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Ann Romney

I EAT Like a Celebrity

9/26/2012 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Romney
followed up her "Tonight Show" appearance with dinner at LA landmark, The Ivy -- a restaurant known for 2 things: paparazzi and high-priced salads.

Mitt Romney's wife walked out of the Ivy last night with 4 friends and Secret Service agents in tow -- but she was tight-lipped when we asked the question everyone wants answered ... when you leave The Ivy: "What did you have for dinner?"

Fact is the most popular menu item is a grilled veggie salad ... which will run you anywhere from $27.75 to $37.75.

Take that 47-percenters.

For the record ... Ann's friends told us they THINK she had salad with fish.


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I ate at The Ivy last time I was in is not any more or less expensive than many of the other places we ate while there so not sure what the big deal is. Why would I care where she eats or how she spends her money.

754 days ago

Julie Burnside    

I am so sick of media bias against the Romneys. It's ok for Michele Obama to wear a $6,800.00 jacket to meet the Queen of England but you criticize Ann Romney for wearing a $900.00 blouse or eating at The Ivy. Michele Obama spends taxpayers money on trips to Spain with her huge entourage and Marthas Vinyard in her own plane cause she can't wait 3 hours for her husband and take only one plane? At least Ann Romney's husband pays for her trips and clothes and not taxpayers. Michelle spend other people's money like a drunken sailor.

754 days ago


So crazy

754 days ago

News Flash     

She was so rude not to answer a simple question.

754 days ago


Vote Obama 2012!!!!!

754 days ago


What is the purpose of this story? Do you want to say the Romney's are entitled? They are using their money...the Obama's act the same way or worse and are using taxpayer money. Which is worse?

754 days ago

maria berger    

Good for Ann!!! Great woman, fantastic personality, and something that many people lack character...

753 days ago


what about the obama's vacations the last 4 years? Atleast the Romney's pay for their own food.

753 days ago

Jenny Riley    

All I care about is if she paid for it out of her OWN pocket instead of the taxpayer's pocket like the obamas do.

753 days ago

The Morrigan's Pet    

At least I know when the Romneys hit the town, they're paying for it themselves.

753 days ago



Is there any group or religion you wish to add to your bigoted,homophobic tirade?
If you are any indication of the gloves support America is, indeed, in trouble.
However, not for whatever reasons you "state."
I had a hard time trying to figure out just what it was you are trying to say.
You seem to be in need of mental, if not physical, attention.
I can imagine you foaming at the mouth as you type.
I expect you will need a suicide watch on election night if you are so vehement now.
I feel sorry for you, in your delusional state, you will feel like 12 kinds of fool when Mr. Obama is reelected.
In the meantime I suggest you contact your local mental health clinic.
By the way, where did you get this horrible fantasy? Did your dog talk to you or was it the TV.

Other than that you exhibit the typical radical right fascist proclivity for name calling and foul insults.
All in all I'd say you are a person to stay far away from'

Happy trails to you until November.

753 days ago

Richard Corsale    

If the Republican Party do not vet or otherwise check Mr. Obama's credentials Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are going to lose the election.
As per 2008 election. All folks sponging off the government will vote for Obama, Democrats of course, the uniformed who only listen to the liberal media and certain ethnic groups will vote blindly.
Mr. Obama is using Connecticut SS # under the name of Harrison J. Bounel. He supposedly went to school in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen. It's very important that Mr. Obama proves he is a Natural Born Citizen. My understanding that both parents must be US citizen for one to be Natural Born. His father Mr. Obama, Sr. is not a US citizen!!!

753 days ago

Dietrich Buxtehude    

I hope she avoided foods that exacerbate her MS.

752 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Michelle OWEbama wore a $6,800.00 (ugly) jacket when she was in London (Olypics) & saw the queen. My question to YOU TMZ why didn't you make a 'fuss' over that????? At least the Romney's are spending THEIR OWN $$$$ AND NOT TAXPAYERS $$$!

752 days ago
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