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Kourtney K's Baby Daddy

Bizarre Cloak-and-Dagger

Letter from Fan

9/27/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's like something out of a bad spy movie ... Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick received a handwritten letter this week from a fan, containing creepy instructions for a secret meet-up in a public library.

The letter was postmarked Friday, and the sender claims to have strong connections with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- insisting he's gotten them many "gigs" in the past.

The letter doesn't elaborate on what these "gigs" were -- but it seems the sender wants to get Scott some "gigs" too, writing, "I would like to meet you and Kim at Little Ferry Public Library [in New Jersey]."

Here's where it gets weird -- the fan then details specific instructions for the proposed meet-up, writing, "The parking lot is in the back on Redneck Road. Wells Fargo bank is next door. I will be there September 29, 2012 from 1130am to 130pm."

He continues, "There is a table next to computers 7 and 8 or you can sit by the corner. You can wear sunglasses or you can walk up to me with your glasses on and hand this note. Then I will know and we'll leave the library."

"I will give you more gigs."

He then addresses Kim directly, writing, "Kim you know what I look like. I will be wearing a green and black shirt. You can wear all white. No makeup ok." (That's asking a lot.) 

Sources close to Scott tell TMZ, the letter was sent to his NYC restaurant Ryu ... and has already been turned over to the NYPD. We're told the matter is currently under investigation.


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Phishie from Philly    

Is KK mad because Scott received the mystery letter and not her and that's the real reason what the NYPD was called?
Phishie from Philly

721 days ago

BB not bb    

It would be fun to show up at this library and see if a man in a black and green shirt is lurking around the corners or tables. Green and black happen to be the colors of jihad. I wonder if this is a crazy Muslim scheme to bring down another rich American star, like what happened to Britney with her Arab boyfriends.

Maybe this guy doesn't read TMZ and he won't know that the police are onto him. Watch it be just some nerdy kid trying to see if he can get the attention of some stars.

721 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

You're taking the NYPD away from real police work. The Kardjackassian's are pathetic! Why not hire a PI
Phishie from Philly

721 days ago


I wonder how Mike's 'hot wife' (his words) feels about his obsession with Kim K. #bottomfeeder

721 days ago


Oh my God! Oh my God! TMZ, What are you going to do!!??? Someone is picking on the Kardashians!! Oh the humanity!! Harvey, you must send out your minions to put a stop to this!!!

721 days ago


Its bad enough the Kardashian klan is on here all the time but why Scott??? his claim to fame is he impregnated one of the twice. Who Cares!

721 days ago


crazies attract crazies... what do they expect?

721 days ago


Why Redneck Road I wonder. Was White Trash Avenue too public?

721 days ago


Gee, Harvey must've gotten another hand job from mama K to put this dog of a story up.

721 days ago


They all wanted fame, Kim just did more for it. This is the things that go with fame. Somehow, I am going to bet Scott will deny but had some type of hook up with some one....
Kim, she will screw anyone.

721 days ago


And how do we know this is not a publicity stunt???? They faked a marriage, all their 'reality' shows are staged, and I remember Kim saying she was being stalked but aint it funny how she didnt go to the police about it??? This stupid, pathetic family will do ANYTHING to keep their names in the media and one of them most likely wrote it. Funny how they ran to TMZ about it first if someone sent me a letter like that the first thing I would be doing is going to the police station not talking to a gossip site. Their 15 mins are over no one is talking about them anymore not even the sites they pay to report on them are not talking about them. Also nobodies buying their cheap crap and their TV show have gotten poor ratings. Kim's 'relationship' with Kanye is a last attempt to stay in the spotlight when people stop talking about them which is happening now she will dump his dumbass and her 'fame' will be over just like Hilton and all the other 'reality stars'. I wont be surprised if she 'accidently' got pregnant just for attention. Stupid whore.

721 days ago


Please TMZ. No one is buying what POS Pimp Momma is selling here. This is as fake as Kim's face, butt, hair, baby voice, etc.

721 days ago


It's under investigation? Wouldn't it have made more sense to have the police there, undercover, at the time of the meeting?

721 days ago


Sounds fckin awesome! I wish I were lucky enough to get hooked up to some "gigs"! I wonder though, if Scott doesn't wear his sunglasses while he walks up to hand him the note, does that mean he is less "gig" worthy? Would he then have less of a chance to receive said gig if he walks up to him with no sunglasses on at all? Just sooo many questions! Why are only the Kardashians privy to such awesome gigs? Inquiring minds need to know....GIGS!

721 days ago


Being a certified handwriting analyst, I have to disagree with everyone who thinks this should NOT be investigated. The writer is showing signs of impulsivity, mental restlessness and distorted concrete ideas (which includes perverse personal relationships.) If that was not bad enough, the writing indicates that he/she is emotionally hyper-sensative, cold hearted and capable of being physically aggressive.

721 days ago
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