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Fiona Apple


My Weed Arrest

9/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fiona Apple
desperately regrets her hash and weed arrest last week -- because the drug bust is taking ALL the spotlight away from her new album ... and she bitched about it last night ... on tape.

Fiona was performing at the House of Blues in New Orleans -- and before she kicked off her set, she addressed the crowd, saying, "This record with me ... I'm really sorry ... All the work we did is being overshadowed by this bulls**t."

Fiona's obviously referring to her Texas drug bust last week, when she was allegedly popped with a baseball-sized chunk of weed and a bunch of hash. According to cops, Fiona admitted the drugs were hers.

Fiona then ignited a firestorm by publicly blasting 4 police officers for allegedly mistreating her during the arrest. In a bizarre moment on stage the other night ... She said she kept a log of the abuses in a "lockbox" and planned to use it against the officers.

But last night she took it all back, saying ... "There are no f**king lock boxes. I didn't make up a code. It was my way to make a parallel between the south. I am not that f**ked up."



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Interesting that this type of stuff always happens when they are about to release a new CD. So... now it all makes sense.

725 days ago


She needs to smoke more and talk less

725 days ago


maybe she should follow the law, and she wouldn't have to worry about such things!

725 days ago


She only says she regrets getting busted and arrested, but no regrets for breaking the law?

725 days ago


Use of psychedelics should be legalized. Challenge the court by running for local candidacy with your fellow stars, and change the law - legalize. All that money and fame and time but no effort of democratic freedoms? Tsk tsk tsk, someone's been on the stuff roo long to think straight. If Arnold S. could become Governor (unfortunately ended up writing no policy for the people), no reason why Fiona couldn't do the same, simply to redress this arrest and regain respect in the community (which looks down on psychedelics simply because that is illegal). Think prohibition and how people frowned on the bottle. Then alcohol became legal. The same frownnig is going on at Fiona, so Fiona should at least be part of the effort to End Prohibition Against Psychedelics. I wrote about this 'to' Snoop 'Lion' (formerly Dogg), Fiona could stop apologizing and take the b.s. to the lawmakers instead of tacitly accepting 'Prohibition'.

724 days ago


can't wait until she gets album of the year. she's amazing!!!

724 days ago

Don Martin    

Another babbling doper who doesn't have enough sense to shut her pie hole.

724 days ago

Peter Sc    

She doesn't regret. According to my salesrepresentives our customers - the records stores in Denmark - hadn't heard of her before her arrest.

Now they know due to her arrest and especially when the sheriff aided her by replying to her complaints. The sheriff couldn't have done a better job for her even if he had been employed by her.

Her sales has been boosted by her arrest, so why should she regret?

724 days ago


She is totally right to be frustrated. The war on drugs is pure tyranny against people. Marijuana should be legal. Texas is one big piece of crap and I hope I never have to go there for any reason ever. Texas is a FREEDOM HATING state. FIONA IS THE VICTIM. THE WAR ON DRUGS IS ANOTHER AMORAL SCORGE ON AMERICANS! LEGALIZE MJ! TEXAS, DROP DEAD, FREEDOM HATER STATE!

724 days ago


fiona is my hero. a gifted songwriter with true artistic integrity. plus, a fine ass pothead. hail fiona!

724 days ago


There you go again with the RIDICULOUS statement of "baseball sized" when describing the amount of pot she was busted for. HELLO TMZ!?!?! She ONLY HAD 4.5 GRAMS of each -- A TEENY, TINY AMOUNT! NO WHERE NEAR THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL YOU DUMMIES! Take it from an old hippy who's been smoking since 1967!

724 days ago


the tour buses should just avoid this town like the plague. Its not the first time they busted celebs coming thru there.

724 days ago


Its obvious she has a problem, she looks like a walking corpse. She looks like a classic meth tweeker.

724 days ago


The Sierra Blanca border checkpoint is 30 miles from the border with Mexico.
Once it is established a traveler threw this checkpoint is an American citizen.......that should be the end of the "check".
Instead the Sierra Blanca checkpoint is used to illigally search travelers vehicles.

722 days ago


She looks skeletal. Is that weed not prescription so she can hold down food?

721 days ago
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