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Kim Kardashian

Big Booty Cover-Up

in Miami Beach

9/24/2012 3:55 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0924_kim_kardashian_white_launch_v4Kim Kardashian did the most unthinkable thing on the beach in Miami on Monday ... she wore a bathing suit ... but covered up her amazing badonkadonk.

Rockin' a sexy one piece suit that perfectly accentuated her gorgeous girls and tightly cinched her waist in ways no mere mortal could withstand, Kim cloaked her beloved booty with a long white shirt thing as she and big sis Kourtney enjoyed a walk on the beach.

Let's hope Kim comes to her senses soon and once again lets her beautiful backside roam free in the open.


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All I can think is that TMZ has been paid off by the Kardashian's publicist. There's no other logical reason how anyone, ANYONE, could find that ass and those legs anything but FAT. She's FAT. She's a FATSO. It's that simple. I should repeat this. She's FAT. The only other explanation is that this love of Kim is written by other fatties at TMZ who want the world to think it's OK to be a fat slob. It's not. Fat is fat. We guys don't find it attractive. Keep dreaming we do, but we don't.

722 days ago

some guy    

Kim's cover-up could also double as a parachute. Anyone heard if the Western Hemisphere is suddenly suffering from a fabric shortage?

722 days ago


She has a body fit for mom jeans lol

722 days ago


So much for urine being inert...

722 days ago


She's wearing a mom cover-up because she's gained a good 25bs over the last few months. Those thighs are ENORMOUS! Why the hell didn't she wear regular clothes like Kourtney?

722 days ago


It looks like Kim Kardashian can start to expect more Law suits for the company she owns Quick Trim. It really does not look like her product works that well,

722 days ago


She's just fat that's all.

722 days ago


Why do people try to pretend she just has a big ass? She's just plain fat all over. My God, look at those thighs. She must be airbrushed like crazy in print. Time to put down the fried chicken and Absolut.

722 days ago


Kim did the right thing. She has gotten bigger and her butt probably looks ridiculous. Look how she looks from the front, she probably looks worse from the back. Her upper thighs are huge and look like she wearing a diaper.

722 days ago


Embarrassingly enough, I watched a few episodes of the Kardashians last night - and I absolutely cannot stand Kim. She is SO selfish and has a huge stick up that massive a*s. Klohe is by far the most normal and likable of the family, followed by Kourtney and Rob. Her family cannot stand her - with the exception of the mom who considers her the cash cow (pun intended) and bc they're both raging whores. Absolutely hate Kim Kardashian - that's the last time I'll give her ratings.

722 days ago


that is just sad and borderline pathetic. Whoever let her out in that suit needs to be shot. There could not be a worse look for her. she looks bloated and inflated below that ridiculous waste line. wow those thighs are huge and bumpy too. photo shopping is going to have their work cut out for themselves. and whoever wrote the crap you called an article on this needs a new job. Just because you guys are paid to say nice things about her doesn't mean anyone believes it. Sad, pathetic and stupid to both of you

722 days ago


Wow not only does she look fat or super thick, her face also looks stiff. Like a fat plastic barbie. Her sister look soooooo much hotter and fit.

722 days ago


She just plain looks fat. Fat legs, and just plain heavy. She is not looking good these days.

722 days ago


When did her thighs get to be so...WOW! I didn't realize how large they are. But then again, she always wears tight-fitting skirts or spandex pants. She really does have thunder thighs. Not a good look...

722 days ago


I guess TMZ gets a lot from the Kardashians... because any objective observer would just see a fat-butted woman with giant floppy boobs. The whole family is NOT attractive, they're just regular looking people with good make-up and hair artists.

722 days ago
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