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Sheriff Dept. Spokesman

Rips Fiona Apple

'Just Shut Up and Sing'

9/24/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fiona Apple is an ignorant fool who should stop criticizing law enforcement and "just shut up and sing" ... this according to the spokesman for the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Dept.

HCSD Public Information Officer Rusty Fleming is firing back at the singer after she publicly blasted 4 officers for allegedly mistreating her during her arrest for possession of hash and marijuana at a Texas border patrol stop last week.  In a rambling statement at her concert following the bust, Apple had threatened to make the cops "f*cking famous" as a punishment for their inappropriate actions.

Fleming has personally responded to the accusations with a letter to Apple ... and it's AWESOME.

It starts off ... "First, Honey, I’m already more famous than you, I don’t need your help. However, it would appear that you need mine."

The letter continues, "Two weeks ago nobody in the country cared about what you had to say, -- now that you’ve been arrested it appears your entire career has been jump-started. Don’t worry Sweetie, I won’t bill you."

"Next, have you ever heard of Snoop, Willie or Armand Hammer? Maybe if you would read something besides your own press releases, you would have known BEFORE you got here, that if you come to Texas with dope, the cops will take your DOPE away and put YOU in jail."

"Even though you and I only met briefly in the hallway, I don’t know you but I’m sure you’re an awesome and talented young woman and even though I’m not a fan of yours, I am sure there are thousands of them out there, and I’m sure that they would just as soon you get this all behind you and let you go back to what you do best—so my last piece of advice is simple “just shut-up and sing.”

Rusty Fleming"

Rusty called in to "TMZ Live" today where he continued to put Fiona on blast.



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Imagine-if all law-enforcing officials took this attitude against celebrities when they get busted-half of them would not be in so much trouble, taking an act of family, friends, the law, and congress to make them realize they might have a behavior, drug, or whatever problem. BRAVO Rusty!!

758 days ago


This dude is truly pathetic. I feel sorry for his mother to have given birth to him.

758 days ago


His name is Rusty? um ya nuff said.

758 days ago

Chantal Chantold    

Hey Rusty - tell me, in TX, do you actually have to buy the cows drinks before you F*** them, or do you just unzip and go at it?

Why don't YOU shut up, you obese cousin-f8&^ng talking wall of fat, and do what you do best…which appears to be breathe through your mouth.

758 days ago


ive been thru this town/county!its the total armpit of Texas thats also home to the nation's largest sewage sludge dump!usually all they have are illegals and local idiots in jail.if it wasnt for the border checkpoint they wouldnt get those! most band tour bus drivers know to stay clear of that spot when the artist is a known stoner but some still get caught up!!with his newfound fame if he intends on being the face of the county sheriff perhaps old Rusty should check out the county employees dental plan!!

758 days ago


The next TMZ poll should be:

Biggest Egomaniac - Fiona or Rusty.

758 days ago

how lame    

He is enough to get everyone to stop driving through that town. Scary man. Ahhhh

758 days ago


Hes about as smart as pig feces....fat azz, freedom of speech...ever hear about you closeted fat drag queen........pity any bitch married to him........a pig and slime ball of a police........

758 days ago


The letter sounds like a Trump response. I wonder if he helped Rusty write it.

758 days ago


Wow this makes Texas look very bad. I love Texas people...SRV was a God, but there police force is right out of Smoking the Bandit II! Your more famous why Elmer Fudd....because your arrest creative artist's who have talent for a non-lethal & non-addictive plant that cures cancer? Hash is felony in the backwoods redneck's that the same as rape & murder Roscoe P Train or shall I just say Rusty? Rusty Fleming is the funniest moron I've seen in some time. If you ever make it to L.A. I would love to meet you face to face, without your big badge & good'ol boys. I'd kick your Elmer Fudd ass!

758 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Geez, we just HAD to see/hear it/him talk. Nasty teeth. Ick.

758 days ago


these are the retard "heroes", who spray good hearted protesting kids in the face with pepper spray. and, we're an idiot loser country, that still thinks that a war on drugs makes any sense.

758 days ago

Sad sad    

I guess Rusty want's to be a celebrity. Who would ever move there on purpose?

758 days ago

Sad sad    

What was bail 10k? 10k x 2000 + = 20,000,000 good business. There was another state that has a trap point and even the police woman who worked the desk was not at all thrilled how they conducted their er um business. They actually do care who because they know the celebrities actually have the money and will make headlines. Now maybe the celebrities are doing it on purpose to protest the issue.

758 days ago


Sheriff Rusty Fleming might be more famous than Fiona Apple in Sierra Blancha for being the first and last customer out of the local buffet everyday, winning the town's summer belly flop or hot dog eating contest(?), but he's delusional to think he's famous. Infamous and disliked at best. Notice he dropped the names of Snoop, Willie and Armand Hammer...he's seeking attention. Your a ****ing Sheriff posting giving interviews on TMZ, have some ****ing respect that you are WORKING ON OUR TAX DOLLARS WHILE YOU GIVE YOUR LAME ASS "INTERVIEWS." He also referred to her as "honey" and "sweetie" insinuating that he is to some degree a chauvinistic clown of a sheriff...I bet he doesn't get away with calling fellow female officers that! You know why? It's sexual harassment in the work place. How do you think he refers to Mexicans, gays and other minorities?

758 days ago
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