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NFL Finally

Brings Back REAL Refs


9/26/2012 9:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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9:45PM PT 
It gets better ... according to nfl.com the REAL refs will be back on the field for Thursday night's game between the Browns and Ravens.

NFL fans -- and people tired of listening to whining NFL fans -- REJOICE ... the league has reached an agreement to end the lockout of the REAL referees.

Details of the agreement involve the NFL Referees Association and the NFL making compromises on salaries, staffing, and blah, blah -- but what you really care about is the REAL referees could be back on the job by this weekend.

So maybe that disastrous, embarrassing, horrendous and disgraceful ending to Monday Night Football (below) -- can now be seen as a good thing ... since it clearly put pressure on both sides to end the chaos.

Welcome back REAL refs -- and rest assured ... everyone will be bitching about you next week.

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723 days ago


Behind the scenes, what really happened was that the ending to the Packers-Seahawks game gave the Vegas bookies conniptions.

They went off on Goodell and said that they had "grave concerns" about the integrity of the game without the real refs.

And New Jersey was considering legislation that would ban the NFL from using replacement refs on the grounds that, as supervisors that required a high degree of training, replacing them with new people risked the health and safety of the employees on the site.

723 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I love it when we have millionaires and billionaires fighting over giving the refs a pension. (Cank-holes!!!)
This causes them to hire replacement refs who are not really qualified for the NFL.
They give it their best shot and EVERYONE treats them like shiz for it!!!
Be mad at the NFL and the owners, people, not the guys who tried.
It bothers me.

723 days ago


I have girlfriends who have called games better than those panty league refs. It will be good to see the pros back but secretly I can't wait until they blow a call ... and you know they will.

723 days ago


They will just pass the extra cost onto the fans. This is how it always goes in any business. I love sports but would certainly boycott all sports for the ( FANS UNION )....will never happen but it is nice to dream. Billionaires and millionaires will prevail as usual, meanwhile average joe fan cannot afford to take his family to any sporting event. It gets even worse when everyone super rich and famous athlete/famous person tries to suck every dollar from consumers to peddle their products/ endorsements...the rich never can have enough money!

723 days ago


Order Restored?

The "real" refs are just as bad as the replacement refs.

723 days ago


I am gonna miss the old refs. First season I ever witnessed GB and NE get bad calls. But I'm sure the real refs will make up for it. Funny how both teams suddenly got losing records without their regular ref pals officiating.

723 days ago


Glad the refs are back!!!! But even though Sundays game had a lot of bad calls, the last call was NOT one of them. Having watched in slow motion I can say the call was made correctly. It wasn't simultaneous possesion. Jennings clearly had his hands on the ball first, BUT both his feet were in the air. While his feet were still in the air Tate got both his hands on the ball AND both feet on the ground. Jennings only had one foot on the ground by the time that happened. BY RULE, the only time they can call it an interception is if Jennings had both feet on the ground.

723 days ago

John dowser    

Packer fans are the absolute worst. Living in Minnesota when the Vikes are out of the chase you like to see the Packers succeed, but the Packers are the most arrogant, drunk loud moths in the league by FAR. Their players are also full of themselves. I am glad they got robbed. Not to mention (1) their player should of knocked the ball away instead of trying to intercept it, (2) their lineman Lang, bitching ahile allowing 8 sacks, (3) Rogers sucking the whole game, (4) coach calling a terrible game and (5) Seattle having bad calls against them like interference as well. Bunch of goon cry babies... How's that taste Packers? ha !!!

723 days ago


There is only one winner here and one loser.

Winner: Another win for big union bosses.

Loser: The public as a whole under the leftist union's control of all our economy.

722 days ago


lol@TMZ trying to act like they know anything about sports...actually i take that back, they probably have thorough and extensive knowledge of how firm every guys ass is in every league...! hah! queers.

722 days ago


Go Hawks!

722 days ago


FINALLY! But is it progress? Now all the blown calls will be ignored.

722 days ago


Finally. Now TMZ can get back to Kim K and Kanye sex tape discussions.

722 days ago


Bout damn time!!!

722 days ago
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