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Sheriff Dept. Spokesman

Rips Fiona Apple

'Just Shut Up and Sing'

9/24/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fiona Apple is an ignorant fool who should stop criticizing law enforcement and "just shut up and sing" ... this according to the spokesman for the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Dept.

HCSD Public Information Officer Rusty Fleming is firing back at the singer after she publicly blasted 4 officers for allegedly mistreating her during her arrest for possession of hash and marijuana at a Texas border patrol stop last week.  In a rambling statement at her concert following the bust, Apple had threatened to make the cops "f*cking famous" as a punishment for their inappropriate actions.

Fleming has personally responded to the accusations with a letter to Apple ... and it's AWESOME.

It starts off ... "First, Honey, I’m already more famous than you, I don’t need your help. However, it would appear that you need mine."

The letter continues, "Two weeks ago nobody in the country cared about what you had to say, -- now that you’ve been arrested it appears your entire career has been jump-started. Don’t worry Sweetie, I won’t bill you."

"Next, have you ever heard of Snoop, Willie or Armand Hammer? Maybe if you would read something besides your own press releases, you would have known BEFORE you got here, that if you come to Texas with dope, the cops will take your DOPE away and put YOU in jail."

"Even though you and I only met briefly in the hallway, I don’t know you but I’m sure you’re an awesome and talented young woman and even though I’m not a fan of yours, I am sure there are thousands of them out there, and I’m sure that they would just as soon you get this all behind you and let you go back to what you do best—so my last piece of advice is simple “just shut-up and sing.”

Rusty Fleming"

Rusty called in to "TMZ Live" today where he continued to put Fiona on blast.



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Big D    

Fionna Apple. I remember briefly hearing about her in the 90"s. How is she going to make the cop famous? She couldn't even make herself famous. The cop should have said hundreds of fans not thousands. She sucked back then and Im positive she sucks now.

757 days ago

I dont know who sounds more bitter...the Cop or Fiona. overall pretty classless move on both parties in my opinion. They both should have just kept their mouts shut. I really dont think Fiona should have been carrying drugs in the first place. Pretty dumb on her part.

757 days ago

Leave It Alone    

I'm from Houston and I bought tickets to see Fiona a month before this concert. I'm extremely disappointed in the media's coverage of this so called scandal. Texas seems to pride itself on putting people behind bars for petty crimes. There are people murdered in this city everyday, and half of the time the murders get away and are never caught. All of these cops should be focused on catching real criminals then trying to gain fame from arresting celebrities with pot. How is this cop, who obviously has a god complex, more famous then a Grammy award winning artist? Fiona didn't release a statement to the media. She addressed her FANS at a concert. I see nothing wrong with anything she said. This is supposed to be a free country. Freedom of speech is covered by our constitution. Either way, Fiona Apple has made it clear since 1997 that she could care less what the media thinks about her. She's an extraordinary machine!

757 days ago


Enjoy your life in the vacuous **** hole known as Texas. You deserve to live there. Fortunately for the bands you harass they are just passing through your little corner of hell.

757 days ago


Missing the point and unprofessional. The one issue he could reasonably be addressing is her public accusation of mistreatment. And remind her to either file her complaint or shut up. Anything else is mere blabber.

757 days ago


I can't say I'm shocked by Rusty's letter. I live in Texas, I'm intimately familiar with redneck mentality across the Texas map. I am horrified by a few things here. First off, I don't believe she's convicted, just charged. As a spokesman for the police dept, Rusty seems to have lost sight of that fact. Huge mistake.
Horrified by the language that this man chose to use. I'm not a Fiona fan, but I am a woman. Let me state this: She aint his honey, his baby doll or his Boo. The sweetie, honey crap is so incredibly patronizing and meant to demean and belittle. It's just not done here. It's fighting words and any woman in Texas worth her salt would be yanking off her jewelry and throwing down with a miserable piece of crap who'd do that. It'd set off the "Oh hell no" factor with me, and I hope like hell it sets that off with Fiona.. if not the Texas Attorney General's office. If they don't investigate this incident I want to know as a tax paying citizen in this state.. why.
He insinuates quite strongly she was targeted for her celeb status. I believe that's a violation of her rights. Yeah, don't bring dope into my state.. but at the same time, don't violate the LAW either. I rolled my eyes when I saw the video of her slamming the law enforcement people while she was detained.. until I read that letter from Rusty. I have ZERO doubt now that she was harassed. Shut up and sing? How bout shut up and do your job Rusty. If the powers that be that run that county don't fire you for your complete lack of professionalism, your arrogant, patronizing letter as a public rep, not to mention just general principals, I can guarantee you that the people in this state just lost a HUGE amount of respect for that county.
Did she do it? She says the dope was hers. Okay. Convict her. Let it move on.. but if you are employed as a public official in this state? You sure as hell better do that job WELL. I have a feeling old Rusty is about to reap a hell of a lot of Celebrity justice. I'd be disappointed if he didn't.

757 days ago


Since when is it awesome to be a total d!ck to someone? She doesn't have a right to say if she was mistreated by law enforcement?

757 days ago


Good for Texas Enough with celebraties and those who those who think they are. They think they are all above the law. She is a junkie plain an simple And as for the idiots who think weed is innocent 70% of all child absue is assoiced with drug use Yes Virginia weed And yes moron all hard core drug uses first used weed it is cheap and easy to get and when they can't get the "good" drugs they go back to weed and alcohol Drugs destroy lives Look around and see the carnage

757 days ago


******* cops, mini-megalomaniacs drunk on there own miniscule power. The immorality of a government who can dictate what a person can put into their own body is outrageous. They dont have anything better that arresting harmless celebrities? **** them. I want to see retribution sooo soo bad!

757 days ago


Saw her this summer in concert and the terrible condition she has allowed herself deteriorate to was appalling. She is a straight up poster child for meth. I was among many hundred who left shortly after she started because looking at her was not enjoyable...she appears to be dying. She really needs to get herself some help.

757 days ago


First, she should have been arrested. Second the cop has no business responding to her. He comes off as a total a-hole. Third if there is any response needed to her claim, the local government would issue the statement.

757 days ago


I'm going to say it right here and now...

Rusty for President!!!

757 days ago


I'm more famous than you. You need to shut up. Calling her Honey and Sweetie in his best manly way. Had it not been for this arrest, nobody would no either were alive. Rusty thinks a bit too highly of himself.

757 days ago


What a douchebag.

757 days ago


He's famous for what? HAHA
Sounds to me like he is releasing a statement to put his name out there for celebrity. Thanks again for making Texas look like the Ignorant Redneck capitol of the world.

757 days ago
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