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Paul Nassif

My Boys Need


9/26/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0925_paul_nassif_article_tmzAdrienne Maloof has accused Paul Nassif of brutalizing their 3 boys  ... and even though the Department of Children and Family Services has determined the allegations are bogus, Paul still wants Adrienne to be a big part of the kids' lives.

Paul's position is especially stunning, given that Adrienne got a court order last week prohibiting him from even seeing the boys.  We broke the story ... Paul is going to court this morning to get that order lifted, but he's telling friends he will not hurt the kids to spite his estranged wife.  Paul says his kids need a mom and a dad, so he will ask for a temporary joint custody order.

Paul says, "I just want this crap to stop.  We need to be co-parents, no matter how we feel about each other."

There are limits, however, to Paul's tolerance.  He'll ask the judge today for an order sanctioning Adrienne for falsely accusing him of child abuse.

As we first reported, the Department of Children and Family Services has written a report saying the child abuse allegations against Paul are "unfounded" ... calling into question a report by psychiatrist Charles Sophy, who concluded Paul hit the boys.



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Don't care about either of these richies but have to say, it's becoming obvious who the crazy, psycho is in this relationship.

757 days ago


Really though.... Who the heck is this due ?

757 days ago


Keep being nice to a viper, Paul, and you'll see where what that gets you. Don't know? Poisonous fangs to the jugular!! It's a losing battle to play fair with someone who's playing dirty, but I guess you'll have to learn the hard way.

756 days ago


Seriously, WTF is with his nose?! Compare his nostrils...did he do his own rhinoplasty?

756 days ago


Its not stunning at all... He is just acting how an adult should act..

He clearly loves his kids and wants whats best for them. Even when I went for full custody it didn't mean I didn't want my ex not to be there for our girl. The Divorce is between them and not about taking one parent away from the child.

The min you become a parent is the min that child's well being becomes your life regardless of how crappy yours becomes

756 days ago


I hope both of these parents put the children first, and take this story out of the press.

756 days ago


Boy, both were great parents when things were good! Now that things are not so hot, both are loosed lipped...Having gone through a divorce myself, both need to stay out of the press and SHUT UP! Both are looking bad. One day their children will be old enough to read all the crap spewed out by each of them...At least have some respect for the kids for god sake

756 days ago


How do you not love this guy? He's so "real". So she's gonna trade him in for some schnook in LA?

756 days ago


And, NO WAY should a report by Dr. Charles Sophy be accepted, considering his financial connection to RHOBH. It's like when a judge should recuse in a trial.

756 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

I went through hell with my ex wife and her legal team and learned a few things in the process about how divorce lawyers play the game.

Divorce lawyers know Judge's will always have an INITIAL bias for the woman so they advise tactics up front.

Here is an example of tactics i encountered and many many male friends have over the last 5 years.

Credit cards maxed out prior to serving walking papers, bank accounts emptied, Valuables moved out of the home while your at work, calling the police and accusing there husband of physical abuse or threatening, alienating the children by telling lies to them about there father in an effort to get greater custody and hence larger support.

Every one of these tactics has been confirmed by women who have had divorce lawyers..

Its disgusting

756 days ago


Ahhhh the infamous Dr. Sophy who along with TrailorTrash Armstrong, drove Russell Armstrong to suicide.

Stay strong Paul, the real Adrienne has shown her stripes.

756 days ago


This is what a good parent does...he knows his children need BOTH parents and is willing to do what is best for them. The fact that he is willing to forgive Adrienne for her astonishing selfishness tells you who the better person...and parent is.

756 days ago


all of the women on those shows are lying, substance abusing, whores. if this is what success and money gets u i dont want it.

756 days ago


He is a better man than I, I would be so full of rage, I'd want to take her down. (financially)

756 days ago


???? no idea who they are

756 days ago
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