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Johnny Lewis

Drugs Triggered

Psychotic Break

9/28/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0927-johnny-lewis-2Johnny Lewis was a good guy whose life changed forever earlier this year -- after a very bad experience with drugs ... sources close to Lewis' family tell TMZ.

We're told the "Sons of Anarchy" star was "mentally healthy" -- until an episode early this year, when he dabbled with an undisclosed drug. Our sources say the incident triggered a "psychotic break" and he never recovered from it.

Family sources tell us ... after the episode Johnny changed dramatically -- he became mentally unstable and began to "self-medicate" to deal with the problem.

The family says doctors told them Johnny's condition was classified as "co-occurring disorders."  Translation -- by abusing drugs to treat the mental condition, Johnny was simultaneously troubled on 2 fronts.

As for the nature of the mental disorder -- family sources say they were never able to get Johnny stable enough to get a clear diagnosis.

As for the landlady's murder -- they do not believe it was triggered by a drug-fueled rage. We're told doctors had given Johnny medicine to stabilize his condition and when he was taking it he seemed fine, but when he got out of jail 6 days before the murder, they believe he stopped taking his meds and became extremely unstable and violent.


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So sad...

757 days ago


That's why drugs ARE BAD


757 days ago


The lesson here is that involvement with the COS will cause you to kill the elderly and their pets. Other benefits are the siphoning of your bank account and threats of legal action when you finally come to your senses and call them on their total B_U_L_L_S_H_I_T!

757 days ago


Now the thing that struck me here is that it appears that his family appear to approve drugs for the treatment of a psychological disorder….. given how nutzoid the scions are against any kind of drugs of this kind (psychological type drugs) I find this very strange. Remember how crazy Cruise was with Matt Lauer re Brooke Shields use of a post natal depression prescription

Incidentally - all mention of his parents has also just been removed from his Wiki Page.... how disgustingly pathetic is that!

757 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Yeah, yeah, now we hear all the usual justifications and excuses. They mean squat. Bottom line - drugs are illegal, he should not have been dabbling in illegal narcotics. As he was a known drug user, he is responsible for his actions whilst he was high, as he willingly took these hugely damaging and dangerous substances. It is totally his fault.

757 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

No big loss. This guy was a jerk in every respect, and now the world is a better place without him. That's the way nature works.....

757 days ago

Brandon Hex    

He was a good guy? Good guys don't use drugs, don't kill people and domestic pets and they don't look like fricken crackhead wastes of flesh and air. This piece of **** deserved to die like the bitch he is.

757 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I'm glad he's dead. That way he's not running around hurting more people.

757 days ago


757 days ago


Not even the smartest minds on the planet have figured out the chemistry of the human body. Whenever you ingest chemicals you become a test pilot. Unfortunately for Ol' Johnny his plane crash dived and also took out some bystanders. In the end just one less crippled plane in the air to worry about.

757 days ago


If you all don't think Scientology could have been partially responsible for what happened to this guy, please google Jeremy Perkins or Kyle Brennan or Lisa Mcpherson. See how the "church" of Scientology reacts to mental illness within their midst.
Last night Michael Lewis, the Killers OT VIII father was scheduled to give a seminar to reg...(suck money) out of parishioners. I would bet money he actually gave the seminar as in Scientology grief is .05 on there "tone" scale. That means you are a Potential Trouble Source and need to be "Handled". This is some scary stuff folks. Its not just space cooties and a little goofy.

756 days ago

Flip flop tan    

Only a psychopath could tear a defenseless animal literally apart and then murder an elderly woman in cold blood... You Mr. Lewis are a prime candidate for the DEATH PENALITY... Burn in Hell you bastard !!!!!

756 days ago


the loser killed an 81 year old and a cat thats not a good guy.

756 days ago
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