law."

The court has yet to rule on Deion's request. Stay tuned ...

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No Avatar


It is totally ridiculous for anyone to say they need that kind of money for child support , when many families live off of less than that per year!

728 days ago


Deion You have to pay if you want to Play.

728 days ago


Pilar sounds CRAZY!!!!!!

728 days ago


If your rich and famous, don't get married. Don't have kids. If you do, have a iron clad locked down pre-nuptial agreement and pad it with more locked down than fort knox legal whatever it takes to stop these gold diggers!

728 days ago


The world is insane..... 10$ thousand dollars a month.... 500$ for cell phones.... does she have a dog that needs to be walked for a few grand also???? Discusting.....

728 days ago


Deon is getting just what he has coming to him. He is parading Eddie's ex all around, before the divorce became final. What a good example of a father. Pay the money and shut up!

728 days ago


I don't make anywhere near a fortune but I'm paying $ 1250 for 2 kids a month!

728 days ago


What a piece of S##T, he can afford it. He loves putting on a big act, but when it comes time to take care of his kids he's pleads that he's broke. He's the one who spoiled them.

728 days ago


(and women wonder why so many young men these days are saying they'll never get married)

728 days ago


since when do parents spend $900 a month on uniforms? people buy new uniforms every month? Special diet? Whats wrong with YOU cooking? Do u know how? and who the hell are they calling to where u have a $450 bill?



728 days ago


500 for haircuts?..cost of gerri-curl must have went up.

728 days ago


To the people who think 10 thousand is to much and she is a golddigger. Did anyone calculate the cost of living expense House Electricity, gas, running water, trash, sewage, transportation, food, cloths, entertainment, toys, theese children are entitled to the same living conditions with there mother just as if they were living with there father.

728 days ago

I am Spartacus    

$900/ per month for uniforms and shoes? WTF? Even if you want to say uniforms & shoes cost $900 for all the kids, you only need that 1 time. They aren't buying new shoes and uniforms every month.

And uniforms are provided by the teams

728 days ago

I am Spartacus    

And she needs to get a different cell phone plan if it costs her nearly $500 a month. There are family plans out there for cheaper. Special diets? How about YOU cook just like every other family out there.

I understand the kids are supposed to be able to live a luxury life like the father but there's no way the money she claims are for things like uniforms/shoes are going to the kids. That's paying for her weave.

728 days ago


Well he knew she was high maintenance when he married her. So he deserves whatever she gives him...I just don't understand why men with an acquired amount of wealth don't make better choices when comes to choosing your their mates/wives.He has now figured out that its okay to pursue sistas who are beautiful,educated and actually own a skill set that can produce her own income= tracy edmonds! Hopefully tracy runs like forrest gump from deion! At this point, he has too much baggage!

728 days ago
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