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NFL Players Association

Crappy Refs Are Putting

Player Safety at RISK

9/25/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

NFL players are in danger of seriously injuring themselves -- thanks to replacement refs like the ones who blew last night's game -- this according to a source at the players' union.

While everyone is, rightfully, up in arms over the refs awarding the Seahawks a bogus game-winning TD -- a source at the NFL Players Association tells TMZ ... "Health and safety is number one."

The source added ... "The owners imposed a lockout on a group [of referees] with 1500 years of combined NFL experience."

According to the source, the new refs don't have the chops to make the calls that prevent player injuries -- "We didn't make the call to put these guys in there, risking the integrity of the game, player safety, and all that stuff."

We're told the NFLPA has serious concerns its players  are risking their careers with such inexperienced refs on the field.

"They are high school and D-3 refs and don't have the experience. They aren't used to the size, strength, and speed of the players."

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There's a problem here    

Everyone is whining about blown calls as if the union refs never made bad calls. Wake up people, some very serious games have been lost by the union refs. I seem to recall a number of career ending hits on their watch too.

760 days ago


have to wonder how dirty the ref's are....

759 days ago


You get what you pay for

759 days ago


It's not the refs putting on the cheap shots and committing fouls, it's the players. NFLPA CONTROL YOUR MEMEBERS!!!!!

759 days ago


This is a stupid story nexxxxt

759 days ago

Throwback kid    

The fans should pick a nationally telivised high profile game and boycott it, that's right, I'm talking no one show up for it. Let them play in an empty stadium. This will send a message to the greedy fat cat owners, it is the fans who pay the bills in the NFL, try playing without their support. Having these high school refs ruin the games every week is a slap in the face to the fans, they should make the owners feel it in their wallets. If you don't want to bring back the real refs then you have to pay for it

759 days ago


The Players association is putting players health and safety at risk because they're soft. A real union wouldn't be on the field with scabs.
The idea every on field element has their own union has the union founding fathers rolling in there graves.
The players, like the replacement referees are scabs.

759 days ago


If the players were really that concerned about their "safety" then they should go on strike and say they won't play another game until the other refs are brought back.

759 days ago


Replacement referees are NOT putting player safety at risk,
NFL players ARE putting player safety at risk.
NFL players know better than to take those types of hits, but they do it anyway.

759 days ago

Big D    

The New NFL Rule: A Player can catch the ball by catching the player that catches the ball.

759 days ago


Are they serious? The refs are putting their safety at risk? I mean, I get it. It can't be the juiced up players flying around the field smacking each other upside the head that's doing it....the refs? C'mon man. That just sounds dumb.

759 days ago


Rightfully upset??? Having watched in slow motion I can say the call was made correctly. It wasn't simultaneous possesion. Jennings clearly had his hands on the ball first, BUT both his feet were in the air. While his feet were still in the air Tate got both his hands on the ball AND both feet on the ground. Jennings only had one foot on the ground by the time that happened. BY RULE, the only time they can call it an interception is if Jennings had both feet on the ground. There were plenty of bad calls that night, but that last one absolutely was not one of them.

759 days ago

all about the money    

Blah blah blah. Bad calls happen even from the most seasoned refs. Sounds to me players, owners, etc are just looking for any excuse they can. Next they will demand "hazard" pay because of all these "noob" refs.

759 days ago
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