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Arnold's Secret Son

Walking (Very) Tall

Before Dad's Book Release

9/28/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With Arnold Schwarzenegger's tell-all autobiography about to come out, it seems only fitting that his all growed-up love child Joseph Baena and his baby mama/former maid Mildred Baena would be spotted out in Bakersfield, CA on Thursday.

As we reported earlier, Arnold says his affair with Mildred was the "stupidest thing" he did during his marriage to Maria Shriver and revealed he has not shown her the book yet either.

Fun fact: Schwarzenegger's book comes out on Monday ... the day before Joseph's 15th birthday. 

Wonder what Arnold is getting him for a gift.


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Ahnuld must be into the aliens... bangin' predator while having an affair with one of Jabba's guards.

752 days ago


Contrary to what many of you "HATERS" are saying, Joseph Baena isn't an "UGLY CHILD"!!! SHAME ON "YOU" for bashing an "INNOCENT CHILD" who "DIDN'T BEG" to come here!!! Considering that Arnold Schwarzenegger is his father, Joseph will be very well taken care of which I suspect is WHAT'S REALLY BOTHERING MOST OF YOU "LOSER"!!!

752 days ago


Maria is a class act, Mildred not so much. Mildred obviously is a gold digger and she must have dug deep to offer up her goods to Arnold, why else would he want her if she wasn't really putting it out there. She's not good looking so my guess is she must have slapped a boobie in his face to get his attention. LOL

752 days ago

Michael Forever    

This is just so funny.....lmfao..........his son looks funny, and so does his baby momma. Damn his ex wife must of been some sh*t!

752 days ago


Arnold messed his marriage up for that? I couldn't get excited with her no matter how much Viagra I took. Good grief!

752 days ago


A brick layer from Austria , embraced by America , taking a chance with legitimate owners of " Califorrnia" , even the ultra conservatives are human.
Even the pope is human , but they the celebate clergy molest boys .

752 days ago


She is nothing more than a lazy fat woman who ensured a living without having to work by getting pregnant by her wealthy boss. Now she is turning the kid into a lazy fat thing too. 10 to 1 he never makes a decent living on his own.
Arnold, you really screwed up here. Why do men sleep with skanks??????

752 days ago


Arnold is proving what a douce bag he is by putting not only Maria's children, but J. Baena through more embarrassment. Why did he write this book? He certainly doesn't need the money? Did the fool think he'd be forgiven by his children by explaining his a$$hole explanations for his actions?
Arnold would have been better off keeping his big mouth shut & his pants zipped up.

752 days ago


Good Lord! 15?!

752 days ago


Ahnahld is some Nazi's sicko spawn, ain't he?

752 days ago


Joseph is the victim in all this, thrown into the middle of Ahnold's public BS. Poor kid, none of this mess is his fault.... how embarrassing for ALL the kids. Ahnold needs to crawl back into his hole & cancel the book, lying cheating arrogant POS. No one cares about hearing from him other than to find out why he chose to destroy Calif financially.

752 days ago


It's not the kid's fault. He was born into really unfortunate cir***stances. Now he has to live his whole life with the world knowing the sordid details.

Give him a chance to make his own way in life and leave him alone tmz

752 days ago


arnold had a choice,bang a fat ugly mexican or skelators twin sister

752 days ago


yeah he wasnt going to do well no matter which skank he banged

752 days ago


TMZ are s*** for bothering this boy who just wants to live his life as a normal person. He is the innocent one here and it is unfair and mean to publish photos of him so he can be ridiculed by the low lifes who will attack him on here.

752 days ago
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