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Ann Romney

Odd Choice for BH Dinner

9/26/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Ann Romney hit up Bev Hills for dinner at super expensive paparazzi hot spot, The Ivy -- which doesn't exactly scream average Jane. So, did Ann go for the celeb sightings or the food ... and should she have made a more strategic choice?

Plus, Simon Cowell might be knocking boots with Carmen Electra -- the perfect opportunity to school a viewer on the power of money ... and Charles on what "dates" really means.

Also, our old friend Lisa Lampanelli drops by to show off her new bod -- down 80 pounds -- and to make Mike regret co-hosting. Comedy and weight loss tips ... something for everyone.

(0:00) The Romney sure know how to connect with the Average Joe -- especially after Ann hit up one of the swankiest, paparazzi-surrounded restaurants in all of Los Angeles.
(5:10) Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger making out at a club??? We have a photo that proves ... just the opposite.
(10:00) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly living together again -- and more people than you think believe that the whole cheating scandal was a huge setup.
(16:00) Simon Cowell might be one lucky man -- it looks like he's hooking up with Playboy legend Carmen Electra.
(18:00) Lisa Lampanelli drops in to talk about the surgery that's helped her lose a ton on weight -- and make Mike regret co-hosting today.
(24:30) Paul Nassif and Adrian Maloof's divorce war just keeps gets crazier and crazier.
(28:10) Bitter, party of one. Donny Osmond says Justin Bieber and One Direction fans will eventually turn on them like his fans turned on him.
(31:00) Fiona Apple just won't shut up about her pot bust.
(33:00) Bam Margera claims the woman who broke into his house gave him herpes ... but something isn't adding up.
(35:00) James Franco releases a song ... with Smokey Robinson. You gotta hear this.
(40:00) We take your calls!

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So Ann Romney goes to a Beverly Hills restaurant, not on the tax payers dollar and it's a problem. How many times has Michelle Obama flown to LA on the taxpayers dollar to be on a talk show and that is okay?!

696 days ago


You know its funny how bashing Ann Romney's $30 salad in Beverly Hills is a news item for Harvey, but the 18 foot high wall of $800 bottles of champagne that Obama had a Jay-Z's and Beyonce's the other night failed to qualify as "news". Typical Obama shill, Harvey!!!

696 days ago


Moochelle Obama hangs with the Hollywood crowd and Harvey doesn't say a word. Mrs. Romney goes to the Ivy, and it's a crime? Harvey, who will defend Israel best? Romney or Barack Hussein Obama?

696 days ago


Not sure what is so wrong with eating at The Ivy? I ate there last time I was in is not any more or any less expensive then some of the other places out there. Besides why do I care how she spends her money? It is her money..............she should eat at a Diner to not offend you all...........Wow how sad for you all.

696 days ago


Who cares where and what Ann Romney eats??? Another non-story, a sad TMZ attempt to make itself relevant beyond celebrity fluff and to push its pro-Obama agenda. Seriously, the best you guys muster is some contract signed by their son and where the Mrs. went to eat...sad.

696 days ago


omg... lisa sort of looks like courtny love

696 days ago


Im not voting for her husband but Ann Romney can eat wherever she likes. Her and her husband were rich before all this campaigning stuff. Who cares what she eats anyways? Oh, my bad. TMZ does. #smh

695 days ago

who dat    

Harvey doesn't like Romney, cause Ryan opposes gay marriage n Harvey prefers ===D

695 days ago


Well did any tax payer foot the bill? It is a free country. Come on Obama and tight sweatered Michelle have elaborate dinners frequently, that YOU do pay for.

695 days ago
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