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Kramer to Seinfeld:

I Learned My Lesson

After N-Word Meltdown

9/28/2012 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards is telling Jerry Seinfeld ... he's still pretty damaged from the fall-out of his infamous N-word laced tirade at the "Laugh Factory" ... and refuses to return to the comedy stage ... but insists he has learned his lesson.  

TMZ posted the shocking video back in Nov. 2006 -- when the former "Seinfeld" star repeatedly pointed to an African-American heckler and called him a "n**ger" while in the middle of his comedy set.

At one point, Richards even said, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass."

But in a brand new interview on Jerry Seinfeld's Crackle TV show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Richards opens up about the incident, telling Jerry he's finally learned that entertainment is all about the audience ... not about the performer.

"Now that’s a lesson I learned 7 years ago when I blew it in the comedy club and lost my temper because somebody interrupted my act and said some things that hurt me and I lashed out in anger."

"I took it too personally ... and I should have just said, 'Yeah you're absolutely right. I'm not funny ... I'll go home work on my material and I'll see you tomorrow night.'"

Richards also says he "busted up" after the incident ... and hasn't performed a comedy act since. He also thanked Jerry for sticking by his side throughout the years ... saying, "[Your support] meant a lot to me."


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Richards did nothing wrong. I thought it was funny. Be rude to me, I'll be rude to you. Should never apologized in the first place. He called him a n gger. So what...the guy was. I can't wait for black history month! Because the jewish run media doesn't force feed me enough black men on tv.(usually with white women)Where I'm from you hardly never see it. For every 1 white guy I see on tv, I see 1 black guy. I thought they were a minority? jewish media agenda.

758 days ago


He was never a stand up comic in the first place. It seemed like either a vanity project or he did it because he wasn't getting acting jobs, but he didn't start out in stand up like Jerry or most other comics did.

I forgive him. I'm sure he has some prejudice but he's no Mel Gibson.

758 days ago


its actually sad to see how pathetic he is. people usually resort to that behavior when they feel weak or threatened.

758 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I'm not saying I agree with what he said but freedom of speech. If you don't like it don't watch him. Boycott him.

758 days ago


What a dumb cowardly white guy, he is in a worse position lying now then when he spoke absolute truth

758 days ago

some guy    

I don't see how people can still be angry at Michael at something that happened 7 years ago. At the end of the day, the people he launched a tirade at went back to their families. No real harm done. It's not like he ran them over with his car or dismembered their cats.

758 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Meanwhile blacks say and do any damn racist thing they want whining and bitching about everything and anything slaughtering dogs and beating women and killing people and raping and pillaging and Richards gets ruined over some bad ni66er jokes and misplaced comedy. I wouldn't give a shiiite if I was him, half the mopes who hate him will never make what his body of work which speaks for itself every day on TBS and 5 other channels and TMZ is s***mmmm for ruining his career all over a lousy blog post for some cheap traffic, that's half the reason I come here and bash this site. If the web has an anus this website it is and Harvey's neck deep up in it ... I used to respect the man for all his accomplishments before I learned he's a pole vaulter.

758 days ago


He is an ******* in real life. I was at a restaurant when he started going ape **** on a hostess who wouldn't seat him at a particular table. It was shocking!!!

He is big time lucky he didn't get his ass kicked that night.

758 days ago

Daniel Taylor    

Ppl lighn the f up!! No-one ever said something they wish they hadnt? qu33rs, niqqrs, religious people, those camel jockies.....EVERYONE...LIFE IS TOOO SHORT

758 days ago


Oh boo-hoo... Someone hurts his feelings. Wah. Well he should have went one and cried into his pile of seinfeld money. Jerk.

758 days ago


He is a racist. And no one likes him, except the KKK. I can't stand to look at him anymore.

758 days ago


Everyone screws up now and then. The fact that it still bothers him after all this time shows he does care, and feels bad about it.

As for the show, had no idea about it. Surprised that they are just webisodes. At first it seems really odd, you know, it really is a show about nothing....He gets together with some legends. great show.

758 days ago


Michael Richards STILL DOESN'T GET IT. He is so dumb. And I've never liked Jerry since he stood up for Richards and dismissed his behavior.

For Richards to say the problem is that he was "selfish" is asinine. No, the problem is that you have deeply embedded approval of how racists behaved long ago. And you invoke that approval to taunt when you get heckled.

Comedians "lose it" and get "angry" all the time, Michael Richards. That's not the problem, dumbass.

If you sincerely think the only two options were being racist OR saying "you're right. I should go home and work on my comedy" you are too dumb for words. Creators can't be selfless or pander to the audience. They have to create from their truest self so what Richards is saying makes no sense.

The problem is that you have ugly racism at the core of your soul that you keep hidden under a pressure cooker of emotions until you explode. Did you have a psychologist work or dissecting your hate? LIkely not. You just think you need to be selfless. Oh, OK. Just dumb..../

Go back into oblivion you dumb caveman. And take this spineless weasel Jerry with you.

758 days ago


I can't believe he's making himself the victim.
And Jerry is playing along...


758 days ago

joe bodego    

Who the hell is this dirty cracker think he's fooling. He insulted my mother, father, siblings, cousins and friends. In short he insulted my entire world. I would never forgive this dirty cracker who come from a dirty womb. **** off Cracker!!!!

758 days ago
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