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Ann Romney

I EAT Like a Celebrity

9/26/2012 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Romney
followed up her "Tonight Show" appearance with dinner at LA landmark, The Ivy -- a restaurant known for 2 things: paparazzi and high-priced salads.

Mitt Romney's wife walked out of the Ivy last night with 4 friends and Secret Service agents in tow -- but she was tight-lipped when we asked the question everyone wants answered ... when you leave The Ivy: "What did you have for dinner?"

Fact is the most popular menu item is a grilled veggie salad ... which will run you anywhere from $27.75 to $37.75.

Take that 47-percenters.

For the record ... Ann's friends told us they THINK she had salad with fish.


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So Stupid! TMZ = Total Moronic Zombies

759 days ago


If it wasn't expensive we wouldn't feel important!

759 days ago

She's baaaack    

Even though Mitt Romney creeps me out it sure is easy to see what side of the fence you're on TMZ. In Mrs Romney's defense I will say, if she chose the grilled vegetables that's a hell of a lot better than when you look at some of the grocery carts of the 47% with their pricey cuts of steak and Ho Hos and Pepsi when the rest of us 47-ers are buying whatever cheap cuts of meat are on sale and maybe a bag of chips because that's all we can afford on our paychecks that are feeding the bums. She's a pretty lady, and even if her husband is a creeper, she is a lady, and I hope she enjoyed her meal tremendously.

759 days ago

Delaware D    

Elitist. ugh.

759 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Why do they need government funded security? Can't they afford their own? Moochers.

759 days ago

Linda Petrou    

If you reported on what Michelle ate then I might care what Ann ate. Non story.

759 days ago


All the hate votes on the people defending Ann Romney will come around noon when all the 47-percenters wake up :D

759 days ago


And how much did Michelle spend on her many lavish vacations with tax payer money? Journalism truly is dead.

759 days ago


BIG DEAL?!....It's not like she's jobless.

759 days ago


Your political bias and snideness is appalling.

Why are you shifting in attempts to interpreting the worst. A lousy meal and look at the time, energy and expense you went to to fabricate nothing into nothing And nothing became something, well in your mind that is.

In the equal opportunity bashing TMZ has de-evolved into, have you dissed Michelle Obama yet? Why not? Gosh tons of crap and innuendo. All you have to do is lift your proverbial toilet seat and create something, but you haven't!

Are you trying to interfere with an election by instilling such a bias, that something must be wrong?
And candidly why are you sullying yourselves by even being in the presence of these places that give you so much fodder to diss anyone, everyone.

I'm finding TMZ has steered from the direction that made you credible to nothing more than, the other sleezy pub's out there

759 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You could eat there too, if you too, if you stole 4 million dollars from the government.

759 days ago


Atleast she is paying for her meal! TMZ why don't u do a story on the Obamas for once.. who pays for their meals WE DO! GO SEE WHAT THEY EAT,VACATIONS,ETC See what u come up with! Sick of this crap!!! Libertards!!!

759 days ago


I am happy she is eating in Hollywood.
From today's latest poll results it is apparent she won't be eating in the White House any time soon.
52 per cent don't like him.
The Glove's ship is taking on water fast.

759 days ago


So freaking what you left wing libtard! They earned their money and can spend how they see fit.... Losers

759 days ago


Fact is the most popular menu item is a grilled veggie salad ... which will run you anywhere from $27.75 to $37.75."

Not much more than applebees... so whats the big deal?

759 days ago
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