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Arnold's Secret Son

Walking (Very) Tall

Before Dad's Book Release

9/28/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With Arnold Schwarzenegger's tell-all autobiography about to come out, it seems only fitting that his all growed-up love child Joseph Baena and his baby mama/former maid Mildred Baena would be spotted out in Bakersfield, CA on Thursday.

As we reported earlier, Arnold says his affair with Mildred was the "stupidest thing" he did during his marriage to Maria Shriver and revealed he has not shown her the book yet either.

Fun fact: Schwarzenegger's book comes out on Monday ... the day before Joseph's 15th birthday. 

Wonder what Arnold is getting him for a gift.


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good grief those two are homely...

756 days ago


They surely are homely.

756 days ago


Arnold's personal mistakes in his marriage...and Maria's personal mistakes that are never reported....are all irrelevant, none of our business....just as Arnold-haters said about Bill and Hillary ;)
Arnold did a lot for kids, fathers, mothers and families when he was the governor.
While in office Arnold supported and
signed bills in California to help stop the anti-father, anti-children bias in family courts, that will help parents, in-laws, and children now and for generations, including:
CA. SB 1482:
Alimony Reform: Parents who face alimony increases after their child support ends will now be able to demand a vocational examination for their ex-spouses, and judges are required to calculate alimony based on the examiner’s estimate of the ex-spouse’s earning capacity.
CA. AB 2416:
Child Custody Protection for Military Parents: Creates a rebuttable presumption that upon a servicemember’s return from deployment, child custody and visitation orders will revert to the original order. Allows judges to award a deployed parent’s parenting time to grandparents or stepparents so that deployed parents can’t have their contact with their children severed by the custodial parent. This also helps to maintain and nurture children’s bonds with their deployed parent’s family.
CA. SB 1355:
Child Support Reform:
Many young fathers who were incarcerated for nonviolent offenses (often arrested for not being able to afford the excessive child support) face crushing child support debts which accrued (at 10% interest) while they were behind bars (then go right back to jail because the interest plus back child support while in jail is an impossible debt to pay). These debts make it difficult for them to play a meaningful role in their children’s lives. This bill suspends child support from accruing while the obligor is institutionalized.
CA. SB 1188:
Child Custody/Visitation Reform: Will help prevent family court litigants from using a parent’s disability as a way to deprive them of child custody or visitation.
CA. SB 580:
Child Support Reform:
The healthcare obligations family court judges throw onto noncustodial parents can be devastating. SB 580 will ensure that noncustodial parents aren’t saddled with an unreasonably high percentage of their children’s medical care costs.

756 days ago


Maria's genes saved her children from a fate that has struck this poor kid.

756 days ago


I don't mean to the the, 'why is this news person' because I don't read TMZ for 'news' just celebrity trash like everyone else, but : Why are you taking pictures of this child? Especially worse is that you are using the picture to promote a book by Arnold.

756 days ago


Spanish saying goes like this: Hijo de puta saca padre de duda. Translation is the children of mistresses usually look more like the father than the children of the marriage. Put a wig on Arnold and he looks like this women.

756 days ago


He is going to be "unattractive" like his parents.... Afterall, his mother is a whore and his father is a dog...

756 days ago


You should leave these people alone.

756 days ago


Geez; that's the chick he cheated on Maria with? Ah-nuld has no taste; she looks NASTY...

756 days ago


Kid looks just like his dad
With all that scandal
Arnold still manage to be gov...unbelievable

756 days ago


Those Kennedy genes must be very strong because this kid actually looks more like Arnold than any of his kids with Maria.

756 days ago


I am really saddened for this child and how his life will always be affected by what his mother and Arnold did. He is not responsible but will always be faced with these negative comments and intrusion into his life. Although Arnold means "having this affair" was the worst mistake of his life-- I really wish he would make it clear, that this is his son and he loves ALL his children. Please don't damage this child any further!

756 days ago


Joseph needs to lose weiight, mainly in his midsection.

756 days ago


Damn!!! Arnie is letting his son look like ****! He needs to hook him up with some diet, exercise and steroids.

756 days ago

Loretta Love    

poor little Diabeto~

756 days ago
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