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Maria to '60 Minutes'

You Tick Tick Tick Me Off!

9/29/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_60_minutes_maria_shriver_articleGet this ..."60 Minutes" did its interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger without ever contacting Maria Shriver -- to get her take on the things he said in his autobiography ... and she's not happy about it.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a "60 Minute" producer made calls Monday to friends of Maria -- AFTER Arnold's interview was shot -- to see if she had a general comment about the book ... but the producer never gave specifics about what Arnold said in the interview or the book.  We're told the piece was already in the can, and Maria had "no interest" in commenting -- especially because it's ridiculous to wedge a comment of hers in a long piece.

One source says, "The piece is a blow *** for Arnold.  Lesley Stahl just fawned over him," adding it was no surprise Maria's point of view was never solicited before Stahl sat down with Arnold.

As we first reported, Arnold never offered an advance copy of the book to Maria.  A close friend of hers tells TMZ, "She knows the book is a big PR stunt to get back in the public's good graces."

As for whether Maria will read the book, we're told she has no burning desire  One of Maria's friends told us, "What Maria has already been through ... nothing surprises her anymore."


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What is almost unbelievable to me is that Arnold said over and over and over again that the affair with the housekeeper was "the biggest mistake of his life" "regret" etc etc. and yet he 'made' a child from this, has a SON, and this boy has to HEAR/READ these comments. Wow, thanks Dad!"
Hugs to the boy from me.

701 days ago


Modern journalism has become slanted. It's no longer neutrally reporting the facts, but reporting the facts how one side sees it. Fortunately, we have social media and the internet where the other story can be heard. There are plenty of nontraditional outlets where she can be heard, but I'm sure that major networks will pick up her story.

701 days ago


Oh, I see you haven't dried off yet from swimming in the river of denial. The maid is absolutely not the only person Arnold fooled around with in all the years he's been married to Maria. And Arnold very well may have other children we do not know about.

701 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Funny thing is, she's far more attractive than that whore you picked up in the bar after last call last night.

701 days ago


His book his money.

701 days ago


She should have married a Democrat, they are much more faithful to their wives, due to the better family values gene.

701 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I knew Arnie many years ago when we all trained at this gym in Calif and trust me this steroid popping ego A$$ was all about himself and would do anything to win the body building shows.Arnie at that time had taken so many roids that he could not hear out of his left ear.Now he is talking out of his A$$........It has and always will be about Arnie..............a self-serving AH.

701 days ago


the women needs botox or maybe she wants people to feel sorry for her.

701 days ago


Id give her the ole in out in out. Just to knock out The cobwebs and get her blood flowing. Plus she could use my miracle wrinkle butter on her face,and chest. I wouldn't do the Mexican maid tho, they balloon up after 20

701 days ago


Damn! All that money and she is walking around looking like something that crawled out of the walking dead. Lady, please fix yourself up. If not for you, please do it for the public.

701 days ago



701 days ago


I can't believe to odds of these two grotesque looking people meeting and procreating. Maria looks like John F Kennedy in a wig & Arnold looks like her incestuous 3rd cousin that they keep in the basement. They both deserve one another. Sometimes having it all doesn't work out at all.

701 days ago


Haha the immature little kiddies still all fired up about a non-issue regarding Arnold?
Arnold doesn't need to get back into public's good graces.
First, he's still liked and loved by millions.
Second, public critics are generally fickle folks who prefer blissful ignorance to any sort of accurate knowledge of facts or life; being in their good graces is hardly a worthy goal.
Third, Arnold is a self-sustaining person and self-confident achiever in life, he doesn't aim to please his critics, he aims to live his life according to what he personally believes in.

701 days ago


TMZ is the only place where all this drama surrounding this book is happening. Why is that? Seriously, TMZ, nobody cares about Arnold or his book anymore--we're all sick of him and have no respect for him. And Maria is a strong, self-supporting woman who has children to raise. Leave it alone.

701 days ago

judge judy    

This is all trashy. Celebretards behaving disgustingly, then we just know the book comes next. They want to tell everyone in the world every little detail, for money. When you stab your nearest and dearest in the back and shame your family, you are supposed to be sorry. Not expose every painful humiliating detail of what your family was put through to the general public. Not profit. Another act from a slimy man.

701 days ago
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