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Ann Romney

I EAT Like a Celebrity

9/26/2012 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Romney
followed up her "Tonight Show" appearance with dinner at LA landmark, The Ivy -- a restaurant known for 2 things: paparazzi and high-priced salads.

Mitt Romney's wife walked out of the Ivy last night with 4 friends and Secret Service agents in tow -- but she was tight-lipped when we asked the question everyone wants answered ... when you leave The Ivy: "What did you have for dinner?"

Fact is the most popular menu item is a grilled veggie salad ... which will run you anywhere from $27.75 to $37.75.

Take that 47-percenters.

For the record ... Ann's friends told us they THINK she had salad with fish.


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Why are so many people saying that they earned their money?? I think what many people commenting are failing to realize is Mitt Romney was given a hand out from an "investor" a.k.a. Daddy. Ann Romney has never held a job aside from the one labeled "Mother". So yes, when she goes out to not only eat an expensive salad but flaunt it in LA, of all places, its worth noting and making fun of. Especially when they're lacking in support from many middle and lower class Americans. She should know better. If what you consider earning your own money is accepting large sums of money from your parents or having money through your husband, then sure, they've worked very hard in their lives.

759 days ago


1 Steve Wynn should know freedom of speech is what americas made of

2) Why dont he do what most wrinkled shrival up old farts do..."DIE"

759 days ago


Another reason why I am coming to this site less and less. Too far liberal.

What do you think the Obamas eat when they are out and about? And their meals come out of the taxpayers pocket!

759 days ago


opps wrong post about steve wynn...Now Ann Romney has to be the biggest idiot out there...Is this bitch for real? Thought Michele Obama was a useless fool, but then here comes Americas Stupisest Blonde Bimbo....Phk we have no choice this year Obama will make us a third world nation and Romney will just kiss his rich white friend azzez...WE AMERICANS ARE SOOOOOOOOOO PHKD with any one of these idiots!

759 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Harvery is just trying to cover his ass so when obama's socialism kicks in, he's hoping his money would be "shared" with the rest of us.

759 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Two movies to watch (that TMZ will never tell you about): Obama's America 2016 and Occupy Unmasked.

See what is happening in Greece and Spain today - that's heading to America very soon.

759 days ago


If this was the same story... But the name changed to Michelle Obama... Can you imagine the outcry!... Where did you eat last night Harvey????

759 days ago


Of course, she is spending her own money.

759 days ago


Must be nice to be able to afford that for one meal. You can tell she doesn't live on the 47% budget.

759 days ago


I think your comments are totally out of line. Let's talk about Mrs. Obama's pricey vacations.

759 days ago


You guys report about people coming out of the Ivy all the time, yet you never criticize them for eating there. Michelle spends money like she's printing it herself- oh wait- they are! She has 22 assistants when every other first lady only had 1. She takes over 100 people with her just to go on vacation. A $30 salad does not a wall of gold champagne bottles make. You all are total hypocrites and again digging for something that just isn't there. They are nice people. They have money- so what? They worked hard. I think you seriously need to evaluate yourself if you wish for others to be poor or hate them for succeeding in life. Get off your butt and go achieve something.

759 days ago


So sick of rich vs. poor / gay vs. straight / men vs. women......

Class warfare.....mission accomplished President Obama. BTW, how much do Michelle's dresses cost? How much do her vacations cost? How much do their meals cost?

If the Obamas were so great then the media wouldnt have to protect them like this all the time

759 days ago


I've eaten at the Ivy... it's no big deal. What a bunch of noise about nothing.
Hey Harvey... you tracking where MO eats?

759 days ago


Obama 2012

759 days ago


TMZ = Hypocritical Obama zombies.
Shame on all of you.

759 days ago
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