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Bam Margera

My Herpes Cleared Up!

9/28/2012 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092812_bam_launchBam Margera says his herpes sore is GONE following his crazy run-in with a naked, masturbating female intruder ... and tells us he only wants to see the woman get help.  

As TMZ first reported, Margera claims he woke up in the middle of the night to find a woman trying to kiss him, and when he went to call police ... she laid on the floor and started masturbating.

Bam claimed a cold sore sprouted on his mouth following the incident -- and believes it's the result of direct contact with the woman (ew!!!) or from the stress of the whole thing. But last night in Hollywood, Bam recounted the ordeal for us and gave us the good news ... his cold sore has cleared up.

Bam says he's not interested in pressing charges and just wants to see the woman get help.

Starting with a shot of penicillin, perhaps?


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Rumor has it that you can get rid of herpes with a wire brush and some painkillers

718 days ago


This guy is just disgusting. What ever happened to his family members, his uncles or something that got busted for groping a little girl?

718 days ago

so and so    

Herpes is a VIRUS. so, it's not treated with antibiotics like Penicillin. antibiotics treat bacterial infections.

nice one, TMZ! ;)

718 days ago


I do not know about the STD thing, maybe the guy does not know so much about it, stress can do crazy chit to your body.... maybe he thought she did give him something, at first, then went to a Doc and got some facts, I do not care about all that, THIS IS THE FIRST PERSON WHO HAS ACTUALLY SHOWN THAT HE PUTS THE WELL BEING OF ANOTHER (MENTAL PROBLEMS) BEFORE HIMSELF. Those of you who need to laugh go ahead, one person caring , gives me hope.

718 days ago


What a bunch of tripe.
Herpes takes at least a week if not months from the time of first infection to first outbreak. This woman did not give him herpes but it's possible Bam gave HER herpes.

Penicillin is for bacterial infections, herpes is a viral infection so why would someone take penicillin for herpes? It would be useless. Does anybody have a brain at TMZ?

718 days ago


Herpes is a viral infection.... Anti-Biotics wont do anything to help it. Once you have it it never goes away, you have it forever...... Come on TMZ get your FACTS straight!

718 days ago


TMZ might want to inform all their homosexual friends that like herpes penicillin doesn't work on HIV either.

718 days ago


That is nice that you want to make sure she gets help, But If she is that obsessed with you No 10 foot wall or a locked door will keep her out she knows the layout of your property 3 months to stake out your house BE CAREFUL!!!!...........freaky and scary for you

718 days ago

Bitch please    

What a retard.

718 days ago

Bitch please    

TMZ so how many of you fuglies masturbate at work in the bathroom or after hours on the floor hmm?

718 days ago

Bitch please    

It looks like he has herpes on his face. He looks dingy and dirty. Ew

718 days ago

Bitch please    

TMZ y'all need to go back to grade school. Read a book instead of getting fatter and fatter. The Kraptrashians have dumbed you even more than you already were. You guys are like dumb and dumber. Dumba§§e§.

718 days ago


Jared....Please...please teach this guy something about Germs!!!

716 days ago


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711 days ago


Um he said himsefl that he has herpes on his radio show before, way back

663 days ago
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