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Lindsay Lohan

You Be the Judge

9/23/2012 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
may have moved 2,475 miles from L.A., but it's the same old story -- allegedly mowing down people, hitting and running, etc.  So we gotta ask ...


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I believe Lindsay Hit the guy Not bad but she grazed him. As far as his damages Harvey and Mike Walters being the great Lawyers that they are should know this would never be a winfall case. At best the guy would be entitled to out of pocket medical expenses if the Dr. conclude his injuries was from the accident and time lost from work. Lindsay would not be liable the owner of the car would be liable and it would be an insurance claim.

723 days ago


9 hits to your website for every person that takes one of these little surveys. No wonder you keep posting them!

723 days ago


What is Yes Yes No No?

723 days ago


Let's face it Harvey is avoiding the big question about Lindsay, Lindsay lied and said she never saw the 70,000lb truck that she rear ended so would it be out of the question she grazed the guy's leg.

723 days ago

The Real JJ    

Lindsay just doesn't care because she knows she wont do no real time. But this guy sprinted back to the car and just saw his chance for some money.

723 days ago


Lindsay is NOT banning Domingo Zapata. Don't be so naively stupid. She's 100% Lesbian.

723 days ago


All I know is that she looks just ridiculous with those rubber lips.

723 days ago

Dina Lohan    

These questions are so unfair! My talented Lindsay is not banging the artist! She's a vagainatarian and will not ever have pre-marital sex ever! She's still a virgin!

723 days ago


LMFAO........TMZ you wouldn't be playing with them numbers just a hair bit would ya !!!!!!!! lol
theres not that many stupid people in the whole world...
Of course she grazed that all their caught on tape...even One of the police officer had the guts to say it... was he hurt probably ...he was running on adreline and rage after that car just as you or I would have..What he didn't do was grab her ass before the hustled her into the back enterance to that bar and took off was stomp her ass in the ground.. cause I don't care if it had been the pope or the president I would have...
Besides what does this have to do with anything...She isn't charged and arrested for Hit and Run she's charged with LEAVING THE SCENE OF A ACCIDENT. which she did...
Keep mudding the waters Mike and Lohan Inc but with all the rain we are having it won't stayed muddied for long.....

723 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a "HOMLESS HOTEL HOOKER" !

723 days ago


BTW- Lindsay did to hit that guy.
The best part of this whole thing is, Lindsay Dee Lohan has another arrest and mugshot to add t her rap sheet.

723 days ago


There's more than enough to make fun of her without making crap up.

723 days ago


Here's what I think happened: LiLo got really really close to the guy. May have brushed him may not but didn't cause any injury to him. Either way it pissed the guy off to the degree that he felt the need to chase after her to give her a piece of his mind. Possibly because he was yelling at her and she just no-sold it and went on her merry way.

So it was when the guy was chasing her down that he really did injure himself.

Was there any input given from the bystanders we saw on the tape?

723 days ago


So to sum up:

- Dunno if LiLo hit the due or not.
- Dude's really hurt, but from running after LiLo, not from any possible contact with the vehicle LiLo was driving.
- I dunno if she should be prosecuted in this case. If my theory of what happened is true and LiLo didn't hear the guy screaming after her I'm not sure if there's a case.
- LiLo's a horrific driver.
- Liz & Dick trailer looks like crap. Not just because of LiLo.
- Dina Lohan may not have been drunk, but she was under the influence of something.
- Worse parent is Dina for dragging LiLo to clubs so Dina could get herself some younger manstuff all while LiLo was developing a helluva problem with various substances.
- LiLo's banging the artist.
- I'm still hopeful that it's not too late for Amanda. In LiLo's case, she's way in the hole with denial, problems, and all sorts of drama and has a long way to go to dig herself out to anything nearing respectability.

723 days ago


WHY does she insist on driving?! GET A DRIVER, problem solved.

723 days ago
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