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Deion Sanders

My Child Support Payments


9/23/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_deion_sanders_pilar_01Deion Sanders is furious that a judge ordered him to pay up over $10,000/month in child support to his estranged wife Pilar ... claiming it's simply not fair.

Sanders just filed docs in Texas Supreme Court challenging the support order that was established in a lower court back in May.

In his docs, Sanders says $10k/month is actually SIX TIMES more than Texas law requires ... and he wants his child support obligation significantly reduced.

But Pilar claims Deion is worth roughly $250 MILLION ... and the TX Supreme Court shouldn't have any sympathy for Prime Time ... or change the support structure that's already in place.

In fact, Pilar has filed her own legal docs outlining why she needs so much cash from Deion. Among the highlights: 
-- $2,000/month for a special diet for the kids
-- $900/month on uniforms and shoes for the kids' sports activities
-- $500/ month on the children's cell phones

Pilar also claims she spends $450 on haircuts for her sons and treatments for her daughter's "very thick curly hair."

Style doesn't come cheap.

Pilar's lawyer tells TMZ, "Once again, Mr. Sanders has not followed the Court's direct orders and has attempted to make up his own rules. It is clear that he still thinks he is "above the law."

The court has yet to rule on Deion's request. Stay tuned ...

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No Avatar


deion maybe a jerk far be it from me to truthfuly know but lets do the math her child support is $10k a month but her main expenses higlighted in her legal do***ents only account for $3400 what does she really do with the extra $660...0/month a woman that good looking does not shop at the mall and wear drug store make up

757 days ago


/how about it if the judge tells HER to get a job. The kids needs $10,000 a year for athletic equipment? Are u kidding me? I think she is pocketing a lot of $$$$$$$.

757 days ago


OUCH! Thank God I aint marrying NI8 ladies.. Ahh forget NI8 GOLDI8 Who*3s..

757 days ago


He's a douchebag. he's worth a quarter of a billion and he wants to pay the same as a guy working minimum wage? Why should his kids suffer while he sits around drinking Dom and doing strippers? Ick! his baby momma is working 24/7.. he needs to be paying for half her time since obviously he doesn't do sht

757 days ago


what a money grubbing skank. $900 a month for school uniforms? im pretty sure you buy a whole weeks worth of uniforms at kohls once for the entire year and probably spend less $100. If there is a school that makes you get uniforms monthly id love to see it 500 for cell phones? my whole familys cell phone bills dont total that.

756 days ago


I guess Deion could cut one suit out of his wardrobe and he might could afford to pay what he owes in child support.

756 days ago


i am with primetime 500 for a haircut.900 fora a special diet.this is strickly gold digging

756 days ago


fk the cnt!

756 days ago


I'd want an independent auditor making sure every single dime went to the kids. If she can't prove that she's not taking even a penny for herself beyond her expenses, she shouldn't get the money.
And $900 a month for uniforms and shoes? You need one or two uniforms a year. You need one or two pairs of shoes a year. Getting them cleaned should only cost a few bucks.
She's spending that money on herself.

755 days ago


She does not deserve that kind of money or lifestyle and the kids dont need to grow up with HER attitude and HIS money. That being said, he was ordered to pay it and its time for him to man up.

755 days ago


1. No man has ever said, "Great! I get to pay child support!" or "Hey, this child support agreement ain't half bad." It doesn't matter how much they make.

2. Even though it is stupid rational, there are a million ways to spin why she needs it and how she spends it. Even buying a car (she has to transport them), Mortgage payments (the kids need somewhere to live), Utilities (the kids need them obviously), The best private school (Education is important), A nanny (someone she trusts to care for them while she "works"), a stylist (so they can stay Deion fresh), etc... All of that counts as going towards the kids and their lifestyle. SMH!

754 days ago


Pay up, bitch!

753 days ago


She doesn't pay housing. He was required to purchase a house for her. She may have to pay utilities but no mortgage, so no, she does not require anywhere near $10K per month to raiser her children. I woder, does she use any of HER own money to care for them? She's able-bodied & has joint custody so she has plenty of time to get a job!

752 days ago

No fan    


749 days ago


Are you kidding? I make $126K a year and pay $5986 a month. Be thankful Deion.

746 days ago
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