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Lindsay Lohan

Stressful Arrest Caused

Pain Beneath My Breasts

9/25/2012 6:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes getting arrested is bad for her health ... 'cause she's telling friends the stress from her NYC bust aggravated her pre-existing pneumonia so badly, she had to be hospitalized.

We broke the story .. Lohan was rushed to the emergency room in NYC Sunday night with a lung infection ... but was released a short time later.

Now, Lindsay's telling friends the arrest caused her so much anxiety, it landed her in the hospital -- exacerbating the "walking pneumonia" she's been suffering from the last few weeks.

That's right, Lindsay is blaming stress for her damaged lungs ... Lindsay, the infamous chain smoker who blew through 49 packs of cigarettes in 47 days while she stayed at the Chateau Marmont this summer.

Makes total sense.


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Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Rushed to the Hospital & You'll Never Guess Why!
Posted by Jacqueline Burt on September 24, 2012 at 11:55 PM
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So let's pretend Lindsay Lohan is a TV show. You know, like an 80's sitcom-type deal. Are you pretending? Okay, remember how every so often those shows would have a "very special" hour-long episode, like that Little House on the Prairie when Albert got hooked on Doc Baker's morphine or that Growing Pains when Carol's boyfriend (played by a baby-faced Matthew Perry) got killed in a drunk-driving accident?

Well, on tonight's very special episode of The Lindsay Lohan Show, our zany redheaded heroine gets rushed to the hospital -- and you'll never guess why!! (Seriously, this might even be a two-parter!!)

No, this isn't a repeat of last season's big season finale cliffhanger. Tonight's episode of The Lindsay Lohan Show does NOT involve automobiles, theft, drugs, or alcohol. Lindsay Lohan was actually hospitalized for a legit physical ailment, and a potentially serious one at that: A lung infection!!!

I know what you're thinking -- the writers of The Lindsay Lohan Show must be getting really desperate for ideas! But nope: Apparently Lohan has been battling a nasty case of "walking pneumonia" which recently escalated into a full-fledged lung infection requiring a stay at Mount Sinai. But don't worry -- she was reportedly treated with antibiotics and is now "back at her hotel," probably trying to figure out other places to hide from the cops besides the hospital. (Cue upbeat theme song.)

Don't forget to tune in next week, when LiLo gets kidnapped by aliens! (What else is left?!)

570 days ago


Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Lung Infection’ Was Asthma

Sep 25th, 2012
by Amy Grindhouse.

On Monday there was a report on that claimed the signature on Lindsay Lohan’s prescription was smudged because the doctor was left-handed, not because she forged it herself while trying to disguise her handwriting. TMZ claimed Lohan was ‘rushed to hospital’ with a ‘lung infection’ which spoke enough to the veracity of earlier claims that she missed a day working on Scary Movie 5 because of ‘walking pneumonia’ that I felt bad for making fun of her always calling in sick. Except, SURPRISE, when she made up an illness for the sick note, she guessed ‘lung infection’ when she was groping for the word ‘asthma’ since her rep says she really suffered the latter. In a statement, rep Steve Honig tells Us Weekly and ‘Lindsay was treated and released, and is doing fine.’ Included are recent photos of Lohan’s return to escorting. Except this time it’s more like babysitting for very, very wealthy 39-year-old artist Domingo Zapata who loans her his Death Porsche when she’s in town and they hang with another John, Vikram Chatwal. That Vikram Chatwal, owner of The Dream Hotel outside of which she was recently arrested for possible drunken hit-and-run.

570 days ago


Lohan, just give it up already. Your a washed up Z-List tabloid joke. She did this all to herself.

Good luck finding work with all the crap you pulled and still pulling.

570 days ago


at her age her body must be tired and subject to illness..that 1 day shoot almost killed her..
even Betty White works 1,000 times harder then her and she is 90..
her fans need to wake up..this is the slag that they have built..
Good Riddance if something happens

570 days ago


BS. Floppy low-hanging boobs are what caused the "pain". She doesn't have an infection she is looking for something to "excuse" her not going to Europe to film the GagGag video.

570 days ago


I woke up laughing at Buffoon this morning. If the story goes against Linds he screams loud and long that TMZ is lying. If the story is in Linds' favor, he screams that TMZ is the ONLY site reporting the truth. TOO funny.

570 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Like grains of cocaine thru a coke grinder, so are the days of LieLo.

570 days ago


Riiiight! And Lindsay's SO concerned about no aggravating her pneumonia that she continues smoking cigs...... Makes "perfect sense" to me. [sarcasm, obviously]

570 days ago


Love to see Lielo and Ali do a 5k run..

570 days ago


Notice anything yet ? tactic....personal damn bad they tryed that...
Don't like my writing ...Don't read it ..........
Now go back to sucking eggs ....!
Back to the question of the day ....Is TMZ just looking for hits ? or is Lohan Inc trying to Deflect....?
Did she really forge a perscription...please say she did that would be another thing she would be arrested for....LOL

570 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Blohan caused that pain beneath my azzhole!!!

570 days ago


It's so true that Lilo and Milo seem to swap excuses. Both of them have pre-existing health problems, but they oh so conveniently always flare up whenver they're in trouble with the law. It's such a crappy excuse too, of the dog ate my homework variety.

570 days ago


I hope the child Lindsay was carrying sues her via someone at Child Protection Services. She was right in that child's face, even though she thought she had walking pneumonia, went to the ER, and was told she had a lung infection. Perhaps the artist father is to blame for this too. Child protection services should be involved.

570 days ago


Good Day New York just said this story came from Douche Bag Daddy. Lying Lindsay came down with this condition after the car accident and they are suing the cook

Bwahahahahahaha! That is not only by far the stupidest thing said ever. But to bad for them, Lying Lindsay claimed this fake sickness way before she hit that guy.

570 days ago


Can a class action suit be filed against all of the Lohans for biggest wastes of space on the planet?

570 days ago
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