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Johnny Lewis

Beat, Dismembered


9/28/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
murdered his landlady and then fell to his death -- but he also viciously took the life of the landlady's cat by beating it to death and DISMEMBERING it in the process ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story that Lewis -- who appeared on "Sons of Anarchy" -- seemed to be on PCP or meth, because he had exhibited superhuman strength as he fought two neighbors immediately after committing murder.

Law enforcement sources tell us Lewis went wild on landlady Catherine Davis' cat ... kicking and beating the life out of the animal and "tearing it apart." Law enforcement tells us Lewis did NOT use a weapon, but rather his bare hands and feet.

Lewis is the only suspect in the murder and cat killing. We're told cops are confident -- Lewis was the culprit. 


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I hope this sick vile f-er gets what he has coming to him in hell. Now if you will all excuse me I am going to hug and kiss my kitties

763 days ago


Only thing is, I don't know what's worse, what he did to the cat, or the fact TMZ felt the need to share the gory details. Especially considering the guy is dead. we didn't need to know how he tortured that poor creature. It was bad enough what he did to the landlady.

763 days ago


Such a heinous do such a thing to a person and the cat. I can't even stomach reading such horrible things people do to animals. I really hope tmz doesn't publish anymore info about what he did to the cat or the old woman..enough is enough! Good thing he died, to have to deal with something like that.

763 days ago


probably another Bath Salt drugs take another life

763 days ago


It never fails to amaze me how much of a powerful effect some of these hard drugs on some people. It can be a death sentence if you manage to get somewhat rich and famous like these Hollywood stars do.

Check out this millionaire dude from the U.K. who is such a bad cocaine addict he rotted his nose out and it collapsed and fell off or something.

Hard drugs can and WILL destroy your body and your life folks! The dangers are quite real. You dance with the devil and you eventually get burned pretty bad.

763 days ago


What a SICK ****!

763 days ago


Ok who ever said TMZ would show pictures of the cat. Here's your $ 5.00. Enough already

763 days ago


It's a shame the MF fell on his head and died. I would have preferred to see him in Corcoran for life getting gang r*ped on a daily basis.
Animal abusers are the lowest life form on the planet so they don't deserve a proper burial. Pour used kitty litter over his body, add some lighter fluid and set it ablaze.

763 days ago


I'm glad that bastard is dead! I hope he is suffering in a Hell (if it exists), At the very least I hope he suffered a lot when he died.

763 days ago


I hate my landlord, her cat, the property management company, why couldn't he come to my apartment complex...why do I keep hearing the 'Coup's' song "Kill my Landlord"?LOL

763 days ago


I was horrified when I heard about this earlier today and now seeing the photo of the smiling beautiful Catherine and her lovely cat Jessie just makes me sick. I'm go glad this s*** is dead and will never physically hurt another being. The emotional hurt for family/friends will last long into the future. My deepest sympathy to those mourning the loss of Catherine and Jessie. xoxo

763 days ago


I hope they publicize the location of this *******'s grave site so ppl can go **** on his fu'ging tombstone.

763 days ago


People need to stop supporting these reality shows that gather a bunch of Hollywood low lifes and try to make them interesting.
Sofia Coppola is making a movie based on a group of them who's biggest contribution to society was breaking into homes of famous people. It breeds more sc*mbags like this POS who get fooled into thinking that they're something special. They're not.

763 days ago

jay in princeton    

You coward. How dare you kill a old woman enjoying her life, and the cat forget it. In Syria the Iranians tightly chains wounded to their hospital beds then twist their legs 20 times as they break. You got off easy. I will see you in hell. Signed human, cat lover. Peace, Oi, bird

763 days ago


How could someone be so awful and cruel. Not only taking a human life, but talking the life of a poor defenseless cat, savagely dismembering it. There is a special place in Hell reserved for this man.

763 days ago
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