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Arnold to Maria

MY Book

MY Money

9/28/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the big reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't give Maria Shriver an advance copy of his autobiography is that he intends to keep all of the money he makes from it ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Even though Arnold and Maria were together 34 years and married for 25 and a good chunk of the book is about their relationship ... we're told Arnold has made it clear to her ... the book is HIS, and she will not be getting any part of his multi-million dollar advance or any royalties.

And there's more on the money front ... We're told Arnold has been extremely tough in negotiating a financial settlement with Maria -- one source says, "Arnold has been really stingy with Maria and the kids, which is amazing considering what he did."

One source groused ... Arnold has treated his divorce as a business deal, and not an end to the relationship he had with the mother of his kids.

And here's the most shocking part ... Sources tell us as recently as last week, Arnold asked Maria to take him back.  We're told ... she's not biting.

Arnold's rep told TMZ ... the divorce settlement negotiations are ongoing so no agreement has been struck.



No Avatar


well she sure hasn't aged well

758 days ago


Let her wright her own book.

758 days ago


Arnold is a pompous punk. That said, I wouldn't worry about Maria not getting a cut of the book money. I think she'll be fine after the divorce settlement.

758 days ago


He's such a D-BAG, A-HOLE, S***BAG. Have no respect for this LOSER. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

758 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Listen Sperminator, She was your wife forever and you totally screwed her. How much money do you need? You used to be a favorite of mine but I have disliked you for so long I can't even remember why I liked you. You suck.

758 days ago


I doubt that Maria needs money since she inherits a good chunk of the bootleg cash that the family is known for.

758 days ago


There is an EASY FIX to this situation for Maria:

Write a tell all book and out this s***. Reveal this boob grabber player who donated his sperm to the hired help. Done. Game. Set. and Match won, Maria.

Do it!

758 days ago

david 183    

Those roides must've gotten to his brain. He's cheap and that maid is one fugly biotch. Bad judgement all around.

758 days ago


I don't understand the big deal with his book advance either. They are legally taking steps to part ways, so why would she be entitled to income streams created now? They are both wealthy and will never struggle. She is a popular motivational speaker, and her brand is still very strong. I can't imagine her not writing her own book. I guess I have sympathy, but it has NOTHING to do with money. I doubt she is concerned about provision either. After all, she's a Kennedy, right?

758 days ago


Maria has money. And she can write a book of her own. Arnold is releasing his book after the marriage ended so she doesn't get to have that cash. I'm sure she will end up with millions since they were married so long. Why feel sorry for her?!

758 days ago


Didn't think Arnold could be a bigger a$$hole douche bag than I thought, but this book leaves no doubt that he is.

758 days ago


To be honest I think Maria dosen't deserve any of the money from Arnold's book, she shouldn't have a cut. I know it pisses her off that half of their relationship is in the book, whether it's right or not it's his book and he's telling things from his perspective. Arnold will not ever be able to get any rest or chance to speak up now since everyone hates him (with good reason for all the **** he did) but Maria needs to ****ing stop. SHE'S MARIA ****ING SHRIVER! She can write her own book and people will buy hers more over his I'm sure, there's so much she can do to get her own money from this. If she's a private person & dosen't want it all out there then tough luck, she shouldn't have tried to air the dirty laundry out to make arnold look bad when it first happened. All of you are just taking her side cause you don't like arnold & cause of what he did, so ****ing what if her name is in it or not that does not entitle anyone to any money at all. If that was the case THERE WOULD BE NO BIOGRAPHY OR ESPECIALLY CELEBRITY AUTO BIOGRAPHIES since half of everyone who writes one mentions another person in it whether they are high profile celeb or lower or super close relationship wise. Be for real stop thinking with bias and think with common sense. Him screwing her over is terrible, but that does not mean that she ****ing owns him for the rest of his life & he can't have a thing of his own. personally I don't blame arnold for treating the divorce as a business deal, I refuse to side with Maria although as a woman I know she suffered much heartache. they are in their 50's-60...'s acting like kids, stupid. If I was arnold & I tried my hardest to fix everything (even if it's not possbile at all) and she kept pushing me away & being bitchy about it I'd say **** it then. He still tried to get back with her one last time, and she said no again. She has no right to take him back and shouldn't but she needs to realize, if your gonna be a stingy bitch/dumbass be a SMART stingy bitch & dumbass and get back with him but lay the law down on him and take all the profit once you get him whipped. Maria won't get what wants unless she gives Arnold a chance, cause that's how he's putting it out there. So she won't get what she wants and dosen't deserve to. it's his book, the world has been bashing him for idk how long now he will never get to say his piece, I've seen men do worse like how Chris Brown literally beat THE **** OUT RIHANNA. I could see if Arnold did slander against Maria & said lase things in the book or did something terrible but he's just telling what he wants to tell, unless he says something dramtically shocking that's court worthy, she needs to ****ing move on. DID WE ALL FORGET SHE'S SUPPOSE TO BE OVER THIS MAN?! MARIA WHY DO U GIVE A **** ABOUT ARNOLD'S BOOK IF HE WRONGED U AND CHEATED HMM? UR JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND WANT THE MONEY & U KNOW CAUSE UR A VICTIM U CAN GET IT SHAME ON U!!!

758 days ago


Maybe Arnold is still "doing" the maid (or what was her position besides laying on her back?).

758 days ago


If they are legally divorced then it's his money. But if I were her, I'd go write my own book. It would sell better than his will.

758 days ago


Like she needs more money.
Get out of his wallet jerk... or was that all he was ever good for?

758 days ago
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