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Bam Margera

My Herpes Cleared Up!

9/28/2012 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092812_bam_launchBam Margera says his herpes sore is GONE following his crazy run-in with a naked, masturbating female intruder ... and tells us he only wants to see the woman get help.  

As TMZ first reported, Margera claims he woke up in the middle of the night to find a woman trying to kiss him, and when he went to call police ... she laid on the floor and started masturbating.

Bam claimed a cold sore sprouted on his mouth following the incident -- and believes it's the result of direct contact with the woman (ew!!!) or from the stress of the whole thing. But last night in Hollywood, Bam recounted the ordeal for us and gave us the good news ... his cold sore has cleared up.

Bam says he's not interested in pressing charges and just wants to see the woman get help.

Starting with a shot of penicillin, perhaps?


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Mary McC    

He'll regret not pressing charges once that cold sore comes back again... and again.... and again , ad infinitum, lol.

There is no cure, only outbreak prevention with use of OTC stuff and sometimes strong medicines, like antivirals. If penicillin could cure the herpes simplex 1 virus disease, everyone who suffers from them would line up for the 1 shot magic bullet.

755 days ago


You always have the virus, it doesn't matter if it cleared up or not, and Penicillin does nothing for a virus, and certainly nothing for herpes. Jesus guys.. Something like 80 or 85% of adults over 50 have this virus (Herp 1/Oral) in their system even if they don't get the cold sores... it's the same family of virus that you get with Chicken Pox and Shingles... it's always with you.

755 days ago


This guy is pathetic--talk about desperate for attention.

755 days ago


OMG this is still news!?!?! Bam is ugly as hell and old news. Get over it.

755 days ago

Joan K    

What an idiot and please go take a shower.

755 days ago


could we PLEASE see a picture of the "alleged psycho" already?

755 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Too bad there isn't a pill or some sort of cream for Douchery.

755 days ago

small asian penis    

He's not looking too good these days...

755 days ago


Who's going to get help for him?

755 days ago

some guy    

Can't believe this tool is talking about this. Sad the reality show mentality has permeated society to the point where talking about STD's is not in the least embarrassing. Keep it classy, Bam... pretty sure reality TV will be knocking on your door as soon as they need someone to take a nut shot.

755 days ago


how many stories about this do we need? No one from that show did anything except risk pain for fame. They did a lot of things I would be afraid to do to be honest so I respect that, but the show was stupid and it was over a long time ago. How is this person a celebrity?

755 days ago


Oh that's some major BS. A woman *tried* kissing you and you automatically had a herpes flair up?! Umm, no. That's not how it works buddy. I think A.) he already had herpes(I mean...just look how grungy and gross he is). Or B.) he really fooled around with the chick that was in his house before calling the cops.

755 days ago



755 days ago


Penicillin is an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill bacteria not viruses. Herpes is a virus with over 100 different strains. Only 4 strains of the over 100 will produce physical symptoms. Lastly, when you have a cold this winter, going to your doctor and asking for antibiotics is foolish because the common cold is a virus.

755 days ago


what a complete and utter bullshine,
a) no outbreak a day after exposure, incubation takes a while
b) herpes is VIRAL, penicillin no help
C) herpes doesn't "go away" herpes is like Hep C and HIV, the gift that keeps on giving
d) most of your stories are full of lies

755 days ago
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