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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Suing the Dude

Who Said I Was Wasted

9/23/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-tmz-lindsay-lohanLinsday Lohan may be a really bad driver, but she was not a really bad drunk driver this week ... so she's going to sue the guy who accused her of DWB -- Driving While Blotto.

You'll recall.... Jose Rodriguez claims Lindsay struck him while she was driving a Porsche this week in NYC.  Rodriguez gave an interview to a reporter and claimed Lindsay was slurring and "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time of the incident.

The cops and others say Lindsay had not been drinking and alcohol was not a factor in the alleged incident.

We're told Lindsay believes she could lose work if people think she's off the wagon, so she's planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation.

Lindsay is saying, "I'm tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck."


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Then the drunk need to sue everybody else who has reported her drinking. Also, I'm pretty sure that the lone word of a cook isn't going to be what keeps that SLAG from working again.

729 days ago


Yeah you og Lindsay! Sue this worthless POS for everything he's worth(which probably ain't much). To all the haters, F8ck off!

729 days ago


Is she going to sue that leather faced mother of hers as well? She admitted that Lindsay having a glass of red wine was normal.

729 days ago


Besides if she did sue, the only thing Rodriguez's lawyer would have to do is, pull out her past record and the bill from CM and for the slamdrunk, call the bartender from the L.I. bar that DUIna had her B-day party that served Liho DOUBLE VODKA and sodas.

729 days ago

Ellie G    

A Lohan fvcks up, a Lohan denies, a Lohan blames, a Lohan sues. Lather, rinse, repeat.

729 days ago


Red Cloud it's awful funny how everyone in the country but you are wrong about this skank. GIve it up. BTW is she "telling friends" about this lawsuit because we all know that's a lie too. She doesn't have any friends. I WISH I was in a position for her to sue me. I'd laugh my ass off.

729 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay has plenty of eyewitnesses including multiple police officers that say she was NOT "reeking of alcohol" Glad she is standing up for herself. In New York there are a LOT of twitpics showing her sober and looking good hanging with long standing friends.

729 days ago

help this young woman    

Are you a teeny bopper? You said Lindsay does not have any friends. Sounds immature. Of course she has many long term friends in New York or do you not know how to read, MORON!

729 days ago


I don't think any one believes you are clean and have never drank or used drugs since yoou probation. All you do is party every night and all the accidents you have gotten into no one beleves you are clean so you suing this guy will not say anything but adding more attention to you and people talking how not clean you are

729 days ago


When a Lohan denies, it must be a lie.

729 days ago


C'mon already. Lohan is tired of people lieing just to score a quick paycheck? Dina Lohan, 50 year old mother wasted on Dr. Phil, interview she wanted that was 50k. Flipping her middle fingers very classy.

Lohan again pulls the same crap on Scary movie 5. She doesn't show up for reharsals, readings, meetings fittings nothing. Word is getting back to the producers that Lohan has been in her hotel room wasted and not fit to work. Lohan blows off her flight to Atlanta for the shoot. Lohan can't pull exhaustion, done that too many times. So Lohan tries to pull she has walking pneumonia that's why she missed her flight. Of course no one is buying that crap they know she was wasted. They threatened to sue her for breach of contract. Amazingly Lohan is healthy again.

Lohan is still pulling her same old crap. She still has the balls to blame and thinks she can lose work because people think she's off the wagon. Lohans track record hasn't changed one bit.

Lohan is going to sue this guy for 'defamation'
She was the one ARRESTED.

729 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay, this is easy. Just have VIKRIM....ooops I mean SAM....ooops I mean Domingo buy you a cameo in a movie and call it good.

729 days ago


Help !
As for mulitple witness's...I believe they are the one who got her ass arrested the the first place.....
about 15 10 or more...the people who were standing in that crosswalk when she barreled through...and having to scatter as she did it...They are the only ones who were able to see down that ally and if they didn't watch to see what happened which any normal person would do ...And I will bet you about anything the cops askes if anybody saw witnessed what happened there was lots of volunteers to the fact that 1. the guy spoke to her and
2. that she high taled it into that bar to get away before the cops got there and that is LEAVING THE SCENE OF A ACCIDENT anywhere in the world...It wasn't on his word alone you can bet your biffy on that.....

729 days ago


You know what I'm tired of, Lindsay? I'm tired of you going off about how tired you are of people trying to scam you for money, while CONTINUING to put yourself into situations where you can be scammed! You say you don't want the people who might hire you to think you are off the wagon, but do you try to change the impression that people might have of you by avoiding club hopping into the wee hours of the morning? NO! If you think people are out there just waiting to jump in front of your car, do you avoid getting behind the wheel and ask your ride-along "friends" to drive? Of course not! You have no reason to be so indignant, since you continue to do NOTHING to avoid your idiotic behavior. Get a brain cell or two.

729 days ago


Red Fairy Sissy-Ass Cloud is at Chuck E.Cheese sniffing the benches and hamsterbating. He has found it's easier to think up inane toddler questions while engaged in hampsterbation.
Such a manly-man.

729 days ago
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